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A Real Review of JustFab Members-Only Fashion Site

Nothing feels better than putting on a new outfit or a great new pair of shoes. New clothes can boost your confidence and make you feel like the strong, beautiful, and powerful women you are inside. But who wants to spend all day in a crowded mall all day? Who wants to search the endless amount of terrible clothes just to find the right ones for you? And finally, who wants to spend all day in and out of a dressing room trying to make sure you have the right size? JustFab wants to be the solution to your clothing and footwear woes by allowing you to get all the great stuff you want from the comfort of your own home.

JustFab is a members-only fashion site that looks to take all the hassle out of your fashion needs. Whether you are looking for shoes, boots, clothes, bags, or accessories, Justfab has it. They are also providing a wide variety of sizes up to plus-sized items. They offer a very simple and straightforward process to become a VIP member, which gives you 30% of retail prices on your purchases. First off, you take a fun style quiz that helps tailor JustFab’s recommendations for you. JustFab then sets up a personal boutique just for you. After that, you can shop all you want with free shipping on all orders over $39 in the contiguous United States. Exchanges are always free, as well as easy returns. JustFab has all the style and sophistication without having to deal with the mall. They also purport they can keep their prices so low by cutting out the middlemen and department stores, getting your productions to you directly from the producer.

There is nothing better than walking into a room and making heads turn.  Let’s face it, we feel the best when we look our best.  And we feel the best we can, in turn, be the best version of ourselves.  It’s not vanity to want to have the confidence to take on the world.  Looking fabulous can help you do that, and JustFab is a great way to look fabulous 

New members will receive the option to purchase $10 boots just for signing up (retail cost $59.99.) Members also gain access to VIP-only private events and promotions. For some going to the crowded, smelly mall with its horrible parking is a joy. But for those women who want to get great, empowering fashion from the comfort of their own home, JustFab wants to be the solution for you.

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JustFab is a members-only fashion site that looks to take all the hassle out of your fashion needs. Whether you are looking for shoes, boots, clothes, bags, or accessories, Justfab has it


  • Free Shipping for Orders Over $39
  • Fun Fashion Quiz
  • 30% off Retail
  • Wide Range of Sizes
  • Free Exchanges
  • Easy Returns
  • Access to VIP-Only Private Events and Promotions


  • Some Styles Sell Out Quickly
  • Credit Card Charged Each Month Unless You Request to "Skip."

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