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A Real Review of Online Dating Website Tinder Verify

Navigating social media websites and dating apps can be a daunting task. Tinder Verify helps to remove some of the risks associated with the sites. They are a fast and secure way for users to confirm potential partners’ identity. Tinder Verify uses multiple levels of security to ensure that everyone is true to who they say they are.

Tinder Verify is free, but they do ask for a Credit Card number as a form of verifying a persons identity. How do they make money? You ask,” The companies revenue is generated through advertising such as pay per click ads.

Hazards of Online Dating

  1. Catfishing- involves creating a fake online persona in an effort to trick or scam a potential member. Tinder does a good job of screening for this type of profile but you can never be too sure.
  2. Tinder Blackmail- Scammers will use Tinder to find potential victims to blackmail. Often times they will ask for personal information or risky pictures in an effort to gain leverage on the potential victims.
  3. Venue Promotion Scam- This involves having potential matches agree to meet a certain restaurant only to find out the match isn’t coming and it was just a ploy to get new customers to a venue.

The Bottom Line

From Catfishing to Venue Promotions social media is full of scams. Using a tool like Tinder Verify can help to limit your exposure to these scams and will significantly impact your success in finding true love.

Based on 45 Real Reviews
45 Real Reviews 93%
Membership Options
45 Real Reviews 90%
Website Design
45 Real Reviews 86%
Overall Satisfaction
45 Real Reviews 89%
Would I use Them Again
45 Real Reviews 86%

Tinder Verify

Tinder Verify helps to remove some of the risks associated with online dating sites. They provide fast and relatively accurate information.


  • Millions of Verified Accounts
  • Service is Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Nice Website Design


  • Not Always Correct
  • Not Everyone Uses It

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