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A Real Review of Hearing Aid Tac Amplifier

Reportedly somewhere around 35 million Americans are hearing impaired. That means that around 11 percent of the US population suffers from some sort of hearing impairment. Even more surprising, somewhere around 25 million of those people suffering from hearing impairment do not have or use a hearing aid. Studies show that roughly 28 percent of the people who suffer from hearing issues use a hearing device. It can be embarrassing when you have to admit that you need one, not to mention the fact of having to place a large bulky device in your ear. Also, with multiple products to choose from, how is a potential hearing aid user supposed to decide which hearing aid would be the best for them. Tac Amplifier from Bell and Howell looks to be the product of choice for those suffering from hearing loss.

Tac Amplifier strives to be a discrete and versatile hearing aid for users who want to experience the world around them despite their hearing loss. Some of the many features that make using Tac Amplifier great are an easy to use adjustable volume boost and discreet & comfortable design. This allows users to hear better in a noisy room and lets them enjoy TV at a volume that is right for everyone. Tac Amplifier also comes with a lifetime guarantee and free shipping (they also ship to Canada.) The people at Tac Amplifier also offer a deal where you can get two sets of the hearing aid for just a small additional handling fee. You can turn up the volume when certain situations call for you to hear the smallest amount of noise. You are also able to turn the volume down, only giving yourself a little boost as the need presents itself. A Customer Service number is provided on the website in case you run into any problems or have to use your lifetime guarantee.

So many problems arise when someone is suffering from the issue of hearing loss. Have you ever been sitting around the Television enjoying a movie with your family, and everyone is complaining about how loudly you have the volume? Tac Amplifier gives you the exact amount of volume boost you need for this and any other situation. With such a small and discreet design, users report that you can wear it everywhere without anyone ever knowing you have it on. Adjustable volume for all situations and a lifetime guarantee make using the Tac Amplifier an excellent option for anyone who has a Hearing impairment.

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153 Real Reviews 90%
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153 Real Reviews 89%
Customer Service
153 Real Reviews 86%
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153 Real Reviews 88%


Tac Amplifier strives to be a discrete and versatile hearing aid for users who want to experience the world around them despite their hearing loss.


  • Affordable
  • 2 For the Price of 1
  • Made by Bell & Howell
  • Free Shipping
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Handling Charge on 2nd Pair
  • Customer Service Not 24/7
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