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8.5/ 10 helps you navigate the complicated health care landscape in the United States.  The website helps you find the best options for insurance coverage according to your needs, and helps to simplify the process.  Our reviewers love making the choice of which insurance plan to use an easy one.

Cassandra N.
Cassandra N.
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Last year when I was looking for health insurance plans I could not believe how complicated the whole ordeal was. I ended up with a plan that I barely understood with a super high deductible and an awful premium. I thought I was going to be stuck with this crappy health insurance, but this year I tried, and within minutes I had a whole bunch of options to go through. Unlike other websites I have seen mybesthealthplan really goes into detail describing the differences in coverage to help you understand what you are really paying for. It's a great website if picking insurance feels overwhelming the way it does for me.

With so many different options and pricing plans, choosing health insurance can be super confusing.  There are so many different types of coverage and available options that it can be a difficult task figuring out what the best option is for you. is a new and innovative service which allows you to easily find the options that fit for you and your family. Thanks to their organization and plan curation, tThey make it a whole lot less of a hassle when it comes to shopping for health insurance .  Their goal is to help you shop around, health insurance plans that will best benefit you and/or your family’s needs while helping you understand the key differences in available coverage. While they themselves do not underwrite any insurance policies, they do have access to every major insurance carrier and by using their vast network of insurance providers, they can find you the most optimal and cost effective plan for you or your family.
Health insurance pricing varies depending on age, location, gender and many other factors. To find the best health insurance plan for you, will examine all of the information that you provide to them and hand select at least three offers that are best suited for you and your coverage needs.

Peter M.
Peter M.
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Picking insurance sucks, but made it much easier for me. Last year I had a crappy plan that I probably would have been better off without. With some help from myhealthplan I was able to find decent coverage through their website this year, and I finally feel like I am not being completely robbed by my health insurance plan. Good website if you don't like being ripped off.

Whether you are looking for individual or family health insurance, it helps to get advice and ask questions. When it comes to finding affordable health insurance options, you could spend hours doing your own research without really making any progress., allows you to avoid this lengthy research.  You only need to call them on their phone number o complete your application process through their website. They will thoroughly search thousands of plans from nationally recognized companies to find the coverage that’s right for you at a price that fits your budget. Best of all, they do it for free and with no obligation.

Health insurance plans are categorized by how they work. Each type of plan works in a slightly different way. Here are several options.

  •   Exclusive provider organization plans (EPOs) offer a network of providers for you to choose from.You must only use the providers in the network to be covered unless there is an emergency. 

  • Health maintenance organization plans (HMOs) have a list of providers that work with your insurance and usually require you to pick a primary care physician or provider. The reason for the limited network of providers and the requirement to have a primary care provider is to keep costs and premiums lower.

  • Preferred provider organization plans (PPOs) also have a list of providers that the insurance company allows you to see as in-network providers. These providers have pre-negotiated rates with your health insurance plan, so it’s a way of keeping plan costs down. 

  • A high deductible health plan (HDHP) is another type of health insurance plan, such as a PPO, but with a high deductible. These types of health insurance plans require you to pay the deductible before they cover most services, but are usually much cheaper than other types of plans.

  • Exclusive provider organization plans (EPOs) offer a network of providers for you to choose from.You must only use the providers in the network to be covered unless there is an emergency. 

  • Point of service plans (POS) offer flexibility that other types of plans do not. These plans typically require you to have a primary care provider that you visit for preventive care visits as well as to get referrals.

Ashley M.
Ashley M.
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The agent that I spoke with took very good care of me and looked out for what was in my best interest for my insurance. I told him what I needed and could afford, and he got me a really good plan when I have had any questions they have been answered quickly and professionally.

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Good makes shopping for health insurance easy and hassle-free. Their goal is to help you shop for and better understand the health insurance plans that will best benefit you and/or your family’s needs.


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  • Pre-Existing Conditions Can Qualify


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