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3,278 Reviews 96%
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9.6 / 10

Summary of Reviews: According to Real Reviewers, Liberty Tax Service is an excellent source for anyone looking to complete their taxes. They offer a self serve option, or you may go to one of 3,000 plus franchises. Plus, if you’re looking to be your own boss, Liberty Tax Service can even help set up your franchise. Overall, Real Reviewers loved everything about Liberty Tax Service. Clients who chose to do their taxes online never felt alone and was able to find the help they needed by contacting one of the available representatives. People who decided to walk into a local office were also satisfied with their experience. Both groups felt like their needs were being met and offered nothing but praise when asked to describe their experience in the Liberty Tax Service Reviews.

Maggie D.
Maggie D.
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At first, I was a little hesitant about doing my taxes. After speaking with a representative who assured me that I wouldn't be alone throughout the process, I quickly felt good about using them. They were there whenever I had a question and made completing my taxes easy.

Based out of Virginia Liberty tax service opened its first five offices in 1998. Today they have more than 3000+ tax service offices in both the United States and Canada.

100% Accurate: You no longer need to worry about any errors or inconsistencies in filing thanks to the information verification process that Liberty Tax Service offers.  They use the same application as the pros, but it’s tailored to your needs. They also check all calculations to make sure you didn’t make a mistake.  With someone always ready to proofread your Taxes you’ll never have to worry about under or overpaying again.

Fast Filing Time: The crunch to finish filing your taxes can be extremely stressful, and it can be even more difficult when you have to rely on another service to get your filing in on time.  The advanced filing software by Liberty Tax allows for both speed and accuracy when completing your taxes. Users are able to file in as little as 15 minutes.  You’ll never have to worry about rushing to the post office to send your documents again.

Support: Tax filing can be a confusing and involved process.  Everyone has needed a helping hand at one point or another with this process, and Liberty Tax understands that.  Just because you’re completing your taxes online doesn’t mean you are alone. When in need, reach out to one of the support staff either through chat, email, social, and in-person at 3000+ locations.

Michael F.
Michael F.
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What a great service at an affordable price. I loved working with them and will definitely use them in the future. I was extremely satisfied with the process, and my tax return was much larger than it had been in the past. THANK YOU!! Liberty Tax Service.

Services Offered

Spanish Language Support: Liberty Tax offers services in Spanish to their clients so that noone has to be excluded from taking advantage of their fast filing.  Bilingual support staff is available 24/7 through any one of the various chains of communication. (chat, email, social)

Business Tax: Liberty Tax Service is not only for personal taxes; they do your business tax as well.  Business taxes can be even more complex and overwhelming than personal filing, but with Liberty Tax Service there is no need for concern. 

Online Filing: Your application is filed online, making the process quick and easy.  You no longer have to worry about waiting in line to mail out your tax filing; fill out and send your completed filings from the comfort of your own home.

Personal Tax: With 24/7 support available, you’re able to complete your personal taxes and have access to any assistance you may need.  Liberty Tax Service is one of the premiere personal tax filing services.

Cash-In-A-Flash: Receive up to $50 cash when you file with Liberty Tax just for using their service.  Liberty Tax is the only tax service that pays you to file.

Jan R.
Jan R.
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Fast, Easy, Cheap are three words I would use to describe Liberty Tax service. I completed my taxes quickly; the process was easy and compared to using an accountant, they were cheap and well worth it BTW. I will be using them again in the future.

Tax Tools

Tax Organizer
There are so many thing to keep track of when it comes to filing taxes.  Whether you are self-employed, work for a company, or own a business, the documents and missing pieces of info seem to pile up.  With Liberty Tax’s Tax Organizer you can keep all your tax information in one spot, Making it easier to complete your taxes.

Tax Return Dowloader
You won’t have to have any questions about your tax return because Liberty Tax includes the ability to access the full report of your filings.  If you ever have any questions or need to reference a previous tax form, you can download a copy of your tax return to have for future use.

W-2 Express Tool
By coordinating with many of the top employers in the United States, Liberty Tax Service is able to get your W-2 information digitally as soon as you need it.  Filing with Liberty Tax Service is made even more convenient now that you won’t have to wait on your W2’s in the mail.

Mileage Log
With the huge popularity of jobs that require driving from taxi services like uber and lyft to people in the trucking and transit industry, keeping track of miles driven for work related purposes is crucial.  With Liberty Tax Service you can keep and maintain a log of all the miles you have driven for work so you can claim your rightful deduction.

Tax Return and Refund Calculator
Don’t wait until months later to find out what your tax return is.  With Liberty Tax’s advanced Refund Calculator you can estimate the income tax withheld from your pay or business and the appropriate return you might expect.

Our reviewers found using Liberty Tax Service quick and easy. They liked the available tools and was able to get the support needed when they got confused. Almost all reviewers prepared their taxes online as they found this the most cost-effective use of their time. Doing business with a company like Liberty Tax Service who has been in business for over 30 years lets you know they are someone you can trust.

Hector V.
Hector V.
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I used to file on my own and it was always such a hassle. Liberty Tax Service is a much better way to go. I would tell anyone to stop wasting all your time and energy trying to do taxes by yourself every year. Let the pros help you out it's pretty cheap and it's worth every penny.

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