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A Real Review of OneBlade Men’s Shaving Razor

Shave Like a Man with OneBlade

With hipsters everywhere we turn, it seems like we are in a world surrounded by beards. Everyone and their brother has a super long beard filled with oils and the leftovers from their avocado toast. Is it just me or is anyone else tired of this?  What happened to having a clean shave? Although the style changes, class never does, and there’s nothing classier than a man with a freshly shaved face. It screams sophistication and the kind of person who wants to take care of himself and his presentation. Not only does a shave show a man’s elegance, but the type of razor and shave he gets also has a lot to do with it. Do you think James Bond would use some random razor he got down the street at the convenience store? If you can’t find a barber to do a straight razor shave for you, why not have something in your arsenal to give you the extra manliness factor you desire. OneBlade wants to be your sophisticated product for the modern man. 

Razor burn, skin irritation, bleeding, it’s no wonder men have decided to forgo the shave and start growing out their scruffy beards. Shaving properly and with the is one of the best ways to avoid any of these pitfalls.  The other main reason this happens to most men is simply due to the lousy equipment that they are using to shave. The OneBladeOneBlade Hybrid, and OneBlade Genius from OneBladeShave are here to eliminate those pesky problems. With a pivoting head for closer shaves, a single blade so you don’t need to buy any more cartridges, and a simple reloading system, these razors aim to change the game of shaving by returning to a simpler product. OneBladeShave reportedly went through over 1000 prototypes before they landed on their designs. 

The Original OneBlade comes with their engineer-grade Tritan Handle.  The handle is lightweight and durable, but tough enough to last for as long as you have the product.  The blade has a single-blade razor pivoting head and a quick-load blade system. It also contains a stainless steel rod core that allows for sturdy and weighted balance and control for the user.  The OneBlade Hybrid has a military-grade stainless steel head. The handle is made out of the same grade steel as well. The blade is exposure is also optimally adjusted to increase blade exposure.  The OneBlade Genesis comes with military-grade PVD coating to prevent corrosion while also increasing cleanability and feel. The Genesis is also “heirloom-worthy” as it comes individually numbered and is guaranteed for life.  From entry-level to the best money can buy, OneBlade probably has the razor for you.

Along with their shaving kits, OneBladeShave has worked on making men’s skin healthier and the “shave” a more intricate part of a man’s day (like it used to be.)  They offer their own aftershave balm, replacement feather blades, lavender shaving cream, a moisturizing shaving cream, and a post-shave repair gel. They also provide travel size options for these products as well so you won’t be left without your essentials going through TSA.  They strive to bring you back to a simpler time in shaving, reimagining the days of the barbershop in your own home. Each kit comes with a one month supply of their Feather single edge blades as well as a 60-day money-back guarantee. OneBlade also comes with a signature lifetime guarantee.

If you think you want to abandon the itchy and scratchy world of having a beard, or if you are just looking for a better razor and overall skincare routine, OneBlade seeks to be the place you go for all your shaving needs.  Whether it is shaving your neck hair under your beard, or going cleanly shaven each and every morning, OneBlade could be the final solution for you. Finding a need in the oversaturated market of razor products, they have introduced their traditional yet modern twist on the razor blade, simplifying your routine and eliminating extraneous options. OneBlade is not intended to be a disposal product in your life. It is a one-time razor purchase that you will replace the blades in as you go, never having to mess with the drug store shaving aisle again. They accept all forms of online payment and have free shipping when spending over $75. You no longer have the need to purchase replacement blade cartridges with this single blade razor design. If you are tired of your old dull razor, OneBladeShave is an excellent option to change up your shaving.

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518 Real Reviews 93%
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OneBlade Men's Razor

OneBlade strives to bring you back to a simpler time in shaving, reimagining the days of the barbershop in your own home. Each OneBlade comes with a one month supply of their Feather single edge blades as well as a 60-day money-back guarantee. They OneBlade also comes with a signature lifetime guarantee.


  • Single Blade
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Multiple Razors to Choose From
  • Sensitive to Skin
  • Additional Shaving and Skin Products


  • Costly
  • Free Orders Only Over $75
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