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9.6 / 10 helps you plan your travel destinations according to your budget.  Their unique search system allows users to search by budget rather than by their final destination.  For people that love to travel and want to discover someplace new, is a fantastic website.

Michelle C.
Michelle C.
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I was desperate to take a vacation during a time where I didn't have too much disposable income. I could not figure out where I could afford to go until I found They let you search for flights according to your budget, and I was able to find some tickets and a nice hotel in another state. I got to go check out some new places and new faces and had a great time without making myself go broke. I'm not sure how I could have made it happen without Kiwi

These days most people book their airplane travel online. Whether you need to travel for business, or a well-deserved vacation, using travel sites has become the norm for people that wish to fly. With an approximate 79,000 Americans departing from airports every day, figuring out the best place to travel on a budget can be an overwhelming task. offers a unique service for people that are looking to travel.  Rather than finding tickets according to destination, Kiwi can help you find potential travel destinations according to price.

This means that will let you plan a vacation you never though may be possible on any budget.  This unique tool is one of the greatest features of their service. is a reputable airfaire service that boasts an impressive 12,512,637,275 miles traveled by its customers up through 2018. With 100,000,000 search inquiries a day and an average of 35,000 seats sold in that same time period. is a very well-respected and accomplished travel company. Their website is extremely easy to navigate. You have the ability to tailor your searches to help find the best flight, hotel, bus, trains, car rentals, or just about any other travel assistance you may need. Examples of such great features would be searching by a date range, the radius search, and having a vast combination of airlines to choose from. As a full-service site, issues tickets and offers customer support. You can also finalize your booking needs through their website instead of being redirected to a partner’s site.  

Planning a getaway but don’t know where to go? utilizes an industry only feature called Nomad, which acts as a personal travel planning service. Nomad helps you find the best and cheapest possible route for your multi-destination trip. You start by creating a bucket-list of destinations and adventures you’d like to experience. If you’re the adventurous type, simply pick the beginning and ending locations, and Nomad will decide the destinations and experiences seen based on your preferences. 

Nina T.
Nina T.
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I can't believe I never heard of this website before! It is so much fun searching around to see what places I can afford to travel to. It's almost like I can build my own vacation destination wishlist. I booked a couple flights through as well and everything went very smoothly. They have a great website and offer good service. offers 24/7 customer service as well as a travel safety guarantee. Not only can you use their website to plan your trips, but you can also book through their mobile Kiwi App. By using the app, you can be conveniently notified of any specials, such as receiving $5 off your first booking through them.  

The New York Times and Business Insider both gave rave reviews and recommendations. After comparing their prices to those on other travel sites, we understand why. Besides the booking travel service, offers excellent travel tips each month about the most popular destinations. is a huge time saver with smart features that work in favor of the traveler, not the airlines or travel companies. has done a great job carving out a niche for itself as a uniquely qualified company in the world of online travel sites. They boast the tagline “by travelers, for travelers.” If you are looking for a simple online booking process for your next travel or helpful advice to help you stay within your budget, then is undoubtedly something you should check out. Knowing that you are dealing with a company with values and a track record of success you can rest assured that you will be having the best trip ever!

Henry T.
Henry T.
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Kiwi are the best I have been using them for almost as long as they have been around. They offer the best search options and they have some of the best air fare prices compared to their competitors. Maybe I am a bit of a hipster because I also enjoy the fact that it's a bit less well known of a travel company. But hey everyone else's loss is my gain as long as I'm buying tickets from Kiwi

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Travel Site has done a great job carving itself out as a uniquely qualified company in the world of online travel sites. They boast the tagline "by travelers, for travelers."


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Travel Safety Guarantee
  • Rapidly Growing Company
  • -Easy to Use Website
  • Great Prices
  • Travel Packages


  • Deals Book Up Quickly
  • Some Fees for Additional Baggage

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