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A Real Review of Meal Prep Service the Splendid Spoon

We often find ourselves in situations where we don’t have the time or energy to cook. Sometimes, we just run out of options. It can be challenging to vary meals every night. This often leads to us getting into bad habits such as eating fast food. Over time you will find your health levels becoming poor. With that in mind, many companies like Splendid Spoon are created to offer healthy meal packages delivered to your door. They are easily customizable according to your food preferences. This is a great way to optimize time and provide your family with quality meal options. The difference between those companies and the frozen meals you can buy in a regular supermarket is that they care about the ingredients, nutrition facts, cooking process, and primarily and more important, they care about your health goals. Splendid Spoon is a ready-to‑eat, pre-portioned, calorie‑controlled, food plan for anyone who is sick of fad diets and wants to improve and change their food habits for good.

Benefits using a Meal Prep Service

  1. First and the most important: Splendid Spoon will deliver to you ready-to-eat healthy meals 100% made from fresh plant-based, high-fiber, gluten-free, and GMO-free meals, made with only whole ingredients.
  2. Splendid Spoons offers you customized plans for breakfast and lunch or one full-day Reset meal options that you can mix and match over more than 40 meals to find what works best for you.
  3. You can customize your order every week. The best thing at Splendid Spoon is that you can always update your ingredient preferences and even select flavors you’d never like to receive.
  4. They won’t charge you any extra if you want to take a break in the weekly meal deliveries.
  5. Between low-sugar smoothies and different veggie-loaded varieties of soups and grain bowls, Splendid Spoon guarantees you will get the correct level of nutrition your body needs. 
  6. Splendid Spoon subscription box comes in a well-packed box, with clean labels and in 100% BPA-free recyclable, insulated packaging, so the foods arrive frozen, partially frozen, or chilled.
  7. Splendid Spoon ships to the whole U.S. 

Negatives of Using a Meal Prep Service

  1. Prices vary from $65 to $135 a week, and it might be higher than you expected to spend on a weekly meal budget.
  2. Splendid Spoon offers only breakfast and lunch options, so you still need to fend for dinner. Pro-tip: if you fill up fast, you can treat the meal as a snack and leave the rest for later and treat as part of your dinner

For those who are looking to improve their eating habits and need surprisingly tasty, convenient, and nourishing meals with no lost time in the kitchen, Splendid Spoon is a great choice. They deliver all the meals to your doorstep. Making it easier to follow a healthy lifestyle. You might even drop a couple of unwanted pounds. Better yet, many of Splendid Spoon products are made to be enjoyed cold – even some soups and bowls, saving you time from heating the meals, especially if you’re someone with a busy schedule.

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The Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon is a service created to offer healthy meal packages delivered to your door. They are easily customizable according to your food preference.


  • Ready to Eat Meals
  • Meal Plans are Customized
  • Food Selection is Always Growing
  • Can Pause the Service Anytime
  • Ships to All 50 States


  • Price
  • No DInner Options
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