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A Real Review of SportsEvents365

Why You Should Get All Your Event Tickets From SportsEvents365

The big game is only a week away, and you want to get tickets to impress a potential client. Your wife has been hinting about seeing a concert for the last few weeks, and you missed your anniversary, so you owe her one. You’re traveling to England and would love to get tickets to see Liverpool play for your family but don’t have the first idea how to purchase tickets oversees. Let’s face it; everyone loves to see a great concert or go to a great sporting event. But where can you find tickets for everything that you want without having to jump around to different sites using different search engines? Sportsevents365 wants to be your provider for all of the games and events you wish to see, whether that be in your home town or overseas.

Sportsevents365is a third-party vendor site to help you find tickets all over the world for the best concerts and sporting events. The people at Sportsevents365 try to separate themselves from the world of online ticket sales in many ways. They work in cooperation with major international travel agencies (Expedia, JTB, Ctrip, just to name a few), which gives them a tremendous amount of credibility. All in all, more than 50,000 different travel agencies book tickets with Sportsevents365. They also guarantee that your ticket(s) will be supplied at the price you paid for, or you will receive a 100% refund.

I tested out what events around the world I could look for on the site. First off, I looked for a Boston Celtics game, and then an upcoming Andrea Boccelli concert. Both events had tickets available and at prices comparable or below what I saw on Ticketmaster. Next, I checked out what it would cost if I wanted to see the upcoming Liverpool vs. Manchester United game. Not only were there great tickets available at a very reasonable price, the site already factored in the currency exchange for me, so I didn’t have to take time figuring out how I would pay for a game overseas. Finally, I decided to dive into how obscure the tickets could get. I was able to find great USA vs Tonga tickets for the currently competing Rugby World Cup in Japan (as well as tickets to many of the other matches, some only days away.) Just for good measure, I also found Elton John tickets in Paris, France, for an extremely low price. Sportsevents365 puts the service cost and the delivery fee in the amount of the tickets, so there are no surprises at checkout.

This is an excellent site if you are traveling or a frequent traveler and want to get some great entertainment while you are away from home. You can also find great tickets for big concerts or sports events going on in your hometown. Sportsevents365 is a site for major events. Unfortunately, they don’t offer many smaller venues listed. Also, there are no comedy tickets for sale as I looked up a couple of moderate-sized theater acts that I like, and they were not available. But if you are looking for great tickets for major events at home or abroad, Sportsevents365 makes it easy and has an excellent track record of happy customers.

Operating websites in 22 languages, shown to have had 25% yearly growth, and with sales of tens of thousands of tickets to customers in over 150 countries, Sportsevents365 is definitely the place to go to find the tickets you want around the world.  With their ability and willingness to navigate the marketplace for you, and also make it wildly simple to purchase across monetary platforms, this is the website to find your oversees tickets. Even if you are staying locally, with their impeccable track record and affiliation with leading travel sites, you are sure to find the tickets you want and the best price available. Sportsevents365 takes the hassle out of finding tickets.

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497 Real Reviews 93%


SportsEvents365 is an excellent site if you are traveling or a frequent traveler and want to get some great entertainment while you are away from home. You can also find great tickets for big concerts or sports events going on in your hometown.


  • International Events
  • Refund Guarantee
  • Easy Search Engine
  • Work with Major Travel Agencies
  • Simplifies International Purchases and Currencies


  • No Digital Ticketing
  • No Comedy Shows
  • Not Available for Smaller Venues

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