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A Real Review of PhysioTru Omega Supplement

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For those looking to add an Omega-3 supplement to their wellness regimen we highly recommend PhysioTru for its high quality extraction and clean sourcing.  For those with circulatory issues, PhysioTru suggests using these Omega-3 capsules as Heart Attack Defense in order to promote well being.

Lowering Your Blood Pressure with PhysioTru

Omega 3 supplements like PhysioTru are found to reduce blood pressure as effectively as lifestyle changes such as exercising more, cutting back on salt, or limiting alcohol.  These results come from the American Journal of Hypertension

Adding Supplements to Your Diet

As we get older it gets harder and harder for our body to absorb the nutrients it needs to survive. We are also losing essential lipds and oils due to deficiencies in our dietary habits. Omega-3s have been proven to help with lowering the change of heart attacks. Not only do Omega-3s lower the risk of a heart attack, they have also been proven to aid in depression and anxiety, improve eye-health, as well as improve brain function. Who could have known that fish oil is such an important part of our health? Talk to your doctor about adding supplements to your diet.  Our reviwers trusted PhysioTru Omega-3s as their go to choice for heart health

Rex J.
Rex J.
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I began taking this about a month and a half ago and I am able to see a difference in my energy level. It didn't happen right away, it was gradual. I don't know if this is a coincidence but I also sleep better at night, possibly because I have more energy and my activity level has increased during the day. I've also noticed my skin is softer and not dry and flaky. I've also lost some weight and just feel better. I know it sounds like a miracle drug but I originally wanted to try it because my wife had cardiac issues a few months ago and Physio Omega claimed to improve and provide cardiac health. Even though it's a bit pricey I will continue to use this and cut corners on something else I probably don't really need.
Will L.
Will L.
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I started taking omega 3s because of a heart attack scare that I had recently, and PhysioTru is my favorite brand. Since I started taking omega 3s a couple of months ago I have been in better health, and my heart condition does not seem to be affecting me as much. I am definitely going to keep taking PhysioTru so I can stay on the mend. My energy levels are a bit improved too, I don't know if it has anything to do with the Omega-3 supplement, but I am feeling a lot stronger than I have in a while.

DPA is an Omega-3 Fatty Acid often referred to as “The Missing Omega”, due to its limited availability and not being included in a majority of supplements, despite its incredible benefits.

New research has shown it to be more effective for improving cholesterol, inflammation, and triglyceride levels when compared to the more common Omega-3s known as DHA and EPA.

Unlike most commercial fish oil supplements, PhysioTru contains high levels of DPA.  Plus, most commercial fish oils come from South American and Chinese waters, where pollution is an ongoing issue.  Fish that live in these conditions are loaded with contaminants, which get absorbed into their fat and passed to you if you end up consuming a product made from such a fish.  This is not true of PhysioTru .

PhysioTru is a high quality, all-natural and organic fish oil supplement whose manufacturer is based out of Tampa, Florida.  The all-American brand collaborates with Dr. Sam Walters, a well-known naturopath and physician from Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Walters concentrated on formulating PhysioTru’s ingredients specifically so that it can capture “The Missing Omega” This special type of Omega-3 fatty acid is called DPA. PhysioTru is made in the United States and ships from Colorado, so you can feel good supporting an American business.

What is the so called Missing Omega?  Its real name is DPA and although it is an essential nutrient it can sometimes be hard to come by.  As it turns out some of the best sources of DPA are wild-caught Menhaden fish. Mehanden fish are perhaps not very common, but they are small bony fish with very oily skin. Due to their bony nature and lack of meat, Mehaden fish are not typically sold in markets to be cooked and eaten.  Instead, we have found the best use for them is in the formulation of DPA containing supplements. Furthermore, thanks to the fact that the Menhaden fish subsists primarily on phytoplankton, the oils from the fish are less likely to contain mercury and other dangerous heavy metals..

The heart healthy ingredients in PhysioTru are excellent supplements to incorporate in the wellness regimen of people of all kinds of backgrounds and health conditions.  Whether you are suffering from heart issues, poor congnitve functions, or a host of other symptoms and conditions, Omega-3 Supplements such as PhysioTru have the power to help put you back on the road to recovery and rehabilitation. 

PhysioTru‘s Omega-3 formula is ideal for people that are older, people that suffer from circulatory problems, and people that have general unwellness that is not alleviated by other medicines or supplements.  By adding a regular supply of a complete Omega 3 supplement such as PhysioTru, you will be able to help improve your health while avoiding falling prey to worsening conditions.

PhysioTru is an excellent supplement for anyone that is not currently taking Omega 3 capsules, and even for those that are PhysioTru’s high quality formulation and extraction process place it a cut above the rest.

Mozambi R.
Mozambi R.
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I liked that PhysioTru Heart Defense was made from only wild caught Menhaden fish from American waters. It made me feel better knowing that it was non-GMO. I can't deny how much better I feel taking this product, I feel like my memory has gotten sharper over a 6 month period. It's a much better solution than wasting time, money, and life on endless doctor's appointments.
Kara M.
Kara M.
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PhysioTru has been helping my brain function better and I feel my heart stronger than ever! I’ve been suffering from blood pressure and a weak heart for about 10 years now and this product is making me regain my life back! I’m glad I found a good omega-3 supplement I can rely on. I would definitely recommend PhysioTru to a friend and not another brand of Omega-3 because I had tried a couple that didn't work anywhere near as well as this one.

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PhysioTru Heart Attack Defense

There are numerous studies that show the benefits of taking fish oil supplements. Not all fish oil supplements are from healthy fish. PhysioTru is not only non-GMO but also sourced from wild-caught menhaden fish from American waters. PhysioTru Heart Attack Defense is cut from a different cloth.


  • Non-GMO
  • Sourced from American waters
  • Contains DPA, 'The Missing Omega'
  • 60 day guarantee


  • Pricer side but worth it

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