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A Real Review of JustFab Members-Only Fashion Site

A Real Review of JustFab

262 Reviews
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262 Reviews 92%

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9.2 / 10

Part personal stylist, part discount retailer, JustFab is a members only fashion retailer that gives its members an exclusive 30% discount on the hottest name brand clothing.  There are plenty of other deals available for members too including regular Buy 1 get 1 free promotions.  Our reviewers enjoyed JustFab’s collection of stylish clothing and the great discounts their membership offers.

Brandi J.
Brandi J.
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My boyfriend and I recently just broke up. I can't tell you how much it hurt. He was such a jerk, and I was the best girlfriend. Instead of grabbing a pint of Ice Cream and putting on Grey's Anatomy, I joined JustFab. Let me tell you something… I look great. And people are noticing! My Ex reached out to me, seeing if we could "talk."... Lol (he must have seen my Instagram feed…) Sorry buddy, I don't have time… getting ready for a date. Thank you. Next!

JustFab is a membership based online retailer that tries to it easy to afford designer clothing.  Everyone wants to look and feel their best, and in order to do that you have to dress the part.  JustFab takes a lot of the guess work, and a lot of the price tag, out of this process by offering a carefully curated collection of stylish clothing to its members at an exclusive 30% or greater discount from the retail price.

Whether you are looking for shoes, boots, clothes, bags, or accessories, Justfab is the place to look. They are also providing a wide variety of sizes up to plus-sized items. They offer a very simple and straightforward process to become a VIP member, which gives you a fantastic 30% discount off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price on your favorite items. They are able to keep their prices so low by cutting out the middlemen and department stores, getting your clothing directly from the runways to your house. 

Not only does membership give you access to discounts, JustFab will help you select clothing from their catalog by using information from a fun style quiz.  By analyzing your fashion habits, JustFab will tailor its recommendations to your personal style. JustFab sets up a personal boutique for each and every member, so if you have ever wanted your own personal clothing store JustFab will give you just that. You can shop without any worry with the JustFab’s free shipping on all orders over $39 in the contiguous United States. Exchanges are always free, and returns are offered easily and without hassle. 

JustFab helps you stay stylish and sophisticated from the comfort of your own home without having to worry about high price tags.


Alexandra L.
Alexandra L.
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I've been using JustFab for ages now. I love their personalized clothing choices, and I feel they really know my style inside and out. They give big discounts on new clothing items, so whenever I see something I want to buy in the mall I always check to see if it's in stock on JustFab before buying. Membership is totally worth it between the discounts and the buy 1 get 1 free boots!

There is nothing better than walking into a room and making heads turn.  Let’s face it, we feel the best when we look our best.  And we feel the best we can, in turn, be the best version of ourselves.  It’s not vanity to want to have the confidence to take on the world.  Looking fabulous can help you do that, and JustFab is a great way to look fabulous 

New members will receive the option to purchase buy one get one free boots just for signing up.  Members also gain access to VIP-only private events and promotions.

Charlene Q.
Charlene Q.
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JustFab is the best. Don't question it don't look somewhere else. Do yourself a favor and take it from me: stop wasting your time shopping on other websites. JustFab picks the best clothes for you and gives you the best discounts. Everyone wants to know where I get my clothes, and I almost don't want to tell them my secret is JustFab lol

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JustFab is a members-only fashion site that looks to take all the hassle out of your fashion needs. Whether you are looking for shoes, boots, clothes, bags, or accessories, Justfab has it


  • Free Shipping for Orders Over $39
  • Fun Fashion Quiz
  • 30% off Retail
  • Wide Range of Sizes
  • Free Exchanges
  • Easy Returns
  • Access to VIP-Only Private Events and Promotions


  • Some Styles Sell Out Quickly
  • Credit Card Charged Each Month Unless You Request to "Skip."

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