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Honor Society is a great option for students looking to distinguish themselves and their academic resume.  Our reviewers enjoyed the numerous perks and benefits their membership offered them as well as the opportunities for exclusive networking.  If you have been looking for an academic organization to join to add some shine to your academic resume then Honor Society membership would be a good choice for you.

Karen P.
Karen P.
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Being a member of the Honor Society opened the doors for great opportunities and introduced me to some of the most ambitious, driven, intelligent, and creative individuals you will ever meet. It is a great community with abundant resources that supports its members to continue their learning path towards reaching their goals. I am truly grateful for the chance to represent myself and those that support me on my journey.

Why Your Kids Should Join The Honor Society

Honor societies are a venerated tradition in academia with a rich history spanning over 200 years. They recognize and celebrate the past, present, and future of scholastic achievement. In the United States, being a member of a group like can help you standout among your peers. Numerous societies recognize various fields and offer membership based on specific conditions. Generally the term honor society applies to organizations that acknowledge students who excel academically or as leaders among their peers, often within a specific academic discipline.

Many honor societies invite students to become members based on the grade point average or overall student rank they hold.  These are called merit based qualifications, and these merit based selection processes are the most common for selecting which students might join a particular honor society.  For some organizations, academic achievement alone would not be an sufficient criterion for membership; in such a case other standards are usually required for membership such as completion of a particular ceremony or training program. It is also common for an academic honor society to add a criterion relating to the character of the student. Some honor societies are invitation only while others allow unsolicited applications. Finally, membership in an honor society might be considered mutually exclusive to other similar organizations.  This means that a member of such an organization cannot join other honor societies unless otherwise stated.’s mission is to help members to realize their highest potential through the advancement of academics, leadership, and networking. In addition to giving your academic resume a boos through their nationally recognized Honor Society distinction, some of the other benefits you have with premium access are exclusive scholarships, Career Insider guide books and tools, Dental and Health Discount Plans, Internships, and dining discounts at 18,000 restaurants nationwide. Joining their society connects you with like-minded high achievers from your area and across the nation.

Christine V.
Christine V.
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Honor Society has played a huge role in my success and has provided me with resources that I needed to achieve good things. I love the level of care that they have for everyone and also their professionalism. Thanks for all you’ve done for me Honor Society.

Graduation Recognition

Membership with Honor Society grants access to exclusive Graduation regalia including special cords and tassels for your graduation robes. Joining Honor Society can help make your special day even more special.

National Recognition

Honor Society members are awarded with an Honor Society membership certificate, and members can highlight their distinctions on their resume or cover letter.

Career Services

Honor Society provides its members with many professional and academic counseling services including graduate school preparation and career placement tools. From the moment that you become a member, Honor Society is there to help you achieve your ambitions whatever they may be.

Scholarship Opportunities

Honor Society distributes thousands of dollars of scholarships and awards to its members. These include exclusive deals for members as well as a comprehensive directory of active and available scholarships. Whether you are undergraduate, academic achiever, or graduate student Honor Society has a scholarship that fits you.

Manha K.
Manha K.
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I really recommend Honor Society. You get to attend a variety of events and meet and connect with a lot of the members. Not only do you get great scholarship opportunities to advance in whatever venture you choose to go on, but you also get a lot of discounts as well.

Choosing to invest in Honor Society membership can make a great gift for a loved one or for yourself.  Membership provides exclusive access to all of the valuable benefits that Honor Society has to offer including their excellent community support and high-level networking opportunities.  Honor Society can help students and professionals come together with other like-minded academic achievers and build relationships with people that have similar goals.  It can be difficult to build and nurture a professional network on your own especially just at the start of your career, so joining Honor Society while you are still going to school can give you a headstart.  

The Honor Society membership includes many exclusive services at no additional fee to its members.  These exclusive benefits include consultations with their in-house job and internship boards, incredible career and job hunting guides by industry, discounts on health and dental services, nationwide restaurant discounts, and even more.  

Overall when you weigh the cost of membership against all of the benefits you can enjoy by joining, Honor Society membership is an incredible value.  If taken separately, the combined cost of all of the benefits available to Honor Society members would far outweight the cost to join the society.  

When you consider the distinction and prestige given to its members, Honor Society membership is a nobrainer for any driven, career minded students looking to improve their resume or build their professional network.

Like any other club or organization, it is important to maximize your investment in the Honor Society by making your involvement more meaningful. Don’t join honor societies just because they are “honors.” Even if you join a bunch of societies, you may not necessarily benefit from it unless you take advantage of all the resources which these honor societies offer. Do some careful research beforehand, and make sure that the group is reputable, active, and beneficial to your specific academic and professional needs. is one of the most trusted academic honors organizations, and they have a proven track record of helping their students advance and reach their full potential.  As with most things in life, college honor societies come with no guarantees. What you get out of a legitimate honor society depends on what you put into it. Many people who join college honor societies only do it to boost their resumes. In such cases it is unclear exactly how much benefit joining will provide. Some employers may be attracted to the fact that you’ve been associated with a prestigious fraternity or honor society, while others may not care at all. We recommend joining Honor Society if you can take advantage of its benefits. When it comes to academic advice, you should ask relevant professors and college job counselors about the group to find out if joining it would be advantageous.

Brittany H.
Brittany H.
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There is a common misperception that Honor Society is just emails in your inbox, but I have been to their member events and can tell you that the people you meet and the connections you make are very valuable. I recently went to the LA Kings member night, where I met many members from the Los Angeles region. As a bonus, we were able to go on the ice after the game. Like all societies, it is all about the mission and community, and the Honor Society offers both. Very happy to be a part of it.

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