Breville Barista Express

Breville Barista Express
Breville Barista Express

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The Brevile Barista Express brings professional Espresso making to your kitchen without the Pro Price Tag. Our reviewers enjoyed the rich taste of the coffee they brewed, and the convenience of having a coffee grinder included on the unit. If you are looking to get your first real Espresso machine the Barista Express is one of the best choices.

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Who doesn’t want to create a great-tasting cup of espresso from the comfort of their home? With the Breville Barista Express, you can go from bean to cup in less than 60 seconds. This home brewing kit will replace every basic espresso/coffee machine you currently own. When compared to other coffee machines on the market, the Barista Express is loaded with so many features it’s well worth the investment. In less than six months, this machine will have paid for itself, saving you and your family not only money but the hassle of having to make trips to your local coffee shop. Yes, there are cheaper machines on the market, but none have more features making the Breville Barista Express worth it. As the old saying goes, “You get what you paid for,” and with this machine, you get a lot.  

Unlike the previous-generation model, the Breville Barista Express has several design improvements. The coffee bean hopper now has a pointed chute, so you no longer have to hit the side of the machine-like previous models to get the coffee to feed through. This allows you to grind the beans right before extraction. The Breville Barista Express comes equipped with interchangeable filters making it easy to grind your beans according to the desired roast. You also have the option to choose between automatic or manual operation to ensure that authentic café experience. The Breville Barista Express dispenses up to 22 grams of coffee, which is double the amount of many automatic machines on the market, delivering you with that full flavorous taste we all enjoy in a cup of coffee. 

The 1300 watt Thermo coil heating system, consists of a cast aluminum block, around a stainless steel tube, and provides users with quick heat-up times and a smoother, cleaner taste. The drip tray and liquid float are improved, which allows for better design and accuracy. If you are not familiar, residual pressure/water and steam drain into the drip tray following every brew. Breville also provides you with a float mechanism that signals you when it needs to be emptied.

 The Barista Express comes with digital temperature control (PID) advanced technology, which recognizes and minimizes any fluctuation during the bean extraction, ensuring that the temperature is held at its optimum range, every time. Pre-set to your liking, with either a single or double-shot setting. The uniquely designed low-pressure pre-infusion and 9 bar extraction process allow the beans to evenly soak and expand the ground coffee, delivering that sweet and creamy extraction.

The best aspect of the Breville Barista Express Espresso maker as compared to its competition would be the incredible simplicity of its operation and the fast speed at which you can brew a coffee.  There are few full espresso makers at this price point that can boast such a delicious tasting cup of coffee with so little time and effort required to brew it.  When it comes to ease of use and taste the Barista Express stands tall among other similar Espresso machines.

Overall, brewing coffee with the Breville BES870BSXL-Barista Express is easy and delightful. The newly designed model improves on an already great machine and the advanced technology helps you create a great cup of coffee at a fraction of the price of a coffee shop. Whether it’s a latte, a plain old cup of coffee, or espresso shots, The Breville Barista Express will have you quickly on your way with a great cup of coffee in hand.  

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