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When you hear the word “Deep Sentinel,” you immediately think of something, or someone, watching over you and protecting you. This thought is especially comforting, and it takes on a deeper meaning when it comes to protecting your property and the ones you care for the most. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, as of 2017, on average, approximately 1.03 million home invasions occur every year, and sadly in some cases, someone is home at the time and ends up being harmed or killed. In the past, home invasions were only investigated after they occurred, and the perpetrators had already fled the scene. Now, thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence) coupled with “Deeper Learning” to analyze threats; and live visual surveillance from a remote location, home invasions are being stopped before they ever happen.

Deep Sentinel is like having your own personal bodyguards for your home. Deep Sentinel is more than just a security camera for your home. After the cameras are installed in your house, the AI in Deep Sentinel cameras can detect potential threats within seconds. What sets Deep Sentinel apart from other home security systems it that you have live guards watching who can respond and engage potential criminals within seconds. With most home security cameras, you can only deal with the threat after the crime has been committed, Deep Sentinel can contact the police for you as the crime occurs.

The Deep Sentinel camera is activated by motion and starts recording video immediately over a private wireless signal. The artificial intelligence in the camera knows the difference between potential threats and common occurrences such as animals or cars driving by. When potential threats are detected, the hub emits a bright red LED ring around the speaker. Once a threat has been detected, guards are alerted, and they analyze the threat in real-time. Guards often intervene within seconds through the speaker by letting the criminal know that they are being watched and recorded. If the threat is not contained, they call you and your local law enforcement. Having the camera is useful in these situations as Deep Sentinel can let the police know the suspect’s description and other incriminating information.

Wilson M.
Wilson M.
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There is no better way to go on vacation knowing that your home protected with deep sentinel. I now leave my home reassured that my house and secure, and so are my kids when they are occasionally home alone for about an hour after school. If something is detected, they send the police right away. Love it

Deep Sentinel vs Other Home Security Devices


Standard alarm systems and services are designed to contact police only several minutes AFTER a home has been broken into.  Furthermore, without any live monitoring there is no way for traditional security companies to provide any details on the nature of the break ins.  Since there are so many false alarms from such alarm systems, police tend to take these calls less seriously, and their response may be further delayed as a result.  Deep Sentinel is designed to provide the fastest and most accurate information to first responders, and thanks to their live security monitoring police can know right away whether your home is experiencing a real threat.

Other home security are great tools for monitoring the front door, but they would require you to constantly check the camera day or night to be sure if there was an intruder.  Deep Sentinel’s professional surveillance guards protect your family and your house by using Deep Sentinel’s 24 hour a day AI monitoring. Nothing is left to chance due to their strict standards and established operating procedures meaning there will be no guessing in your protection.

Tatiana E.
Tatiana E.
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I use Deep Sentinel in my home. It may be pricier than other home security cameras but you can't pay for security like this. I've had situations like someone egging my house, my garage getting ransacked and I was just too late because I didn't know when the crimes were being occurred. I've had one potential situation

Although Deep Sentinel AI Home Security is not the first company to utilize AI technology, they are using it in a smarter, “Deeper Learning” way. “Deep Learning” in short is a technique that teaches machines to act and react like a human. This technology allows their cameras to activate when they detect something abnormal. Once the system is enabled, a “Live Sentinel” (a human) begins to monitor and interact with whoever visually is at the property in real-time and provides the “Human Intervention” factor.  The cutting edge technology of the “Live Sentinel” interaction, is what separates the Deep Sentinel AI Home Security from all others. Most systems are only able to video crime and set off a loud alarm, with the only benefit being that the video can be reviewed later after the crime has taken place. 


Additionally, authorities are usually dispatched after monitoring agents have tried to contact you first and in some cases, a second and third person on your list. Deep Sentinel AI Home Security puts human eyes and voices on the scene before a crime ever occurs. Authorities are immediately dispatched based upon real-time interaction, not at the discretion of whoever might answer the phone call from a monitoring agent. Without a doubt, the Deep Sentinel AI Home Security provides incredible comprehensive security for your home or business.

Lauren W.
Lauren W.
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The fact that they have a team with real people behind the cameras paying attention to your house and guarding it 24/7 was what made me choose their service. I recently had someone attempting to steal an Amazon package left at my front door, and their team was able to prevent it from happening. I actually saw the recording and saw their work in action, and it was mind-blowing! I feel completely safe, and I'm overly satisfied with the service they provide.

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Deep Sentinel AI Home Security

The cutting edge technology of the “Live Sentinel” interaction, is what separates the Deep Sentinel System from all others. They provide excellent home protection for a good price.


  • Live 24/7 Visual Security
  • Avoids False Alarm Activations
  • Authorities Are Notified in Seconds, Not Minutes
  • Simple 30 Minute Self/Homeowner Installation
  • Prevents Home Intrusion BEFORE it Happens
  • Wireless Cameras


  • Requires at least a One Year Subscription
  • There is No Indoor Surveillance/Monitoring

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