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A Real Review of Pretty Litter Cat Litter

If you are like a lot of cat owners, then you probably have a love/hate relationship with your cat’s litter box. Cats are well known for hiding illnesses, which makes it hard to tell if your cat is sick or in pain. So if you want your cat to live a long healthy life is an excellent place to start would be with a healthy diet. If your cat were to get sick, you probably wouldn’t know until your cat can’t hide it anymore. And sometimes that can be a little late or a costly bill that could’ve been prevented or treated earlier. At least 10% of cats develop elimination problems. Most cats just stop using their litter box altogether, keeping you guessing where in the house they are urinating. Typically this happens because there are too many cats in the home or because the litter box simply isn’t clean or in the right spot.

Pretty Litter is uniquely designed, With the highly absorbent crystals to soak and trap all of the odors. It’s created from naturally occurring minerals. There are no fragrance additives, less dust, and waste, making it better overall to make it easier for you to use and keep the litter box clean. Pretty Litter has different color codes to identify if there is something wrong with your cat — red, indicating blood, urinary tract infection, bladder stones, or bladder inflammation. Orange means metabolic acidosis, kidney tubular acidosis, or even calcium oxalate. And a Blue or Green color indicates certain types of urinary tract infections and an increase of crystal and stone formation. Pretty Litter is delivered straight to your door every month. One bag can last all month, and this means less work and save more money.

Pretty Litter is a unique product and fulfills the promise of changing colors to detect any health problems. It is pleasantly inexpensive for a litter that lasts up to a month. If you want the convenience of monthly deliveries, lightweight and absorbent crystals, and infrequent litter changes, then you should give Pretty Litter a chance. Big paws up for Pretty Litter, providing the right tools to keep cats healthy!

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Overall Satisfaction
351 Real Reviews 91%
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351 Real Reviews 88%

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is uniquely designed, With highly absorbent crystals to soak and trap all of the odors. It's created from naturally occurring minerals


  • Great Odor Control
  • Is Delivered Every Month to Your Doorstep
  • Color-Coded for Early Detection for Your Cat's Safety
  • Up to 80% Lighter
  • Less Dust and Mess
  • Lasts Up to 1 Month
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Cleaner and Safer


  • Might Not Last All Month Depending on How Many Cats
  • Can Only Buy Product on Website

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