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A Real Review of Statement Watches

The Only Statement Watch You'll Ever Need

Many things in life define a man. His job, his love life, his car, his clothes, all these things play a factor. But for my money, nothing screams sophistication like a man’s watch. I started wearing watches at a young age when my father first gave me one of his. At some point, I abandoned my watch because we always have our Cell phones in our hands these days. But a few years back I found Statement Watches and I returned to wearing a watch.   A beautiful watch is the cornerstone of a nice outfit and also helps to show what kind of gentleman you are. Come on guys, James Bond always wore a fine watch, why shouldn’t we. But unlike the thousands of dollars that Mr. Bond would have had to spend on brands like Omega and Rolex, you can get sophistication and variety in your timepieces without killing your wallet.

Statement Watches are looking to give away what they call “Free Samples” of designer style pocket watches. The way they can do this is by charging you relatively high shipping and handling costs per watch. That being said, Statement Watches still ends up being a great deal. With their shipping and handling included, you can get five watches for $8.99 a watch ($44.95 total.) Statement Watches also has a three and single watch option for slightly more. You will easily be able to receive a variety of watches for a very reasonable price. The watches come in different band types, colors, and shapes so they can match all your different styles. From a wedding to casual dining to the beach, or cocktail hour, you’ll be able to find a watch that matches your style.

We spend so much time curating the image we want to present to the world. What kind of Whiskey we drink, what type of car we drive, what type of suit we wear, all these things matter and help to determine the type of man we are. The watch a man wears says a tremendous amount about his character. Statement Watches looks to allow you to have a selection of great watches for relatively nothing. No one wants to be a boy forever. I can tell you from experience that when I started wearing a watch again, people noticed it and would often comment on it or ask me about it. It’s a subtle thing, but who knows… your boss could see your new Statement Watch on you in the elevator and comment on it. These little things matter. Statement Watch is a great place to get some beautiful watches for less and start acting like the man you wish to be.

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Statement Watches

Statement Watches wants you to have a selection of great watches for relatively nothing. They offer a great selection of luxury watches for a fraction of what you will find in a store.


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Easy to Order
  • Multiple Styles
  • Multiple Order Options
  • Scratch and Water-Resistant


  • No Free Shipping
  • Can't Pick Designs

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