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A Real Review of Online Dating Site QuickFlirt

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SCAM ALERT: QuickFlirt

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Scam Alert: QuickFlirt is supposed to allow people to go on dates by keeping things casual. Unfortunately QuickFlirt falls under the umbrella of deceitful online dating sites.  We recommend you avoid this site in favor of our top user rated adult hook-up site or

What is QuickFlirt?

QuickFlirt is supposed to be an online dating site that encourages people to flirt. Unfortunately, QuickFlirt falls under the umbrella of shady dating sites with a lack of moderation. Hundreds of reviewers stated they had a negative experience while using QuickFlirt for various reasons.

Joseph T.
Joseph T.
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I signed up to QuickFlirt and got nothing but a bunch of emails for months by shady users. I cannot recommend this site unless you're looking to get ripped off by weirdos online. You can't trust every website you go to nor can you trust every pretty face you come across. I got catfished once and tried again to find someone to meet, just to get catfished again. DO YOUR RESEARCH before you meet someone, IF you can even meet anyone. Theres no users in my locale.

Fake Messages From Fake Profiles

Typical of many online dating sites, when you sign up for a free account with QuickFlirt you will be overwhelmed by the number of messages that you can’t even open (because you’re on a free membership); this is all a ploy to get you to pay for a premium membership.

Our users stated they recognized many of the profiles to be fake. Users said when they would look at the profiles of users, they could see that the profiles were pictures of two different girls, or when they did a reverse image search of profile pictures, they were photos of someone else. It’s always hard to tell who is being genuine or not on dating sites so we suggest if you use this site to exercise caution, as we’ve received reviews stating that potential dates would ask reviewers for money.

Who Uses QuickFlirt

We’re not sure! There is no information available on how many active users there are on QuickFlirt, which raises red flags as most online dating sites like to show off their wide-dating pool. For instance, 60 million-plus users, while eHarmony has 10 million.

Our reviewers stated that they had difficulty finding dates in their locales and felt as if the dating pool was not wide enough, or the sheer amount of fake profiles stopped them from wanting to meet anyone.

Steven F.
Steven F.
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I signed up to QuickFlirt but I got nothing but messages from scammers. I had nothing but women trying to get me to pay them before I meet them. I did go on one day but I got catfished. Please review this site.

Should You Use QuickFlirt?

We can’t suggest QuickFlirt as If you are looking to meet single, fun, and interesting people around your area that share the same interests as you and you don’t feel like going to bars, clubs, and social events hunting, you should try our top user rated adult dating sites:

If you sign up for QuickFlirt be aware of the following:

  • Like all dating sites, on QuickFlirt you may come across people who don’t have the best intentions and may lie about age, work, relationship status and other personal information and 
  • You have to be careful when you take things further, especially when choosing the right place to meet in person to prevent yourself from dangerous situations.
  • Even though QuickFlirt is a serious and committed dating site, always be aware of Scams. Don’t ever share personal information with people you met online. It’s a high risk to take. 
  • With so many profiles, you may have a hard time to find someone willing to commit. QuickFlirt online dating site is a platform for informal chats, changing life experiences, and meeting new people and does not guarantee you will find your soulmate, but at least you will have some fun looking for it!

Jordan Y.
Jordan Y.
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This is the shadiest dating site I've ever been on, and I'm telling you I've been on a bunch of them. I'm not sure if there is any moderation or if its just some free for all, if you're not careful you will probably get scammed by a Nigerian. Also be careful of catfish, go with your gut on this one.
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QuickFlirt most likely does not have enough users in your area for you to go on dates with. The truth is, there are a ton of scammers on the site. We recommend you use one of our recommended adult hook-up sites.

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