Campbell Posture Cane

Campbell Posture Cane
Campbell Posture Cane

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With its unique handle design, the Campbell Posture Cane provides a secure, ergonomic way for cane users to walk freely. Many users felt it really had an advantage over generic walking canes and sticks, and greatly reduced their pain as well.

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What Is The Campbell Posture Cane?

The American Chiropractic Association estimates the 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some times in their lives. A key component to alleviating back pain is proper posture, but for those who use a cane, this poses a problem.  

Traditional canes force you to lean down on them in a “slouched” position which can cause back, neck, and joint paint. The Campbell Posture Cane attempts to eliminate this issue by allowing you to stand upright when using the cane. 

The specially designed handle forces the user to walk upright and allows their line of sight to be forward as opposed to facing down. The design of the Campbell Posture Cane gives also gives the user better vision, a straighter back, and less pressure on their wrists and shoulders. With 360 degrees of traction stability and ten customizable height adjustments, the cane allows any user to feel more comfortable, secure, and balanced. The “deluxe upgrade” of the Campbell Posture Cane also contains an “Interchangeable Rocker Tip” which allows a quicker walking pace.

First Impressions of the Posture Cane

The Campbell Posture Cane has ten different height adjustments, so it’s perfect for users who are 5′ to 6’2″. Not only is it lightweight, but it’s also foldable making it portable for everyday use. Because it is engineered to support the strength of one’s body, you can walk more upright and improve your line of sight to maintain mobility and balance. The Stand-Up Stability Tip allows you to feel more secure when walking on uneven surfaces and allows the cane to be self-standing.

It’s the revolutionary Campbell Handle that makes this a best seller amongst our reviewers. Not only do you eliminate the downward pressure associated with traditional canes, but our reviewers noticed it helped you put less strain on your wrist and hands.

Hands on with the Campbell Posture Cane

When first unboxing the cane and removing it from its packaging the first thing we noticed is how sturdy the cane feels.  According to the specifications, the Campbell Posture Cane is made from a high-quality, sturdy Aluminum and it definitely feels very strong.  Thanks to Aluminum’s relatively light weight, the Posture Cane is able to achieve this durability while remaining light in our hands.

The big innovation that the Campbell Posture Cane offers is its unique handle which allows for a more vertical grip.  This design allows the body to naturally want to stand more upright. 

When comparing stances between the Campbell Posture Cane and traditional walking canes, the difference was remarkable.  Using the Campbell Posture Cane we found that our testers did in fact walk taller and more upright as opposed to the lower sitting handles of regular canes which caused our testers to naturally hunch over to try and accommodate the handle’s positioning. 

Walking with the Campbell Posture Cane was comfortable, and we felt no loss in balance due to the different handle.  On the contrary, we felt that we had an even better ability to handle the terrain using the Campbell Posture Cane as opposed to standard cane designs.

In our hands on test we found the Campbell Posture Cane to deliver on its promise of allowing its users to walk more upright and without any hunching.

If your current walking stick is uncomfortable to use, we would definitely recommend giving the Campbell Posture Cane a try.

Should You Purchase the Campbell Posture Cane?

Most of the reviewers of the Campbell Posture Cane were elderly or had health issues because of their weakened posture, so we received many reviews complimenting how sturdy the cane was for how lightweight it was. Reviewers completely fell in love with the ergonomic grip handle, and it’s ability to alleviate the pain caused by downward pressure. Many users stated how the handle relieved pressure on their wrist and hands. Based on positive reviews, we recommend you purchase the Campbell Posture Cane for you or a loved one if you’ve been having

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