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Owned by the ethically questionable “Together Networks” website group, BeNaughty is just another online dating site fullof fake profiles made to prey on lonely people.

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What is BeNaughty & the Together Network?

Most online dating sites want you to find your everlasting love, but BeNaughty is a different type of site. It purports to help you find something for tonight rather than forever, unfortunately, based upon our reviews, we suggest you stay away from this dating site. If you use this site, you cannot do anything under a free account, you must purchase a premium account to message people.

The Together Networks owns hundreds of online dating sites, and we’ve reviewed several of them already, and none have passed our Scam Alert. The bottom line is that dating sites created by the Together Networks seem to be lacking in moderation. Check out these Scam Alerts of dating sites owned by the Together Networks.

Who Uses BeNaughty?

According to our reviewers, BeNaugthy seems to be inundated with fake profiles. We’ve received reviews stating that users of BeNaughty are far and few, and most of the messages people have received are from catfishers, with users noted that some profiles had pictures of two different users. In our test, when we created accounts, we received messages from women all over. Unfortunately, we could also tell these profiles were fake, and when we attempted to go on a date with a few of them, we received a request for plane tickets to meet. We suggest you protect yourself if you use this site by being aware of the following:

  • Check User Photos: All you have to do is a reverse image Google search to see if the user photos belong to anyone else or if you are being catfished. This is one of the first things we suggest you do to make sure you are not being conned.
  • Be Aware of Financial Opportunist: Financial opportunists will often ask for money by stating they need “proof” that you are in love with them or money for a spa day to look good “for you.” They also often employ tear-jerking tactics by stating a family member is in the hospital. Our reviewers also said they received many of these requests during their time on BeNaughty.
  • Do Not Give Out Personal Information: This one should be a given, but often people forget when talking to someone they’re interested in. Be careful how much you give away about yourself, and if you’ve been threatened or blackmailed, do not hesitate to seek help.

Should You Use BeNaughty?

There are thousands of dating sites out there that all cater to common themes such as age, fetish, hook-up, and more. Unfortunately, with the sheer amount of dating sites available, there are sites that should be avoided. The bottom line is that you should avoid BeNaughty as user experiences tell us that the dating pool is just not wide enough, and the intentions of it’s users is unclear.  We suggest the top user rated hook-up site instead of BeNaughty:

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