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A Real Review of Online Travel Site Travofy

Long gone are the days of the Oregon Trail, packing all your belongings in a wagon and heading west with your fingers crossed at months to go, not knowing if you will ever reach your destination. We are a connected world now! You can be halfway around the globe in what would feel like the blink of an eye a mere 100 years ago. So why not take advantage of it? Do you like to travel? Or are you a jet-setting entrepreneur who needs to get from LA to New York City to Miami all in a week’s work? Travofy wants to be your one-stop-shop for all your travel needs. wants to separate itself from the ever-growing market of online travel sites. They offer 100% safe booking, the best price lookup, 24-hour support, and list new travel deals daily. When I did a quick travel search, I was happy to discover that I had many options, all at very reasonable prices. They also made it easy for me to narrow my search by time of departure, time of arrival, using different airports, amount of stops, and what airlines I wished to fly. Travofy provided deals on local hotels and car rentals. One of the best parts of the process was checkout; where there were no added fees. The price you see is the price you pay! That includes taxes and other fees. Instead of thinking I was getting a great deal and then getting hit with substantial booking fees, Travofy already factored everything into the initial price they gave me. Travofy also works with international travel and accepts many different forms of currency. is based out of New Jersey. The company’s mission statement is simple, “Offer the best travel recommendations for the value of money.” They list the companies core values like trust, integrity, respect, innovation, and execution. The website was incredibly easy to use, and I can’t stress enough how pleasant it was NOT to be hit with hidden fees when I went to the checkout. Travofy is a great place to find a flight and hotel for your future needs!

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  • 100% Safe and Secure Booking
  • Over 250,000 Hotels
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Works with International Travel
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Travel Deals and Offers


  • Car Rental/Hire Service is Limited
  • -Deal Book Very Quickly
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