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A Real Review of Financial Assistant Charlie

Real Reviews of Charlie Finance - An Assistant For Any Budget

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Summary of Review: Charlie Finance is a fun and helpful way to organize your spending and keep track of your finances.  Our users enjoyed Charlie’s intuitive and friendly interface as well as the useful insights that their app provides.  If you are looking for some help in keeping track of your finances then we recommend letting Charlie Finance work with you as your digital assistant.

Olivia Samston
Olivia Samston
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Charlie is so easy to use. I simply send him a message, and I get a response right away! They use a simple language that makes it so easy to understand! He's been keeping better track of my financial situation and has been helping me save money. That cute little penguin is awesome and SO HELPFUL! He also updates me when something happens with my banks, like my credit card payment or overdraft fees. It helps when I'm not fully paying attention to my spending, and I need to set up a budget for specific money-related situations. Thank you, Charlie!

What is Charlie Finance?

First, Charlie is not an app: You don’t have to download anything or create a login and a hard-to-remember password that make your life even harder. Charlie is a text-based artificial intelligent assistant you interact with via Facebook Message or SMS, using a natural, easy language. You merely ask Charlie questions about your personal finances, and it answers. Second, Charlie does all the balance-monitoring, number-crunching, and other burdensome budgeting chores, so you don’t have to. And third, Charlie never store or see your bank account credentials and their algorithms and supercomputers uses the same SSL encryption used by banks to make sure your information is 100% protected and away from scammers.  If you need protection and security for your finances it would be wise to start working with a financial planning service, and there are few that are as friendly to beginners as Charlie Finance.  That being said, just because it is welcoming to people without much financial experience this doesn’t mean that Charlie Finance skimps out on advanced protection and security features.

Why Should You Try Charlie Finance?

Not everyone loves managing business accounts, crunching numbers, and having an eye on every single transaction in real-time. It’s tiring, stressful, and let’s be honest; it is boring. But controlling our finances is not and doesn’t need to be a complicated process. You can count on the help of several applications, which have been specially developed to help you in this purpose of the financial organizer. Each with their own model of the financial organizer, always helping you to monitor your spending in real-time and thus helping you to improve your financial situation.  No matter what situation your accounts may find themselves in, Charlie Finance is there to help and guide you through the highs and lows of your finances.

These finance apps, true financial organizers, are capable of performing miracles in people’s lives, helping them to cut extra expenses, setting up budgets for future projects, and overall, managing your incomes to help you succeed financially. But, the problem many users have with budgeting apps is the time investment they require, both to learn and to use them. In the end, they become just another excuse not to manage your money.

The other problem we face when looking for the perfect financial assistant online service is how trustful and reliable they are since you will be connecting all your bank accounts and letting those platforms do the work for you.  It is very important to go with a service that is reliable and established.

Researching a few of those services online, you will come across Charlie Financial Assistant, a friendly financial smart robot service assistant – a cute cartoon penguin character -, with a whole different approach than any other one, making it even simpler to stay aware of all your transactions and track your expenses.

Jonathan Artengo
Jonathan Artengo
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Charlie is the greatest financial assistant ever, trust me I have tried many. Charlie is so efficient and stays on top of everything. I was saving money in no time and becoming debt free. It was as if a huge weight was lifted off my chest and I have Charlie to thank for that.

Why is Charlie Right for You?

    • It’s free. No service fee charges, no purchasing apps, no downloads, no subscription. 
    • Charlie is like your bank account’s bodyguard. It will help you avoid late payments, hidden fees, and all of those pesky overdrafts banks and merchants try to sneak in.
    • If Charlie sees anything weird going on in your bank accounts, you will get a message you on the spot.
    • Charlie partners with over 14,000 banks and financial institutions, it will support all your credit cards and bank accounts.
    • You can configure each alert Charlie sends you and choose whatever notifications suit your style of managing and enjoying your money.
    • It’s a 24/7 financial account monitoring and can create a budget for you and help you stick to it.
Charlie Finance is an easy and fun way to keep track of your spending.  With all of its features and security protocols you can rest assured that Charlie will help you with any budgeting concerns.  From warnings about suspicious spending to budgeting advice, Charlie Finance can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your personal accounts. 
If you have ever felt that you needed some help with managing your day to day spending, Charlie Finance is the probably one of the best ways to start.  The fun and quirky interface is great for people that are just starting on their journey to secure their finances, and the fact that you only need a Facebook Messenger or Text Messages on your cellphone to work with Charlie means that anyone will be able to take advantage of everything Charlie Finance has to offer.
Gerald Farmer
Gerald Farmer
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Sometimes managing your accounts and money can be difficult. I must admit I’m not the best when it comes to saving money. Charlie is such a great help for me; it really has helped me save a lot of money. It’s effortless and simple to use. I told a few of my friends about it, and they have also spread the word. Love keeping track of my finances now.

What to Look Out For :

    • It only works for users in the United States and tracks U.S. accounts.
    • When Charlie identifies an issue with your bank account, you have to contact your bank to verify and correct it. 
    • Charlie is not going to make you money, it will help you save and your money in a more responsible way.

Looking for financial advice and assistance to make your money go further won’t do you any harm. Most of us are not finance experts and do need some help. In fact, it will make you control your incomes and manage your expenses in such an easier way you will be able actually to start saving money. Charlie Finance is worth trying and will help you with several different tasks related to your capital, so you can control the big decisions and not get too worried about the details. Charlie will always keep an eye on your account and check your balances and recent transactions, alerting you if there is something worth paying attention to, such as surprises fee and how much you pay for things like restaurants, gas or even individual stores, to help you cut unnecessary expenses and save for specific goals and expectations to improve your financial life and future.

Kathy Vasquez
Kathy Vasquez
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After I read this article, I tried Charlie just to check how it was, and in such a short time, it has actually helped me to realize how disorganized I was with my money and how much I was spending on take-out foods. It was insane! Now I’m bringing my own lunch to work and in just a week I saved around 50 bucks! Thank you, Charlie!!!

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Charlie Financial Assistant

Charlie tracks all your expenses and gives you great advice and real deals on how to cut and save money in monthly subscription services like mobile, internet, power, etc.


  • Tracks Your Expenses
  • Free
  • Helps You Avoid Late Payments
  • Detects Fraudulent Activity
  • 24/7 Financial Assistance


  • Only in United States of America
  • Doesn't Make You Money

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