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A Real Review of Norton Secure VPN

Review of Norton Secure VPN

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1,139 Reviews 92%
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Norton Secure VPN is an excellent tool for privacy and security on the internet.  Our users enjoyed Norton VPN because it is easy to configure and provides industry leading privacy protection and security.  If you have been looking for a premium VPN service, Norton Secure VPN is one of the best options available.

Harold Byrne
Harold Byrne
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I make money online, and having my information secured from hackers is my top priority. A few years back, I got hacked by a cyber-criminal with no trace or evidence of anything. Ever since that day, I've had all my information secured. Norton Secure VPN is the way to go if there is anyone else who also runs their business online. Trust me; this is the best you can get for the price. I highly recommend it.

What is Norton Secure VPN Used For?

Many people may not realize how important it is to protect yourself using services similar to Norton Secure VPN.  Most are unaware of just how exposed their information can be.  Even if you do not conduct

Imagine this scenario:
You are at your favorite coffee shop drinking a caramel macchiato and paying some bills. Your browser tabs are open from the last few weeks containing all of the browsing data you accumulated in that time. You are logged on or have logged on to multiple restricted pages. You’ve put in the passwords to access your banking account and credit card information. You’re listening to music on a service that charges your credit card. Your search history is not something you want everyone in the coffee shop to see, and yet you might be allowing exactly that to happen by not using a VPN service.  As long as you remain browsing in an unsecure fashion, there is always the chance for a cyber attack to take control of your information and identity.

Whether we like to accept it or not, we live in a digital world, and our digital privacy is of utmost importance. The so-called “anonymity” of the internet is a myth. Whether it be companies looking to track everything you search and purchase or unwanted prying eyes looking into our most important financial details, if you have the know-how, you can pretty much get everything you want from someone’s computer, phone, or tablet just by exploting public Wireless internet connections.  Every time you use a Wi-Fi connection that is shared with other people you put yourself at great risk of theft of personal information.  Using Norton Secure VPN is one of the best ways you can begin to secure your digital presence and ensure that your online activities remain safe and secure. 

Virtual Private Networks (or VPNs) are secure connections that create connections to other networks throughout the internet. VPNs are used to access websites that are restricted by region, guard your information in public Wi-Fi settings, and keep your passwords and other information secure. A VPN allows the user to browse the web anonymously and securely, protecting you from online advertisers and preventing unwanted hackers from tracking your data. VPNs allow you to connect to the internet using encryption which makes you untraceable by those who are looking into your information. The people at Norton Secure VPN, one of the most trusted names in computer security, want to be the place you go to receive your secure VPN.

Charly Kidd
Charly Kidd
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I do EVERYTHING online. My friend recently got her bank account wiped out by some cyber-criminal. The worst part? There is nothing that the cops can do! It's just gone. With my business run exclusively online (not to mention most of my life), I went out the next day and got Norton Secure VPN. It's great to know I have a company watching my back with such a great track record!

Do I really Need Norton Secure VPN?

There are many reasons why you should consider using Norton Secure VPN.  So long as computers are around, there will always be cyber criminals looking to use them illegally.  Whether it is a young wannabe hacker or a veteran cyber criminal dealing with black market organizations, cyber crime can come from many sources and for many purposes.  Using Norton Secure VPN you can browse the internet with greater peace of mind.  Norton Secure VPN assures you of the security of your personal information, and you will be able to browse the internet and handle your routine with confidence knowing that you are protecting yourself from the dangers of unsecure internet connections. 

Norton Secure VPN is an incredibly affordable and accessible solution to secure your internet safety. Compatible with Windows, Android, Apple, and iOS, Norton can work with multiple devices. Using Norton’s VPN, you have layers of security and protection that gives you the freedom to search the web incognito in the eyes of the trackers. Norton Secure VPN gives you “Bank-Level Encryption” when you are using your devices, so you know your information is secure. A VPN also allows you to access sites that would sometimes be region restricted. On top of all that, your VPN lets you block tracking technologies by advertisers and other corporations.

Norton Secure VPN has a deal that now allows you to secure up to 5 devices for just $39.99 a year! On top of the secure VPN, Norton also offers it’s Norton 360 Deluxe. Along with the VPN, deluxe offers 50GB of secure cloud storage and backup, a dark web monitoring system powered by the people at LifeLock, a 100% virus protection promise, a smart firewall, and other features as well. The 360 upgrades are offered at an additional 10 dollars yearly for up to 5 devices making it the bes cheap VPN for the money. No one wants all of their information out there. I am always on some sort of public Wi-Fi, and we all love the freedom that comes from having internet access everywhere. But the prudent thing to do is be as safe with our internet life as possible. Considering how much is done online these days, it’s the only rational decision to make.

Marcelo Bautista
Marcelo Bautista
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With Norton Secure VPN, it's like I'm at home, even when I'm traveling internationally. I have access to everything I would as if I'm sitting at my desk in my house. It's worth it just for that. Thanks, Norton!

Norton Secure VPN is an excellent solution for anyone that is concerned about their privacy and security while browsing online.  Whether you are a business professional seeking anonymity and safety in your online interactions and web usage or you are simply someone that does a lot of online shopping and you have concerns about hackers accessing your financial information, Norton Secure VPN is the answer to a lot of the privacy concerns surrounding the internet and our personal information.  We would consider Norton Secure VPN to be an essential piece of software for anyone that uses public networks on a regular basis, and it is also a great product for anyone that uses the internet to exchange any kind of personal or confidential information.

Norton Secure VPN is highly recommended by the team at Real Reviews.  In our hands on testing we found it to be one of the very best and simplest VPN solutions.  Using Norton Secure VPN you can keep your information safe and secure easily and without hassle.

Paula Vargas
Paula Vargas
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It's a good VPN overall. Their software is legit, and it actually protects you from data leaks and malware. The app is easy to use and understand. I'd be more satisfied if they delivered some solid infrastructure capable of providing a faster connection. But other than that, it does the work, and the price is super accessible.

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Norton Secure VPN

Norton has a long history of protecting people's computers and security. Norton Secure VPN is an excellent option for those looking for the best cheap VPN to protect their digital lives.


  • Inexpensive
  • Bank-Grade Encryption
  • A Trusted Name in Computer Security
  • Access Region Secured Content
  • Browse Anonymously
  • Block Tracking Ads


  • Month to Month Purchase is More Expensive
  • Rates Are Only for the First Year

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