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A Real Review of Norton Antivirus Software

Norton AntiVirus

325 Reviews
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9.3 / 10

Summary of Reviews: In a world where hacking, scams, and identity theft plague our internet systems, Norton Antivirus still remains one of the best solutions for protecting yourself from digital harm.  Norton is a titan in the industry, and you can rest at ease knowing their software is securing your computer.

Johnny W.
Johnny W.
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An Indian scammer who called me on the phone kept trying to attack my system to watch what I'm typing and he kept connecting and controlling my mouse somehow...Norton deleted it, said it's a "trojan". Everything has been secure and no more invasions for 4 days now since installing.

Why Choose Norton Antivirus?

Are you looking for antivirus software but don’t know who to trust? Rated number 1 by various sources, Norton Security is one provider that should be considered. With 35 years in the industry, they are one of the most experienced antivirus companies in the world.  With the release of their 2019 version, Norton has proven once again why they are a serious contender in the computer protection industry. There are few brands as established and as trusted as Norton when it comes to anti-virus protection and computer security.  They are one of the oldest companies in this business and their years of experience translate directly to the quality of their security products. 

In their own words Norton have this to say about the importance of Anti-Virus Protection:

Since the computer was first invented and so long as computers continue to exist, there will always be a need for computer security software. Whether they are mischievous youths seeking a thrill or hardened cyber criminals looking to exploit billion-dollar companies, people never stop looking for ways to commit fraud, cause widespread damage, or simply wreak havoc using computers.

Antivirus software is an important tool to help prevent such attacks. You can consider it as something like a first line of defense.  Eveh though not every type of cyber attack can be stopped by antivirus software, it can stop and detect numerous baseline threats to keep your computer safe.  It can be a great asset when trying to prevent intrusion into a computer by software or other downloads. Just because an intrusion into a computer does not seem to cause any damage or steal valuable information at first, that doesn’t mean that the attack isn’t dangerous. Any and all intrusions into a computer are able to exploit vulnerabilities in the computer’s operating system.  These vulnerabilities are like weak points in your computer’s operations that can act as an access point for malicious software to attack your computer. Once even the most innocent seeming intrusion exploits a vulnerability, it basically sends a signal to others that this computer has been infiltrated. This opens the door wide open to much more severe incidents including potential loss of private information or corruptio and destruction of the computer itself. When looking to purchase antivirus software, make sure to purchase a trusted and well known, subscription-based program. This is important, as the makers of this type of software will be able to keep their subscribers’ computers protected with real-time updates that scout out the latest threats.

Stephan T.
Stephan T.
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By far the best antivirus available in the market in my opinion. Been using it for a few years now. Price is great, super secure and super easy to use. This one you can really trust with your eyes closed.

What antivirus software can protect against?

Antivirus protection isn’t just a way to block computer viruses, as the name may apply. (Some people think that all intrusions into a computer are called viruses, but that is a misnomer.) For example, here is a list of the ways a good antivirus program can assist in protecting a computer with data on it:

  • Anti-virus – Starting with the obvious, an antivirus program will protect against computer viruses, or attacks that mean to damage a computer.

  • Rootkit protection – This prevents rootkits, which are imbedded deep inside a computer in order to mask other malware, from establishing in a computer.

  • Bot protection – This alerts a subscriber when a cybercriminal is attempting to remotely take over a computer to use as a source for automatic spamming and other crimes. Bots are what botnets are based on (groups of ordinary people’s computers that have been infected in order to carry out attacks on other entities).

  • Worm protection – By definition, worms attack networks rather than computers themselves. However, worms can carry payloads of malware that can be deposited onto computers, which will then do damage. Antivirus software can prevent this sort of attack.

  • Trojan horses – Antivirus software can’t stop a person from being duped into thinking that a desired downloaded program or file is legitimate. However, antivirus software can warn them when malware is detected within a Trojan horse file.

  • Spyware – Antivirus software can detect when a computer has been infected with spyware, or software that’s meant to either collect data of usage or steal information, even when the source came from a reputable, legitimate source.

  • Messaging protection – Whether it’s instant messages or e-mails, antivirus software can warn users when these messages contain dangerous attachments or fraudulent links. Instant messaging security is important today.

Reputable antivirus software programs should also come with some sort of recovery tool. No antivirus program is infallible (and if one claims to be, they’re lying). A recovery system will help rid a computer of any malware that passed through its defenses.

Also, antivirus software isn’t just for computer that are attacked from the Internet. Viruses can be spread via portable storage drives. Conceivably, a person can plug one of these devices into a computer in a library, then bring it home to a computer with no online capabilities, and spread some kind of malware in this manner.

Shanna T.
Shanna T.
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Since starting to use Norton Antivirus my computer has been running great. I no longer have the annoying lag that happens when you have too much bad junk slowing down your computer. Thank You Norton for continuing to put out solid products.

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Norton Antivirus Software

If you're looking for the best antivirus software program at an affordable price than Norton Antivirus is for you. They give you all the features you need to help protect yourself from internet threats.


  • Virus Protection Promise
  • PC Cloud Backup
  • Password Manager
  • Secure VPN
  • Ad-Tracker Blocker


  • Impacts Computer Performance While Performing Scans
  • Parental Controls Only Available at Higher-Priced Subscriptions
  • Identity Theft Protection Only Available Lifelock Select

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