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Travofy offers the best rates on airfare for last minute travelers.  We would highly recomend using Travofy to people that need to travel due to emergency or just because they were feeling spontaneous.

Freddy L.
Freddy L.
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Travofy is the best travel site hands down. I tried looking at like 100 of these travel websites and Travofy was cheaper than all of them. If you need to book a flight without the BS go for Travofy.

We live in a connected world now! The internet has made it possible to purchase just about anything we want from the comfort of our homes. This includes airline tickets, which happen to be one of the most searched items on the web. The problem with searching for trip tickets is that you often have to look at each of the individual airlines separately.  Travofy was created by a team of technology experts who have been in the travel industry for many years. Their specialized search engine was designed to allow users to search multiple airlines with multiple destinations over an extended period. This unique feature gives users a never-ending supply of search options. This helps users of Travofy locate the best travel options and prices available.

Who doesn’t like a good ticket promotion? Finding the best prices on airfare is something that a seasoned traveler or beginner can get excited about. Especially since the price of tickets tends to increase the closer you get to your travel date.  Travofy specializes in finding the best deals for you. So why not take advantage of it? Do you like to travel? Or are you a jet-setting entrepreneur who needs to get from LA to New York City to Miami all in a week’s work? Travofy wants to be your one-stop-shop for all your travel needs.

What separates Travofy from the ever-growing market of online travel sites is the ability to offer 100% safe booking, the best price lookup, 24-hour support, and a list of new travel deals daily. When I did a quick travel search, I was happy to discover that I had many options, all at very reasonable prices. They also made it easy for me to narrow my search by time of departure, time of arrival, using different airports, amount of stops, and what airlines I wished to fly. Travofy also provided deals on local hotels and car rentals. One of the best parts of the process was checkout, where there were no added fees. 

Vivian F.
Vivian F.
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I had never heard of Travofy before buying the plane tickets for my summer vacation last year. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to book my fare and how great the price was. Travofy makes it easy to compare different options unlike most travel sites which make it a nightmare to find the best deals. If you've never tried Travofy I would recommend it the website is definitely nicer than other similar ones like xpedia or travelocity.

In their own words, the team at Travofy had this to say about their services:

We are a new hybrid online travel agency specialized in international flight tickets from United States of America, Canada & India along with hotel and car rental services. By using our services users can directly book cheap flights, hotels and car rental online, over the phone, email & chat. With just one click on travofy find your ideal hotel at the best rate. Booking a hotel is very easy, simply enter the city in which you need to stay and your expected travel dates, and let our website fetch the best results for you where you can compare various accommodation options. You no longer have to spend your huge money on airfare since we are providing budget friendly flights worldwide from top airlines. Tell us your destination and give us the responsibility to provide you cheapest Flight Deals on that you have been longing for with the best hotels with best packages.

Our Values

  • Trust – Depending on each other to do the right thing in all situations.
  • Integrity – Continuously doing the right thing that results in win/win situations for all
  • Respect – Treating others with courtesy, dignity and professionalism
  • Innovation – To lead the industry in technological advances and push boundaries that give us an edge over all other online agencies.
  • Execution – The courage to lead the way in a technologically stagnant industry. Pushing boundaries and taking charge.

The price you see on their website is the price you pay! That includes taxes and other fees. Instead of thinking I was getting a great deal and then getting hit with substantial booking fees, Travofy already factored everything into the initial price they gave me. Travofy also works with international travel and accepts many different forms of currency. Their platform is second to none when it comes to finding cheap flights and budget hotels efficiently in a user-friendly environment.

Based out of New Jersey, Travofy’s mission is simple, “Offer the best travel recommendations for the value of money.” They list the companies core values like trust, integrity, respect, innovation, and execution. At Travofy, you also get guides with traveling information, hotels, car rentals, and vacation destinations. They provide tips and short links to help you organize your trip and enjoy your moment stress-free. Plus, Travofy allows you to set notification alerts for exclusive flight deals, vacation packages, and when prices drop. Want to be notified when a great deal on the desired travel destination comes available? They have a notification available for that as well.

Long gone are the days of the Oregon Trail, packing your belongings into a wagon and hoping you make it to your destination. Travofy makes booking your next trip quick and easy and is a site you should definitely look into.

Paris R.
Paris R.
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Boise to LA! It's not always easy to find the best flights out of Boise. Travofy made it so simple. Literally took me 20 minutes and I had my flight and my hotel all set. Thank you so much for taking the guessing game out of travel.

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