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Summary of Review: CindyMatches did not score high in our reviews compared to our other top rated hookup sites AdultFriendFinder (click here to read a review of AdultFriendFinder) for its lack of features and lack of dates available in certain areas

What is CindyMatches?

CindyMatches claims to be able to match you with the perfect partner everytime. Instead of you sorting through hundreds of singles, CindyMatches will email you every day with a selected potential partner. CindyMatches claims their selections are generated using a three-factor system, AI system. That couldn’t be further than the truth. Many users stated that the profiles don’t look real and that they were often sent to another dating site. Continue reading below to find out.

Thomas P.
Thomas P.
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THIS SITE IS A SCAM!!! I can't believe I fell for it! They send you fake profiles, and when you click on them you get sent to another expensive dating site! DON'T USE, PLEASE LET EVERYONE KNOW

Is CindyMatches a Fake Dating Site?

“Claim Her” Button
After you register for CindyMatches, you’ll see a few thumbnail images of potential dates, as well as a little graph that shows how compatible you are. We’re sure almost every thumbnail you receive is a fake profile. That’s because when you click “Claim her” to get to know more about your date, you’re sent to another dating website, where you’ll be forced to pay for, before you ever meet this potential date (who doesn’t exist by the way).

CindyMatches is in cahoots with other dating sites to get you to sign up for them under the guise you’ll meet a potential date. Unfortunately, these dating sites cannot be trusted and should be approached with caution. When you sign up for other dating sites, CindyMatches probably receives a cut of the sign-up fee. Don’t fall for it, remember you were sent to these other dating sites under false pretenses, meaning the dating site you’ll be sent to is not trustworthy.

George F.
George F.
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Do not use this site, CINDYMATCHES IS A SCAM ALERT!!! I can't trust these people, this site sends you to weird links and I'm 100% sure the users are all fake

Should I Use CindyMatches

The truth is CindyMatches is a scam.  There is nothing about the site that is truthful, and the whole point of the site is to trick unsuspecting users into paying for other dating sites.  We recommend feature rich dating sites such as or AdultFriendFinder as they are also more established in the hook-up dating world.  The chances of running into scammers is high on all dating sites, but reviewers found CindyMatches to be a complete scam.  We suggest you avoid CindyMatches in general.

We recommend these top user rated adult online dating hook-up sites:

Tommy L.
Tommy L.
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I keep getting email from these people filled with FAKE profiles. I fell for it, and ended up signing up for another dating site, that also cost money. Turns out that site was a scam too.

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CindyMatches claims to take the searching out of dating, but our users found it to be spammy and scammy. The truth is, this is not a dating site.


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