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A Real Review of Online Dating Site Lusty Locals

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Scam Report: LustyLocals

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Summary of Reviews: There are many dating sites on the market which can be considered a waste of time, and Real Reviews has determined that  scam. At this point in there is just too much risk for one to join the site.  We cannot recommend LustyLocals but do recommend the top user rated hook-up site (click here to view our review of or (click here to read a review of

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1.2 / 10

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SCAM ALERT!!!!!! Nothing but scammers on this site, this whole site is a scam. Something tells me the people who own the site pretend to be users as well. It's just super shady, unless you want to meet gross old men who catfish people out of boredom.

What is LustyLocals?

LustyLocals is an online dating site that promises you one night stands from matches in your area. Unfortunately, according to our reviewers, the site falls under the umbrella of shady hook-up sites. Our reviewers stated that they had difficulty finding a date that didn’t ask for money first, or that they just felt unsafe on the site. We’ve received many reviews stating that when they researched or googled their dates, they found that the profile picture belonged to someone else.

Is LustyLocals a Scam?

The site may have been created with good intentions, but the company does a horrible job of filtering out fake accounts and scammers. There seems to be an unproportionate amount of users who want to take advantage of innocent daters.

The site tries to keep you on their membership plan by creating fake profiles to message you when you are inactive or don’t have a premium membership. While not technically illegal, the truth is it’s just not an honest business model. We’ve had many reviewers state that they paid for a premium membership, thinking there were tons of potential dates because of the non-stop messages they received, only to realize that they were bots and the LustyLocals dating pool is actually quite small.

We suggest you try the following top user rated hook-up sites as they’ve been established for years and are upfront about their users intentions.

James L.
James L.
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Man I HATE this site. I thought there was gonna be a ton of women on the site because I kept getting messages from women but then I realized that NO ONE WANTS TO MEET! They just want to take my money. I can't believe this site is NOT regulating what goes on. It's the worst hook-up site ever. 1/10, 1 because I never say never.

Are There Alot of Scammers on LustyLocals?

According to the FTC, people lost $143 million in 2018 to online dating scams, and that’s just what’s reported. According to our reviewers, LustyLocals is filled with the classic romance scammers. If you think you’re too smart for that, understand that romance scammers work because you’re in the market for romance; you’re out looking for them.  Unfortunately, as we stated before, LustyLocals seems to be losing the fight against stopping scammers. It’s almost as if they are not even trying.

Our reviewers stated that they’d been asked for money on LustyLocals for the following reasons:

  • Plane tickets to meet (date never showed up)
  • Family emergencies
  • Stuck at customs and need help paying the fee
  • Help with rent (after promising to save up to live together)

These are the signs of a classic romance scam.  People often fall for them because they think they’ve built a connection with someone and they assume the person they never met wouldn’t do that to them.  We suggest a simple “reverse google image search” and checking FaceBook before you go on a date with someone.

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I really thought I found someone on LustyLocals but it wasn't long before she started asking me for money. I'm not ashamed to say I fell for it at first, but when I kept asking to see her, she kept telling me she had a family emergency, even AFTER I sent her money for the plane ticket. Be careful if you use this site.

The Bottom Line

With the hundreds of dating platforms are out there, giving you the experience you need to become an expert in flirting, improving your dating skills and helping you find individuals who share the same interests as you, we CANNOT recommend LustyLocals. As many reviewers stated that they found the number of scammers on the site to be overwhelming. 

Choosing one platform that fits the most with what you have in mind can be sometimes exhausting. If you’re lucky, you might choose one that you will help you connect with local people, which makes meetups and dating easier.  If you’re simply looking for hookups we recommend, or , as both sites are our highest user rated hook-up sites.

If you’re looking for a real, honest, traditional type relationship we recommend (click here to read a review of  This popular dating site has local singles can get together to chat and develop a friendship or romantic relationship within a short time. The site has cutting edge communication features and smart search settings to filter people by their gender, age, body type, neighborhood, interests, lifestyle, religion, race, profession, and many others.

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Online Dating Can Be Hard

Let’s be realistic; finding love is never easy. The most common and most significant reason why it is so hard to fall in love is a fear of commitment. It takes so much time, effort, and energy that most people do not look for it, even though they want it. But looking for love doesn’t necessarily need to be a struggle.

Very few couples lock eyes and know that they’ve found “the one.” Keep in mind that love might not come as natural or as intensely as it does in the movies. In real life, things happen more realistically, and most of the time, we need a little push.  Click here to see our other reviews of dating sites.

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Man I'm just tryna look for a hook-up not get my wallet tore up. I can't find any LOCALS btw, just weirdos who wanna webchat for money.

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Lusty Locals

Lusty Locals is another in a line of scams masquerading as dating sites.


  • Intuitive Website Design


  • Lots of Fake Profiles
  • Need to Pay for Membership to Access all Site Features
  • Full Membership Can be Expensive
  • May Use Your Photos and Information for Advertising

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