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Just imagine, you are in a crowd of hundreds, watching as one by one, black cloaked a capped smiling young adults walk across the stage to receive their hard-earned college degrees.  People are crying and taking photographs. You are waiting in anticipation as your child’s last name comes closer and closer. All of the hard work and struggles to get to this point.  It is a culmination of years of effort on your family’s and your child’s part. People that are in situations like this may often turn to a company like BackToSchoolLend.

Every parent’s biggest dream is to see their child grow up and live a healthy and successful life.  There is no denying that having a good education and a stable career will make it easier for your child to enjoy the life they desire.  We all know how expensive a good education is regardless of the field that is chosen. This is why people can be taken advantage of by dubious lenders.  BacktoschoolLend seems to be another in a long line of lending sites which trick unsuspecting families into terrible offers.

Real Reviews would suggest EncoreLoan as our first substitute.

Unlike BacktoschoolLend, EncoreLoan is a trusted and reputable service which provides transparent financial assistance and loans to consumers.  According to realreviews users, customer satisfaction is much higher for EncoreLoan

To qualify for loans through EncoreLoan, you must be 18 years old or older, be a U.S citizen or permanent resident, have proof of monthly income, a valid bank account, valid SSN, and then meet the other minimum requirements.  Whether you are a student with a college journey about to start or a parent looking to help pay for your child’s education, EncoreLoan can help get you the money you need. They connect you with their vast network of lending partners to find you the best personal loans. Don’t take on additional pressure and stress by using BackToSchoolLend; instead try out EncoreLoan.  Now you can get your child (or yourself) on the right path to success in the world by getting a college education. The future is not predetermined, and having a college degree can give someone the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Based on 341 Real Reviews
Overall Satisfaction
341 Real Reviews 49%
Loan Process
341 Real Reviews 60%
Customer Service
341 Real Reviews 21%
Speed of Funding
341 Real Reviews 45%
Would Recommend To Family & Friends
341 Real Reviews 34%

BackToSchoolLend's is an online platform where you can find hundreds of trusted lenders that will help you with financing up to $10,000. Funding is quick and generally occurs within 24hours of approval.


  • Easy, Fast and Secure
  • No Obligation to Accept or Sign For a Loan
  • Funding Within 24hrs of Loan Acceptance
  • If BackToSchoolLend Can't a Personal Loan for You, They Work to Find A Small-Dollar Loan
  • Personal loans Available for Applicants With Poor Credit or No Credit


  • Each Lender Has Its Own Rules and Regulations
  • Loan Approval is Not Guaranteed
  • Risk Of Credit Damage For Non-Repayment.
  • Interest Rates Vary Depending On Your Credit

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