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Summary of Review: is an invaluable resource for anyone that is considering looking for a Rent-to-own property.  Our reviewers enjoyed its easy to navigate website and the detailed information that helped to make this complicated process less confusing.  If you are in the market for a Rent-to-own property are just learning about them we highly recommend using as a resource along the way.

Fred G.
Fred G.
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When I first heard about rent to own houses I had no idea what they were, but after finding I was able to learn so much more about the process and the kinds of houses that were available. It is a great website and I am currently using it to find my next rental property (and potentially my first owned home!)

For people with poor credit or low savings, it can be very difficult to buy a home for themselves.  Rent-to-own agreements are a great way for people with slightly less financial capabilities to find possible homes to buy.  Instead of buying a home upfront, Rent-to-own properties begin as a lease or rental leaving an option for the tenant to buy the house down the road. is an innovative website which helps people in the rent-to-own market find properties.

So what kind of person would choose a rent-to-own property? Potential buyers for these types of properties typically include people who need to improve their credit during the lease period so that they can qualify for a home owner’s loan, renters who would like to try out the home and area before purchasing, and any renters looking to take positive steps towards owning their own home such as saving up toward a downpayment. allows the user to search out any type of home they are looking for in any location that they want. It also allows the user to organize their search for homes based on their current financial situation (credit score and monthly income.) The search process is very easy, and there are no shortage of options on

When testing it ourselves, we were given the choice of around 50 homes in the area that satisfied the criteria we had entered including location and income qualifications.  The process was incredibly quick and easy. Buyers without optimal credit scores can often benefit from rent-to-own situations as it gives them time to improve their credit score as they save towards their eventual future home purchase.

Judith K.
Judith K.
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I had originally tried another similar website and I had a very bad experience. I was desperate when my rent contract was running out and turned to to help me find a place I could buy with my credit score. This time the experience went much more smoothly. The team at is very helpful and informative and I was able to secure a good rental property with the option to buy afterward without any hidden strings attached. Give them a try if you're in the same position as me.

The Following Frequently Asked Questions may be useful for anyone that is looking for a Rent to Own property through

  • Are rent to own homes real?

    Yes, rent to own homes are a real opportunity for people who need help with or time to save up a down payment. Rent to own also gives tenants time to build their credit to qualify for a mortgage.

  • Do I need a realtor to rent to own?

    No, you do not need a realtor to rent to own. In fact, most realtors are not willing to work with clients looking to rent to own because they do not make a lot of commission.

  • Do realtors help find rent to own homes?

    Yes, a realtor can help you find a rent to own home; however, it is unlikely you will find one who will want to. Realtors make a very little commission from rent to own homes. They basically have to make a commission from your option fee because the sale of the home isn’t for a long time. Additionally, many buyers decide not to buy rent to own homes, leaving the realtor without commission at the end.

  • How do you rent to own a home?

    To rent to own a home, first, find a seller who is willing to sign a lease-option for his or her property. Begin your lease with option to purchase by paying an option payment and rent the property at a small premium. You have the option purchase the home at any point throughout the lease. The premium and option payment will be credited to your down payment.

  • How does rent to own work on a house?

    Rent to own works because you rent the house for a period of time and then have the option to buy it before the lease ends. You have the option to purchase the house at any point throughout the lease. You pay additional premium payments that go toward your down payment. If you do not purchase the home you lose the credit for these premium payments.

  • What is a purchase option?

    A purchase option is a type of rent to own contract in which you have the option, but not the requirement to purchase a home. It means that you have the option to purchase the property you’ve been renting before the lease ends, and the seller has the obligation to sell the property to you if you choose to purchase it within that timeframe. It’s important to note that the seller cannot sell the property to anyone else until after your contract has expired. This is possible because you pay an option payment, which ensures your option to purchase the home. If you buy the property, the option fee is credited to the purchase of the home, if you choose not to buy, the seller keeps the option payment instead.

Abigail D.
Abigail D.
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I never thought I would be able to call a homeowner. My credit was completely shot! But after a few years of finding my rent-to-own home, I have been approved and granted for my loan and am almost able to say I’m a homeowner! The best part is this place is already my home, now all I have to do is put it on paper!

With property values consistently on the rise, getting into an established rent-to-own contract may be the best way for you to get the home you want at a price that is reasonable even with bad or no credit. Renttoown is a fast and easy search engine that lets you browse the potential homes you could be purchasing in the future. There is no harm in seeing what is out there. Renttoown could be your first step on the way to a new home.

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own home and get out of the rat race of paying rent? Rent is just you paying for someone else’s mortgage. Rent is just wasted money that gives you no equity of your own. But without the money to put down a huge deposit, most people feel stuck in the trap of renting. Rent is too high to save money, so how can someone save enough money to get a deposit? Rent-to-Own is a concept that looks to solve this issue and get you out of the renting rut. Rent-to-own homes allow potential buyers to purchase homes by paying an agreed-upon amount each month to live in the house. After the leasing period is over, the buyers will then have the option to purchase the home. Renttoown is a search engine optimized to help potential buyers find the right home for them.

Aaron R.
Aaron R.
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I’m not rich, nor I have tons of money in my savings account, but I’m very organized with my money and I’m always looking for opportunities to invest and use my money in a smart way. Even though, I never thought I would be able to own a house! was a great finding in my life and helped me to understand how the “Rent-to-own” works and I was able to find the perfect house for my family and call it a home! Great service, super easy and a real life-time changing!

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If you are looking to remove yourself from the renting game but do not have enough money to buy a home, or the credit currently to get a loan, Renttoown could be a great place for you to start learning about the world of rent-to-own homes.


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