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A Real Review of 1Tac Mosquito Zapper

The Best Mosquito Zapper

Since the beginning of time, mosquitoes have been a nuisance. But not anymore when you use the 1Tac Mosquito Zapper. Mosquitoes carry many diseases (some that are even deadly) and can make you very sick. Besides being disease-infested, they are also a nuisance because of the stinging bite they deliver and the accompanying constant itching and redness that the bite causes. Both male and female mosquitoes are out to “suck your blood” like that little vampires they are.  Nothing can ruin a beautiful spring or summer night more than the annoying buzzing and swatting that comes with mosquitoes.

Just as there is no shortage of mosquitoes, there is also no shortage of sprays, candles, creams and electronic devices, etc. to eliminate or repel them. The 1Tac Mosquito Zapper lasts up to 15 hours while it is in “zapper mode” and also serves as a lantern with a battery life of up to 20 hours while it is in “lantern mode.”
Additionally, 1Tac Mosquito Zapper is 100% waterproof and shockproof. There are no batteries to buy or extension cords to run as the 1Tac Mosquito Zapper has a rechargeable battery to make it completely portable and hassle-free to use.  Just bring it out wherever you need it, and you’re ready to go!

First of all, female mosquitoes need protein for their eggs.  Blood is an excellent source of this, and typically blood from either humans or animals will work. Another reason they suck blood is simply that they are thirsty. Mosquitoes that are dehydrated because they are an area without a significant source of water are more aggressive and, therefore, more of a nuisance. They certainly know how to ruin a camping trip, sporting events, and even a simple walk in the park. One when they invade your home and it is particularly hard to get rid of them and even harder to avoid their stinging bite.

If you have ever been outdoors during the Summer, you know how annoying and painful mosquitoes can be. Even if they don’t bite you, the very sound of them buzzing around your head is enough to drive you insane. One sound that is very relaxing and soothing is the sound of a 1Tac Mosquito Zapper as it blasts mosquitoes into oblivion. 

LED lights are one of the reasons why bug zappers are more productive today than in the past. The principle of how they work is the same in that insects are lured to the light and then electrocuted. Scientists have proven; however, those electronic zappers that utilize LED lights work better than the traditional lighting previously used.  The reason for this is simple, the brighter light attracts more insects using less energy. 

The 1Tac Mosquito Zapper is lightweight and has a portable size to use anywhere. The waterproof shell can withstand rain and be cleaned with running tap water. A plastic cage surrounding the UV element protects pets and kids from accidental shock. It can be used upside down as a lamp wherever you need it. The retractable hook ensures that you can easily attach the 1Tac Mosquito Zapper high enough from the ground and still be able to retract it, and there are three different lighting modes to adjust the light to whatever brightness you desire.  This is a simple and well made solution for anyone who has struggled with mosquito problems. 

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1Tac Mosquito Zapper

The 1Tac Mosquito Zapper uses an ultra-bright LED light to attract mosquitos and ultraviolet light to zap and kill them.


  • No Chemicals
  • Portable
  • Covers Large Areas
  • Instantly Kills Insects
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy Clean-Up


  • May Kill Other Insects Beneficial to Lawns
  • Waiting For Shipping

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