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A Real Review of Campbell Posture Cane

The Campbell Posture Cane :

Some experts estimate that over 16% of the senior population in the United States are using a mobility device to manage everyday life. Due to lower back pain and various other health issues, the estimated cost of this burden is expected to exceed over 50 Million Dollars this year. Because of this, the need for canes and other walking assistance equipment is growing. Traditional canes and walking sticks have been around for as long as human history can remember, but there has consistently been one glaring problem with these devices. Looking to address this problem, Campbell’s Posture Cane allows users to stand upright. The handle is designed to give seniors and others with mobility problems the freedom of movement that they desire.

The American Chiropractic Association estimates the 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some times in their lives. A key component to alleviating back pain is proper posture, but with a traditional cane, this poses a problem. Traditional canes tend to be lower to the ground and force you to lean down on them in a “slouched” position to properly secure yourself and the device while using it. The Campbell Posture Cane attempts to eliminate this issue by allowing you to stand upright when using the cane. The specially designed handle forces the user to walk upright and allows their line of sight to be forward as opposed to facing down. The design of the Campbell Posture Cane gives also gives the user better vision, a straighter back, and less pressure on their wrists and shoulders. With 360 degrees of traction stability and ten customizable height adjustments, the cane allows any user to feel more comfortable, secure, and balanced. The “deluxe upgrade” of the Campbell Posture Cane also contains an “Interchangeable Rocker Tip” which allows a quicker walking pace.

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Campbell Posture Cane

The self-standing Campbell Posture Cane has a 360-degree rubber friction tip that gives added assistance that helps you stand up from a seated position. Feel more confident when navigating hills, sidewalks, uneven terrain, and stairs! Walk with ease and gain your freedom back with the Campbell Posture Cane!


  • Self standing
  • 360 rubber friction tip
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Specialty designed handle


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