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A Real Review of Novelty Gift Dicks By Mail

Dicks By Mail

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Do you remember that fuzzy and warm feeling you get when you receive an unexpected gift in the mail? Yeah, me neither. Life is an endless stream of possibilities, and now you can anonymously ship edible dicks to whoever you’d like. What a time to be alive!! Have you ever thought about doing an insanely funny and dirty prank to your friends and just didn’t know how to do it? Or you just didn’t want your friends to know that it was you who did the prank? Well, now it is easier than ever to do with Dicks By Mail.

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I bought a bag for one of my friends that works with me in the office. It was hilarious because he received a package during work hours and opened it in front of everyone. The best thing about it is that it was completely anonymous. This was by far the best dick ever!

The idea of Dicks By Mail was so that you could send your friends or frenemies a bag of dicks anonymously as revenge. You can settle the score maturely now by sending them sweet edible dick candies. But now it has been encouraged to send them to everyone you know. The site was made to put a smile on people’s faces. And with this product, it will send the message that you want in a way that no one will mistake. It takes just a few minutes for you to send a literal bag of dicks to that special someone in your life. For only 15 dollars, you can send your friend a bag of dicks with a note inside that says, “Eat a bag of dicks.” Can you imagine the look on their faces? And not only can you send your friends a bag of dicks, but you can also send t-shirts, chocolate dicks, a bag of dicks tote, eat a bag of dicks hat and much more. If you have received a package from the website and are not sure why, well, the reason is pretty simple, either somebody thinks you are a dick or they just wanted to make you laugh.

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Dicks By Mail

How do you win an argument? Usually by telling someone to eat a bag of dicks. If you're looking for a funny and humorous way to prank your friends, then you should give Dicks By Mail a try. This is great for friends, parties, a bachelorette, and a lot more. And you can keep it completely anonymous, which makes it that much sweeter.


  • Novelty Gift
  • Anonymously Send Someone a Bag of Dicks
  • Fun Options to Choose From
  • Gummies Come In a Variety of Colors
  • One Bag Is Only 15 Dollars


  • Must Be 18 Years or Older to Order
  • Shipping Is Not Included

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