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Summary of Reviews: InstaHard is a great supplement for improving male libido and sexual performance.  Our reviewers enjoyed its fast acting and effective formulation, and many men that took it reported being happy with the results that it delivered.  If you are having issues in the bedroom we recommend giving InstaHard a try as it has helped many of our users.

Ricard L.
Ricard L.
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Guys what a wonderful product! I’m impressed with the results! One day I got home and my wife told me "baby you come home and just want to sleep" I got hurt and knew I had to change something. InstaHard rocked my sex life 100% and my wife is happier than ever!

Whether men feel comfortable discussing it or not, problems with sexual performance can be very troubling and can overwhelm and depress many men. The embarrassment that comes with low libido can keep men from seeking any sort of help and also from improving their relationships with their lovers. The good news is that there are many different ways to treat problems in bed, and you don’t necessarily need a doctor.  InstaHard offers an over the counter solution comprised of effective supplements to help combat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

InstaHard is an all-natural alternative to other ED medications including the famous blue pill that has become so synonymous with the condition. Regular prescription medications designed to treat erectile dysfunction have some very unappealing potential side effects including headaches, flushing of the skin, upset stomach, abnormal vision, runny nose, back pain, muscle pain, and nausea, InstaHard gives an option for your bedroom troubles without any of the troubling side effects. InstaHard looks to stimulate the Perineal Nerve – known sometimes by the more crass term the “penis brain”- which naturally induces a more positive libido. Combined with increasing the strength of the dorsal nerve of the penis, InstaHard users report the supplement working well to make you feel like younger and more virile once again. One of the main ingredients in the formula is a Brazilian extract from the Muira Puama leaf. Brazilians are known to refer to this lead as the “potency wood.” Other essential ingredients include the Maca Root (libido booster) from Peru, and Tribulus Terrestris, which is clinically proven to enhance testosterone. These supplements when taken separately are all known to provide many health and nutrition benefits, and when combined together they work as a potent cocktail to increase sexual vitality and full body wellness.  Altogether, InstaHard contains more than 20 ingredients to help boost your performance and bring you back to being the man you want to be!

Wendy I.
Wendy I.
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All I have to say is, WOW! My husband wanted to buy something to help boost his performance in the bedroom and let me tell you, Instahard is amazing. He read up on all the natural ingredients and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad he did because his energy and stamina have been through the roof. InstaHard makes us feel like we're in our 20's again. Love it!

How Does It Work?

The aim of InstaHard is to help men overcome their sexual dysfunction problems and it does that by supporting the body’s natural function, according to its producer. It works by enhancing activity in the corpora cavernous chambers in the penis.

When the corpora cavernous chambers fail to expand as required, due to lack of enough blood flow a person begins to face weak erections.

What InstaHard does is it comes to reduce fatigue on the blood tissues, raise hormone levels, and effectively increase oxygen delivery. The ingredients work together in synergy promote energy and stamina on your penile muscles.

Dirk M.
Dirk M.
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I'm a Father and Husband. I love my wife and my family. But since our second kid, I just haven't been the man I once was. My wife is still AMAZINGLY Sexy, and she still wants to "have fun" all the time, but I felt tired and uninterested. Well, not anymore. Thanks to InstaHard, that problem doesn't exist anymore. Now when the kids go to bed, Mommy and Daddy get to work! Thanks for giving me my manhood back!

What's In InstaHard?

InstaHard is quite meticulous on its choice of ingredients as most them are lab tested. They include:

  • Muira Puama – according to Muira Puama is used as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual activity as well as manage sexual disorders. Besides that, a study by Betz et al, which also appears on Hindawi Publishing orporation BioMed Research International, and NCBI shows it may have an impact on reigniting sexual desire.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – Tests published on the Daru Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and mentioned by NCBI, suggest this ingredient raises arousal desires in men, and in women, sexual comfort, ability to attain orgasm and lubrication during intercourse.
  • Maca Root – different findings suggest that Maca root is a fertility enhancer and also improves stamina and sexual energy. A scientific study featured on Medical News Today says it may also increase libido.
  • Catuaba Bark – besides sexual stimulation benefits, Catuaba is used to manage nervousness, neurasthenia or mental fatigue and memory-related issues.
  • Barrenwort Leaves – this plant is said to be popular in China and some parts of Asia. Its contribution to InstaHard is, it has soothing properties on the blood vessels as well as increases blood flow, which is key in sustaining erections.
Peter D.
Peter D.
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I'm 45 years old… but you would never know from the way I can go these days. I'm recently divorced and somehow found myself with two little cuties in their twenties wanting to "Netflix and Chill." I have to admit; I didn't think I was going to be able to handle them. Thanks to InstaHard, I'm the one they should have been "afraid of." I have dates lined up for the next month. It's almost too easy these days, and thanks to InstaHard, I know I'll be ready.

Should You Try InstaHard?

If you struggle in bed and would like to try an all-natural alternative, InstaHard might work for you. InstaHard is perfect for men who would like to have erections that last longer and increased sexual performance.

Our reviewers noted that they all different results regarding how long it took them to notice results. Some men reported feeling the effects within a week or a month. The site recommends you take two capsules every day for a month to feel results. Many users stated they noticed the quality of their erections got better with more extended usage of the product.


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InstaHard is an all-natural alternative to pharmaceutical ED medications. They look to stimulate the Perineal Nerve, which naturally induces a more positive libido.


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