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Collagen Refresh Lemonade is a Collagen supplement that offers all the benefits of Collagen without any of the bad taste. Our reviewers enjoy Collagen Refresh for its pleasant taste and fast effects. Most of our reviewers saw positive benefits within 30 days of use. If you are looking for a Collagen supplement that tastes good and works well we highly recommend Collagen Refresh Lemonade.

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Collagen Refresh Lemonade looks to get you collagen supplementation in a delicious easy to take Lemonade drink.  With Collagen Refresh’s formula you can help curb the effects of Collagen deficiency in the body.

Collagen is actually a type of protein. There is more Collagen than any other protein in your body, as it is found in the bones, skin, muscles, and tendons. Collagen is often mentioned to as the “glue” of the body as it holds everything together. Having healthy levels of Collagen also helps in keeping skin look young and healthy.Collagen is naturally synthesized by the body, but over time the body begins to stumble in its production and collagen levels in the body will fall.  An average 40-year-old produces 20% less Collagen than what they produced at the age of 20. Sagging skin unattractive wrinkles often have something to do with the body having less Collagen. If your skin is itchy and dry, it may be a result of low Collagen.

Using Collagen Refresh Lemonade can help to curb the impact of aging on the skin, muscles, tendons, joints, and other parts of the body.  It can help you look younger and feel healthier thanks to its combination of high-grade Collagen and various peptides useful for synthesizing Collagen in the body.

There are many products out there to get you the Collagen that you need. Most Collagen supplements or beverages only contain animal Collagen. They also report that healthy Collagen will also help you build lean muscle and burn fat. Collagen Refresh Lemonade also helps by supporting smooth digestion. The beverage has a refreshing berry-lemonade flavor and is surprisingly smooth and refreshing. All the ingredients that are used are all-natural. Additional ingredients include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Copper, and Niacin. The lemonade is reported to be doctor formulated and has natural ingredients, with everything produced to cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Most users claim to see effectiveness within 30 days (some claim even faster!)

Zenith Labs has provided a handy Collagen Refresh Fact Sheet to learn more about the product:

Collagen Refresh Lemonade is formulated to deliver collagen peptides AND support your body’s natural collagen production.

The Berry Lemonade Flavor is much more delicious than standard Collagen supplements which are known ti taste pretty bad.  Where other collagen supplements tell you to pinch your nose and knock it back… Collagen Refresh Lemonade invites you to add ice cubes, kick up your feet, and enjoy!

Each batch is produced following cGMP standards, and is guaranteed for purity, content, and dosage.

Based on scientific research and real customer experiences, here’s what you can expect when you start enjoying Collagen Refresh Lemonade.

  • Firmer, younger-looking skin
  • Support against wrinkles and dark spots
  • Fortified immune system
  • Finally feel young & beautiful


Most collagen supplements support your dwindling collagen only with animal collagen.

Now, scientific research does show that even animal collagen peptides are helpful. They support your skin’s elasticity. But that’s a band-aid fix.  To really give your skin the best collagen support, you also want to help your body continue to produce human collagen peptides.

Only Collagen Refresh Lemonade includes both animal collagen peptides… AND nutrients scientifically shown to support your body’s natural production of human collagen.  Nutrients like Copper, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E all support your natural collagen production.

Collagen Refresh Lemonade is NOT an unpleasant health drink…

It’s a relaxing berry lemonade beverage.

  • Other collagen supplements tell you to pinch your nose and knock it back.
  • Collagen Refresh Lemonade tells you to add ice cubes, then kick up your feet in a beach chair!

Let’s face it, we all get older, and we all start to feel the effects of aging. By supplementing your diet with Collagen in the form of something like Collagen Fresh you can help to slow down the process of aging in your body and promote strength and well-being.  In addition to everything that has been mentioned, Collagen has also been known to fortify memory & brain health. Along with helping your skin, joints, and muscles, Collagen is something for any health-conscious person to consider taking a supplement for. WIth Collagen Refresh Lemonade, you get your supplement in a great tasting, sugar-free beverage you can enjoy whenever you want. Collagen Refresh Lemonade is sweetened with Stevia. This means that the lemonade is zero-carb and zero-sugar, making it compatible with most diets anyone may be on. Just add water and ice, and you’ll be closer to improving your collagen levels!

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