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A Real Review of Heimdal Internet Security

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Heimdal Security Anti-Virus Software

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Heimdal Anti-Virus is an excellent alternative to more well known choices in this category.  Using innovative technology which allows the Heimdal security suite to gather cyber intelligence about the latest threats, their anti-virus software is sure to keep you protected.

Sandra R.
Sandra R.
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Heimdal is at the top of my list when it comes to computer protection software. I highly recommend them to everyone, they went above, and beyond my expectations, they are professional, knowledgeable, and extremely upfront with everything, no hidden fees. I can now open my small business I've always wanted to because of them, I am so grateful for it! This Heimdal is indeed the place to go!

Founded in 2011, Heimdal Security’s purpose is to provide users with the most advanced technology in the industry. Not a traditional antivirus system, Heimdal is designed to work alongside other antivirus and Internet security applications to provide users with multiple layers of protection. Taking a proactive approach to online security, they scan your computer every two hours for impending threats to ensure that all systems are protected. If needed, corrupted apps are updated and restored to optimal levels. A nice feature is the fact that updating does not require the need to restart your system. This makes it possible to continue working without interruptions.

Installation requires the downloading of files from the website and allowing it to begin a definitions update. Once installed, Heimdal utilizes different colors to indicate a PC’s health status. Green means your computer is healthy, Yellow means that an update is needed and red means that the page or app was blocked and labeled malicious. The interface is easy to use and requires a minimal amount of disk space, causing very little drag on the systems resources. Heimdal Security is compatible only with Windows PC and supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Microsoft .NET Framework.


Thor Vigilance is the least expensive product available with a price of $59.95. Some features unique to this product are Firewall Integration, Next-Gen Antivirus, Real-Time Cloud Screening, and Sandbox and Backdoor Inspection.

Thor Foresight is the second product available with a price of $69.95. Some features unique to this product are Secured Web-Browsing, Phishing Protection, and Blocking of Data leakage.

Providing the most comprehensive coverage is Thor Premium. At $99.95, Thor Premium combines the features of both Thor Vigilance and Thor Foresight into one program providing its subscribers with the most comprehensive coverage available.

All applications allow users to protect up to 3 PCs.

On a side note, all products are shown at the full price. However, discount codes are generally available, so finding these products at an affordable price shouldn’t be too difficult.

Because of their unique approach, Heimdal Security fills a niche often overlooked but other companies. This approach provides subscribers with the opportunity to use multiple layers of protection. With their high tech approach and reasonable pricing, Heimdal is well worth the investment.

Wei Z.
Wei Z.
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What I like the most about this program in particular is that it is very user friendly. I haven't seen a simpler antivirus app ever. It works without causing any problems for the user. Simply install and go about your business so easy! Definitely recommend!

Heimdal has this to say about their innovative technological processes:

Phishing attacks, exploit kits, zero-day ttacks, and man in the middle attacks have all become an inevitable
part of business life.  But as the methods of hackers are progressing, so must our security technologies. That’s why our Darklayer GUARD works to keep you safe where traditional AV andfirewall solutions fail, providing DNS traffic filtering at endpoint level.

Through its traffic filtering capability, Heimdal stops ransomware attacks at all stages: before, during and after the attack.  We uniquely combine cloud and local DNS filtering at endpoint level, leading to significantly faster responsebtimes and a significantly lower operating system footprint.

Smart threat hunting and fast response times ensure your endpoints are protected beyond what
anti-virus and firewall solutions can do.

Heimdal combines automatic software updates with powerful Traffic Scanning for effective security against exploits kits.  Using its unique intelligence, Heimdal blocks malicious connections that
try to harvest and steal your confidential financial information.

Did you know new malware is especially created to bypass traditional antivirus?  This leads to costly malware infections. For example, ransomware creators ask for $650 on average to unlock victim’s data. Thor Foresight Home filters all your Internet traffic and blocks ransomware distribution sources.

Malware can hide in links, emails, instant
messages, online ads and more.  Thor Foresight Home sits between your valuable data and the infected content, blocking malware no matter the infection source.

Thor Foresight Home sees when cyber criminals try to steal your card data and blocks their attempts. With Thor Foresight Home keeping watch, you can safely shop online or log into your Internet banking account.

Dark Layer Guard: Detects threats at the DNS, HTTP, HTTPS layers, before they reach your device, and prevents data leakage and compromise. With a unique, proactive approach to security, DarkLayer Guardblocks all incoming and outgoing communications to malicious servers, preventing APTs and other threats.

While antivirus is a reactive solution that scans code to stop threats, our VectorN Detection will autonomously detect and prevent infections.

Through VectorN Detection, hidden malware in your system will be immediately detected and blocked before it can compromise your data.

With such impressive technology, it is easy to see that Heimdal offer a unique and innovative approach to anti-virus and computer security software.  Their innovative technologies could be the future of anti-virus protection, and we would highly recommend giving their platform a chance.

Zhi Y.
Zhi Y.
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Heimdal Security is one of the greatest security protection out there in the market. Their customer service is really good and quick to answer any questions or concerns you may have. It’s good to know my laptop is fully secured. Thank you!

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Heimdal Internet Security

Heimdal Security fills a niche often overlooked but other companies. This approach provides subscribers with the opportunity to use multiple layers of protection.


  • Works with Other Antivirus Programs
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Not Your Traditional Virus Protection
  • Multiple Levels of Coverage


  • Can be Pricy
  • Only for PCs
  • A Niche Product

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