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A Real Review of Pretty Litter Cat Litter

A Real Review of Pretty Litter High Tech Cat Litter

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Pretty Litter uses a proprietary blend with special odor absorbing crystals that absorb bad smells and help detect health problems through color changing technology.  Our users enjoyed it for its powerful odor absorption and the peace of mind from keeping track of their cat’s health through their litter.  If you need stronger kitty litter or want to monitor your cat’s health we recommend Pretty Litter.

Pretty Litter is uniquely designed, With the highly absorbent crystals to soak and trap all of the odors. It’s created from naturally occurring minerals. There are no fragrance additives, less dust, and waste, making it better overall to make it easier for you to use and keep the litter box clean. Pretty Litter has different color codes to identify if there is something wrong with your cat 

  • Red indicates possible blood, urinary tract infection, bladder stones, or bladder inflammation.
  • Orange means metabolic acidosis, kidney tubular acidosis, or even calcium oxalate.
  • Blue or Green color indicates certain types of urinary tract infections and an increase of crystal and stone formation.

Pretty Litter is also conveniently delivered straight to your door every month, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to restock and running out at a desperate time . One bag can last all month, so you can save yourself the hassle of shopping and maybe save some money.

Pretty Litter is a unique product and in our testing the color changing feature worked to identify a urinary tract issue that our reviewer’s cat was going through.  We were able to take in the cat to our vet right away and got her the treatment that she needed sooner rather than later.  We appreciated the feeling of security knowing that you can monitor your cat’s health just by checking their litter.  Big paws up for Pretty Litter, providing the right tools to keep cats healthy!

It is pleasantly inexpensive for a litter that lasts up to a month. If you want the convenience of monthly deliveries, lightweight and absorbent crystals, and infrequent litter changes, then you should give Pretty Litter a chance.

John G.
John G.@JGRider4s
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A few years ago, I lost one of my cats due to illness; it was so heartbreaking me. Pretty Litter it gives the owners the ability to detect any early signs of illness to ensure my cats well being.

How Does It Work?

PrettyLitter is a clump-free litter, made of super absorbent, lightweight silica gel. Silica gel crystals are extremely absorbent, more so than other litter substrates, so you need less of it to do the same job. Traditional clumping litters turn urine into large (heavy) clumps that need to be scooped out. The litter that is clumped, scooped, and disposed needs to be replaced throughout the month. This means more litter, heavier bags, and more trips to the store. PrettyLitter is a non-clumping formula, so you only need to scoop and dispose of the feces. This allows one bag to last an entire month under normal use by an average sized healthy cat! No replenishment throughout the month needed.

How to Use Pretty Litter

Pour the entire contents of the PrettyLitter bag into a clean litter box. Make sure you are getting the proper 2″ of depth. Remove your cat’s feces every day. When you scoop the feces, make sure to shake off the extra litter granules. Thoroughly mix the litter every day to avoid saturating the same spots in the litter box that cats prefer to urinate in. After a month’s use, empty the entire litter box’s contents in to a trash bag. If there is any residue on the bottom of the litter box, clean the litter surface before pouring in your new supply of PrettyLitter. Regularly check the color of the litter. Shades of yellow to olive green are an indication of normal health. If you notice any other colors, thoroughly mix the litter and monitor your cat’s PrettyLitter closely over the next 24 to 48 hours. If color change persists, you should consider consulting your Veterinarian.

Color Change Meanings

We always want to emphasize that PrettyLitter is a tool that provides insights into your cat’s health, and not a medical diagnostic product. That being said, PrettyLitter can alert you to the potential presence of several common feline illnesses. A dark yellow/ olive green coloring indicates urine within a typical range. The color changes below can be signs of the following potential health issues.

Red: Detection of blood, which may indicate Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (FLUTD), bladder stones/crystals, kidney stones, bladder inflammation, certain types of kidney disease and clotting disorders. In rarer cases it can also mean bladder cancer, or an internal injury.

Blue or Dark Green: Alkalinity outside of the average range may be present if your cat has certain types of urinary tract infections. Highly alkaline urine can increase the risk of crystal/stone formation.

Orange: Acidity outside the average range,which may be a sign of metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis. Calcium oxalate crystals can be more likely to form in acidic urine. Acidic urine does not necessarily mean these crystals/stones are present, but it is the ideal environment for them to form.

Maxine W.
Maxine W.@MaxisWorld280
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I'm so happy I switched my kitty's litter to pretty litter. It helped me realize my cat had a urinary tract infection and I was able to get her the help she needed. This is such a great invention!

Sometimes temporary color changes in Pretty Litter can occur as a result of a new diet, changes in environment or temporary stresses that can make their way into a cat’s urine, causing it to signal colors outside the normal range. Acidity and alkalinity levels can vary by cat. If you see a color change, observe the litter over the next 24 to 48 hours. If the color change persists, consider taking your cat to their Veterinarian for a wellness visit. Let your Vet know about the change in health indicator color. Only a licensed Veterinarian can diagnose any specific issue.

Cats are well known for hiding illnesses, which makes it hard to tell if your cat is sick or in pain. So if you want your cat to live a long healthy life is an excellent place to start would be with a healthy diet. If your cat were to get sick, you probably wouldn’t know until your cat can’t hide it anymore. And sometimes that can be a little late or a costly bill that could’ve been prevented or treated earlier. At least 10% of cats develop elimination problems. Most cats just stop using their litter box altogether, keeping you guessing where in the house they are urinating. Typically this happens because there are too many cats in the home or because the litter box simply isn’t clean or in the right spot.

You can try Pretty Litter risk free thanks to their 30 day money back guarantee.  Pretty Litter says:

We’re giving you the chance to try our revolutionary health monitoring litter risk-free! From the time of purchase, new customer will have 30 days to fall in love with our non-clumping litter. If you want to stop your subscription during that time please call our support team and we will gladly issue you a refund and send you a return label to collect any unused bags. You will have 7 days to deliver your unused bags to our fulfillment center for a full refund. 

Kathy K.
Kathy K.@32KatforYou
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I love the convenience of using this litter for my two cats. It's odorless really make a huge difference in my living room where I keep the litter box and the delivery service is such a great touch I know exactly when I'll be receiving my order and everyone after that.

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Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is uniquely designed, With highly absorbent crystals to soak and trap all of the odors. It's created from naturally occurring minerals


  • Great Odor Control
  • Is Delivered Every Month to Your Doorstep
  • Color-Coded for Early Detection for Your Cat's Safety
  • Up to 80% Lighter
  • Less Dust and Mess
  • Lasts Up to 1 Month
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Cleaner and Safer


  • Might Not Last All Month Depending on How Many Cats
  • Can Only Buy Product on Website

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