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Let’s face it, meeting that special someone is a pain. Who wants to go to bars and clubs to meet people? It’s horrible! No wonder online dating has become so popular! What used to be looked at as taboo has become the norm. But how does someone find the right online dating site for them to use? How do you know you are talking to the quality of the person you want to meet? No one wants to be lonely, but what’s the best way to find online? Probably NOT These are the top user rated adult hook-up sites:

What Is

The site states that all you have to do is sign-up, make a nice profile, and then start to chat away. It’s supposed to be simple. The truth couldn’t be further.  The bottom line is there just are not enough users and most are scammers looking to take away the wallets from someone who doesn’t know any better.

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There is not enough people in my area for me to even want to keep using this site and I have no idea how to cancel my subscription

Should You Use

We’ve received reviews on, stating more negative things than positive.  Many reviewers in smaller towns noted that they had difficulty finding a potential date in their locale.  And while there may appear to be more users in major cities, you should be aware that many users stated that they received messages from more scammers than potential dates.  Users reported potential dates would ask for money or Western Unions before they even got a chance to say hello.  Reviewers also noted the amount of fake profiles, with one reviewer saying that one profile, had pictures of three different women, all claiming to be the same person.

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I keep getting hit up by scammers and people asking me for money. Do not use this site if you're looking to hook up with people. I give this site a score of .5, and that .5 is because I applaud them for tricking me into thinking they were a legit site.

The Bottom Line

We just cannot recommend LookaDate as there are just too many scammers.  It seems the owners of LookaDate don’t have a good grip on security, and that could be a problem for the gullible.  We recommend feature rich dating sites such as or AdultFriendFinder as they are also more established in the hook-up dating world.  The chances of running into scammers is high on all dating sites, but reviewers found LookaDate to be overloaded with scammers.  We suggest you avoid LookaDate in general.

We recommend these top user rated adult online dating hook-up sites:

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LookaDate is an online dating site designed to foster the interaction between its members. Unfortunately it's not very likely you'll find a date, and it's also very likely you'll meet people who want to scam you.

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