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A Real Review of Belopezz Smart Pet Automatic Feeder

We all know it can be difficult getting home to our little furry family members to feed them. With the demands of everyday life growing,  people are becoming more and more busy. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to go from work straight home as outside responsibilities must take priority. When you use the Belopezz Smart Automatic feeder, you can rest assured that all your pet feeding needs will be met. 

The newly designed Automatic Feeder was created to take the hassle out of feeding time.  Built with many features that will ensure your animal is in good hands when you are not around. The  Smart Automatic Pet Feeder allows you to program up to 4 meals per day, setting them at different times and with varying amounts of food being dispensed. This unique feature ensures that your animal is provided the proper daily servings making feeding time hassle-free. Included are two meal size selectors which, allows you to adjust the amount of food dispensed according to you and your pet’s liking. 

The Belopezz Smart Automatic Feeder avoids overeating with the built-in infrared sensor that signals the machine to stop the food from discharging when there is too much food in the bowl. The capacity of the container is 6L, which is almost the size of a large bag of pet food. This advanced automatic feeder is suitable for pets of all sizes. The food rotator dispenser is designed with a unique blade shape, which makes it ideal for both cat and dog food. There’s no need to worry about food size because the creators have already considered that so the machine won’t jam when dispensing food. The Belopezz Smart Automatic Feeder is easily adaptable to run in any situation because it can use 3 D batteries, or you can keep it plugged into the wall. One unique feature is the ability to save a 10-second voice recording that will play when it’s feeding time. Record a sweet little saying of your voice to let your pet know that it’s time to eat. This recording helps to place your pet at ease, so it seems as if you are right present. 

For every animal owner out there, what is not to love about the new Belopezz Smart Automatic Feeder? With all these fantastic features, it’s equipped to handle any pet, whether it’s large or small. The feeder is made from environment-friendly materials and is resistant to the wear and tear associated with everyday feedings. Don’t wait, order now, and make feeding time hassle-free! You and your pets will love it. As a bonus feature when ordering the Belopezz Smart Automatic Feeder, you will receive a second item for free. Included in the package is The Shaking Q Pet, which is a ball where you place treats inside. Your pet will spend hours playing with the toy while trying to get the treats out. 

Based on 324 Real Reviews
Meal Portions
324 Real Reviews 91%
Voice Recording
324 Real Reviews 92%
Scheduled Meal Times
324 Real Reviews 94%
Suitable For All Pets
324 Real Reviews 87%
Battery Life
324 Real Reviews 93%

Belopezz Smart Pet Automatic Feeder

The newly designed Belopezz Smart Pet Automatic Feeder was created to take the hassle out of feeding time. It's built with many features that will ensure your animal is in good hands when you are not around.


  • Set and Forget Programming
  • 6L Storage Bin
  • 10 Second Voice Recording
  • Hassel Free Feeding
  • Runs on 3 D Batteries
  • Works For Both Cats ond Dogs
  • Works For All Sizes and Shapes of Food


  • Only Available Online
  • Can't Use With Wet Food

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