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A Real Review of Deep Sentinel AI Home Security System

When you hear the word “Sentinel,” you immediately think of something, or someone, watching over you and protecting you. This thought is especially comforting, and it takes on a deeper meaning when it comes to protecting your property and the ones you care for the most. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, as of 2017, on average, approximately 1.03 million home invasions occur every year, and sadly in some cases, someone is home at the time and ends up being harmed or killed. In the past, home invasions were only investigated after they occurred, and the perpetrators had already fled the scene. Now, thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence) coupled with “Deeper Learning” to analyze threats; and live visual surveillance from a remote location, home invasions are being stopped before they ever happen.

Why Should You Chose Deep Sentinel?

Although Deep Sentinel Security is not the first company to utilize AI technology, they are using it in a smarter, “Deeper Learning” way. “Deep Learning” in short is a technique that teaches machines to act and react like a human. This technology allows their cameras to activate when they detect something abnormal. Once the system is enabled, a “Live Sentinel” (a human) begins to monitor and interact with whoever visually is at the property in real-time and provide the “Human Intervention” factor.

The cutting edge technology of the “Live Sentinel” interaction, is what separates the Deep Sentinel System from all others. Most systems are only able to video crime and set off a loud alarm, with the only benefit being that the video can be reviewed later after the crime has taken place. Additionally, authorities are usually dispatched after monitoring agents have tried to contact you first and in some cases, a second and third person on your list. Deep Sentinel puts human eyes and voices on the scene before a crime ever occurs. Authorities are immediately dispatched based upon real-time interaction, not at the discretion of whoever might answer the phone call from a monitoring agent. Without a doubt, the Deep Sentinel System provides incredible comprehensive security for your home or business.

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Deep Sentinel AI Home Security

The cutting edge technology of the “Live Sentinel” interaction, is what separates the Deep Sentinel System from all others.


  • Live 24/7 Visual Security
  • Avoids False Alarm Activations
  • Authorities Are Notified in Seconds, Not Minutes
  • Simple 30 Minute Self/Homeowner Installation
  • Prevents Home Intrusion BEFORE it Happens
  • Wireless Cameras


  • Requires at least a One Year Subscription
  • There is No Indoor Surveillance/Monitoring
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