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If you are nearing the age of your 65th birthday, it’s about time you start looking into how Medicare would fit in your life. If you are still working or not, it’s good to understand and know the rules of signing up for insurance and avoid having to pay penalties down the road. It pays to shop around. Most people enroll in Medicare when they are eligible and turn 65. Some people may qualify for Medicare under the age of 65 if, for example, the person suffers from specific disabilities such as permanent kidney failure. Every fall is when one has the opportunity to change their plan. Medicare offers different types of coverage, the first one being Medicare part A which covers hospital insurance. Medicare part B is for medical insurance and outpatient care. Part C is an advantage plan that you can get from private insurance. And part D covers prescriptions and drugs. Currently, Americans pay $3.4 trillion a year for medical care, and, sometimes, unfortunately, don’t get outstanding results. Finding the healthcare that is best for you is not hard, and there are many services and companies like that can help.

Why choose is a free consumer service to help customers simplify and find the best rates on insurance. It helps you to find the coverage that is right for you in your specific area with trusted providers. With, they make it easier for you to shop around and compare prices from other insurance carriers. Some of the health providers are AARP, Aetna, United Healthcare, and many more. You can save time and capital by calling in and getting a free quote with one of the agents. It’s a no-hassle one-page form that can be completed within minutes.

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Costumer Service
1,232 Real Reviews 91%
1,232 Real Reviews 93%
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1,232 Real Reviews 90%
Would I Recommend to Others
1,232 Real Reviews 94%
Overall Satisfaction
1,232 Real Reviews 93%

Sometimes unpredictable things can happen to you that is out of your control. So it is important to be insured in case of an unexpected event. No one plan is best for all situations, so it is recommended to shop around and find what the best plan for you is. If you are approaching the age of 65, it is important to find the best plan for you. Not only is finding the best plan important for you but also finding you an affordable plan that is within your budget. So if you want to have the best insurance and also save thousands of dollars on insurance, than MedicareShop is right for you.


  • Committed to helping you find the best plans
  • Shopping and comparing health plans are easy and simple
  • Call in and get a free quote
  • Compare prices for the best health insurance
  • One page form fast and easy
  • Get direct access with agents
  • All of your information is protected and private


  • Must be 65 or older to qualify
  • Must provide personal information to get a quote
  • Not as personable as in person
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