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A Real Review of Hearing Aid Tac Amplifier

Hearing Aid Review, The Tac Amplifier

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Summary of Review: The Tac Amplifier’s discrete design is nice, but unfortunately it falls flat where it matters most.  Our reviewers had severe issues with clarity of sound which made it difficult for them get through their day to day.  If you are looking for a discrete hearing aid we would recommend the Blomed Hearing Amplifier as a much better option.

Thomas F
Thomas F
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Tac Amplifier is a piece of garbage. Was painful sitting in my ear and sounded like tin can phones. Save your money.

Reportedly somewhere around 35 million Americans are hearing impaired. That means that around 11 percent of the US population suffers from some sort of hearing impairment. Even more surprising, somewhere around 25 million of those people suffering from hearing impairment do not have or use a hearing aid. Studies show that roughly 28 percent of the people who suffer from hearing issues use a hearing device. It can be embarrassing when you have to admit that you need one, not to mention the fact of having to place a large bulky device in your ear. Also, with multiple products to choose from, how is a potential hearing aid user supposed to decide which hearing aid would be the best for them. Tac Amplifier steps up to the competition but falls flat unfortunately.  We would recommend another choice such as the Blomed Hearing Amplifier.

Tac Amplifier strives to be a discrete and versatile hearing aid for users who want to experience the world around them despite their hearing loss. Some of the features that Tac Amplifier has going for it are an easy to use adjustable volume boost and discreet & comfortable design. In theory this design is meant to help you hear better in noisy rooms; however in practice users have noted Tac Amplifier produces some unclear, overly loud sounds.

Kenny Firth
Kenny Firth
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My father has had hearing issues ever since he was a kid. As he got older, his hearing has gotten worse. I started looking online for something that can help him, and I found the Blomed Hearing aid. Thanks to Blomed, he can hear again. His reaction when my cousin started speaking to him from the other room without needing to yell was priceless.

Tac Amplifier Scam Concerns?

Apart from some questionable reviews, there are some very concerning reports from Tac Amplifier users regarding the company’s policies and methods of handling faulty products.  The number one concern that our users have run into is the high amount of noise and feedback that comes through the hearing aid.

Some users remarked that even ambient noise such as wind blowing past your ear and even the sound of your own breathing became extremely loud and hard to ignore.  Even worse some reviewers have reported that the hearing aid did not work at all for them, and no matter how much they tried to fiddle with the settings it remained completely useless.

Naturally unsatisfied customers would try to followup with Tac Amplifier in order to try and secure a refund or return as most people would try for faulty products.  What we have seen is that Tac Amplifier will not honor their money back guarantee and instead will try to up sell customers on another product that they claim works better.  It seems that the goal is to sell a defective product to their customers and then offer a paltry credit toward one that may actually work.

These underhanded tactics are very much frowned upon here at Real Reviews, so we will have to give Tac Amplifier a Scam Alert Warning

We recommend using a more reputable hearing aid such as our top rated hearing aid instead.

Randy Strong
Randy Strong@StrongRm45
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I wear these things everywhere. With its ability to adjust, it is so simple for me to get the amount of volume I need. Whether I'm at church or lounging on the beach, the Blomed works for me! Great Product!

So many problems arise when someone is suffering from the issue of hearing loss. Have you ever been sitting around the Television enjoying a movie with your family, and everyone is complaining about how loudly you have the volume? Tac Amplifier gives you the exact amount of volume boost you need for this and any other situation. With such a small and discreet design, users report that you can wear it everywhere without anyone ever knowing you have it on. Unfortunately due to some questionable business practices and reports of poor functionality, this makes using the Tac Amplifier a questionable option for anyone who has a Hearing impairment. 

Here’s my experience with BLOMED HEARING AMPLIFIER:

  • It is SUPER COMFORTABLE. The earpiece fit my ear, and it fit snugly behind my ear.
  • The sound is LOUD AND CLEAR. From the instant I put it on, I no longer had to strain to hear. No more “eh”, and “what’s that?” I could clearly understand every word that was said to me at a normal volume.
  • The battery lasted a really long time. I didn’t have to worry about running out of juice. And when the battery did become weak, it didn’t just die. A gentle warning indicator gave me plenty of time to recharge.
  • There was no problem with my iPhone. Nothing sticking out of my ear, no screeches and buzzing. I could use my phone perfectly as normal! That was a big relief.
Diana V.
Diana V.
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How could I have lived so long without this? I started to lose my hearing around 5 years ago and pretty much all the hearing aids I’ve tried; I couldn’t get used to using them. It was always too loud or noisy or uncomfortable to use. Blomed Hearing Amplifier is just SPLENDID! It fits perfect, very discreet, and the price is surprisingly affordable for what it does!

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Tac Amplifier strives to be a discrete and versatile hearing aid for users who want to experience the world around them despite their hearing loss.


  • Affordable
  • 2 For the Price of 1
  • Made by Bell & Howell
  • Free Shipping
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Handling Charge on 2nd Pair
  • Customer Service Not 24/7

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