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ScholarshipOwl is a great resource for students that are considering applying for scholarships.  Our reviewers enjoyed using their website thanks to its excellent organization and helpful customer service.  ScholarshipOwl has helped many of our reviewers to successfully secure Scholarships.  If you or someone you know is going to college, ScholarshipOwl is an essential tool that can help them along the way.

Brian D.
Brian D.
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ScholarshipOwl is a very helpful website when looking for scholarships and information about it. There are many scholarships to apply for, and the best is there are also filters to let you know which ones you qualify for. It's easy to use, organized, and it saved me a lot of time and headache.

Get Scholarship Information With ScholarshipOwl

Applying for scholarships can be overwhelming for not only the students but also the parents. There are many concerns  to cover such as when the right time to apply is or what costs scholarships can cover.  Of course one of the first things you might wonder is waht kind of chance you have of being approved. That’s why working with a company like ScholarshipOwl can be incredibly useful. They can help you sort through the thousands of different scholarships available and find the best option for you. The amount of research and dedication that ScholarshipOwl has invested into streamlining the scholarship seeking makes them an invaluable resource to anyone that needs help navigating the complicated scholarship landscape.

ScholarshipOwl can put you on the fast-track to success by providing lists of scholarships and financing options thereby maximizing your chance to find the one that is the best fit for your needs. ScholarshipOwl vets the different scholarship options that they present, so you can use them as a tool to find reputable and reliable scholarship opportunities.

ScholarshipOwl is a great company with an innovative and advanced platform designed to dramatically speed up the scholarship application time as well as simplifying the whole search process.  ScholarshipOwl gives students direct access to scholarships and can help you search for the perfect scholarship based on a student’s personality, grades, lifestyle, and more. So rather than figuring out which scholarships they qualify for, then applying to each of them individuality, ScholarshipOwl simplifies and combines them.

Not only do they help you find scholarships, but they also make school suggestions based on your profile information, so you can also use their website to help in selecting colleges and universities that you wish to apply to. ScholarshipOwl offers many other services such as Essay Writing Help, Free Financial Aid Consultations, Webinars, and the ScholarshipOwl Academy. This is a unique platform that provides a variety of online courses (many of them are free) to help you improve your profile.

Rosalyn L.
Rosalyn L.
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ScholarshipOwl is the best place for anyone to search for scholarships. Their webinars are so informative and helped me a lot when signing up for FAFSA. Thank you for the excellent service!

Registering at ScholarshipOwl is pretty straightforward. Within a few minutes, students can get information on a large selection of scholarships.  You can filter results according to different scholarship categories such as Need-Based, Merit, No Essay required, Athletic, Artistic, Minority, International, Employee Family, and even Unusual Scholarships for students with hidden talents or unique accomplishments.

It takes a few simple steps to apply for a scholarship with ScholarshipOwl. Once completed, they take over and, do all the work for you:

  1. Fill out your profile with name, age, where you’re from, school info, and any other relevant info to create a list of scholarships matching your profile. 
  2. Narrow down your options and determine which ones you want to apply for.
  3. Since some scholarships require non-standard information, ScholarshipOwl might request additional special information.
  4. ScholarshipOwl will use the information by you to apply for the scholarship. The only thing left to do is wait for a response from the scholarship board.

When looking for a school, make sure you go to one that is aligned with your career goals. Your personal needs and budget should also be a significant factor in determining what School works best for you. ScholarshipOwl is a great resource to choose when going through the scholarship application process. The help to make it as simple as it can be, sending out applications in bulk at a much faster rate than you could, increasing your chances of getting more money to pay for college, and putting you on the fast track to your degree. The ScholarshipOwl website is organized and easy to follow. This will allow you to focus on some of the other important events going on in your life.

Uzman R.
Uzman R.
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I watched one of the seminars; it was very informative and helpful. I was looking for scholarships, and I found some that were very interesting for me. Not only is it free, but it was so easy and quick to complete. I have recommended this to all my friends that can benefit from it. Thanks, Scholarship Owl.

Top 10 Reasons to Use ScholarshipOwl

1. It Cuts Down on Your Work
Once you fill out the primary template, ScholarshipOwl can handle the rest. Applying for financial aid and scholarships can be as simple as filling out some personal information.

2. You can Earn More Money for College
With how easy it is to apply using ScholarshipOwl you will be able to apply for more scholarships and ultimately win more opportunities to pay for your college or university.

3. Protects you from Spam
ScholarshipOwl does not pass along your personal email address and allows you to hold all your correspondence through their website. You won’t have to worry about being signed up to a dubious mailing list just because you applied for a scholarship.

4. It Reduces Stress
With a simple layout and single unified application template, ScholarshipOwl takes the stress out of scholarship hunting. You no longer have to fill out application after application and can focus on other things.

5. Keeps you Better Organized
Using ScholarshipOwl allows you to keep all of your scholarship information in one location. You can quickly check what scholarships you have applied to and who has reviewed, approved, or declined all in one place.

6. Keeps you Secure
You can rest easier knowing that ScholarshipOwl runs all of the scholarship opportunities presented on their site through security screenings, so you do not have to fear applying to a bogus scholarship and having your information stolen.

7. Allows You to Find Similar Awards
ScholarshipOwl can intelligently group scholarship and award opportunities into similar categories, so when you apply for one scholarship you will be able to see other similar awards right away. This saves you time and helps you to increase your scholarship awards.

8. Offers Advice from Experts
ScholarshipOwl provides consultation from scholarship experts. Their knowledge and resources are available at all times to help you in applying and choosing the right scholarship for you and your school.

9. Great Customer Service
ScholarshipOwl has excellent custoemr service with friendly and attentive representatives. If you run into any issue along the way the team at ScholarshipOwl is there to help you.

10. Great Mascot
The wise Owl mascot that sits at the top of the page is guiding you along the way.

Mary A.
Mary A.
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ScholarshipOwl has made my life so much easier! I was able to connect and see what applications went trough and what I was offered by them. I also have done several of their free courses, and it's been helping me to achieve better results in my academic life.

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ScholarshipOwl is a legitimate company with an innovative and advanced platform designed to dramatically speed up the scholarship application time, giving the students direct access to scholarships based on their personality, grades, lifestyle, and more.


  • Save You Time
  • Apply For Multiple Scholarships at Once
  • All Your Information is Stored in Safely in One Place
  • 100% Free
  • Get Rewards for Referring Friends
  • Process is Easy to Complete


  • Results are Not Guarenteed
  • Service is Not Affiliated with any Schools
  • SchollarshipOwl Is Not Responsible for the Accuracy of the Information You Fil

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