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A Real Review of Subscription Service CrateJoy

Personalized Subscription Box CrateJoy Review

Based on 199 Real Reviews

CrateJoy is a unique subscription box service that offers something for everyone.  Our reviewers love the huge assortment of categories, and we think you will be able to find a Subscription box that fits your interests. Cratejoy boxes would make excellent gifts or could be a nice treat for yourself.

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Subscription box services have become a unique and creative way to treat yourself or someone else to a box full of surprises centered around many fun themes.  The only problem is that most subscription box services only offer very specific products. Cratejoy looks to solve this problem by working with numerous suppliers.  Now, no matter what your interests are, Cratejoy has something to offer for everyone.

Most Subscription box companies don’t offer anywhere near the variety that Cratejoy does, and it is because of this that our reviewers are loving their service.  You can browse an astonishing range of categories including:

For Women

  • Lingerie
  • Jewelry and Accessories
  • Maternity and Pregnancy
  • Period and Time of the Month
  • Women’s Clothing
  • Bridal

For Men

  • Shaving and Grooming
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Men’s Accessories
  • Men’s Socks

Under Food and Beverage

  • Coffee
  • Paleo
  • Chocolate
  • International Food

These are just a handful of the numerous subscription boxes that are on offer from CrateJoy.  As you can see the selections are much more extensive than typical Subscription boxes which specialize in only one type of item.

Bob Tagg
Bob Tagg@RTagg150
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I've always been curious about subscription boxes. We actually already had several coming into the house for my family, but I had never found one that appealed to me. When I found cratejoy I was surprised by how many different categories were available, and I was finally able to find a subscription box that suited me and my interests! Now my wife has one for fitness accessories, my son has one for comic books, and I have one for hunting gear! Cratejoy lets my whole family get something nice in the mail each month.

CrateJoy is the only Subscription box company that does its best to source boxes for any kind of interest, at economic or luxurious price points,  and for any occasion you can think of. Cratejoy achieves this by partnering with many different merchants that fulfill customers’ subscriptions every period.  This allows them to have the best selection of boxes at the best prices.

If all those choices seem a bit overwhelming, there is no need to worry as Cratejoy has highlighted their top gifting options, so you can find a subscription box for that special someone without having to search for ages through Cratejoy’s massive selection.

You can rest easy knowing that Cratejoy encourages their community of uses to leave valuable feedback and reviews on the different merchants that are on offer. Cratejoy actively participates in discussion and will help resolve any Merchant disputes that go unanswered.

I searched through CrateJoy to try and find some subscriptions that I would want.  I am a music buff and found several different vinyl record subscriptions that were amazing.  On top of that, they had tons of great coffee subscriptions which piqued my interest. The hardest thing about CrateJoy was trying to decide which subscription I would get for myself because of the sheer quantity of great items.  The easy to use website made it so simple and effective. 

Subscription boxes are great!  They make great gifts or can make your life more convenient.  They also give you the ability to try new things that you may have not found if not for the box. Most CrateJoy subscription boxes are chosen, especially for that specific person based on particular needs and interests. They’re receiving custom-picked items based on their personal preferences, offering convenience while introducing recipients to new brands and trends.

Kelly Atkins
Kelly Atkins@KelzGirl555
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The number of available options on cratejoy is crazy! I couldn't decide which box to subscribe to, so now I have three: one for cosmetics, one for snack foods, and one for my 2 year old son. I'm thinking of getting one for my husband but maybe I'll let him pay for that one lol

In their own words, CrateJoy can tell us a little bit more about their unique service and company:

Cratejoy enhances your life through the discovery of unique product experiences catered to you!

We feature the most exciting gifts and subscriptions in the world, conveniently all in one place. That’s why Cratejoy is the best way to feed your passion, period.

Do you:

  • 👍Seek all things self-care & wellness
  • 👍Give great gifts to your family and friends
  • 👍Indulge in treating yourself
  • 👍Obsess over rarities, oddities, and quality goods
  • 👍Enjoy creative ways to have more family fun
  • 👍Embrace lifelong learning
  • 👍Love getting goodies while doing good deeds
  • 👍Crave more joy and less junk

Good news: We’ve got a box for that! And so much more.

No matter your interests, experts and enthusiasts will create and curate the absolute best products for your subscription box – and then send it right to your door, on the regular. Explore what you already love or expand your horizons with something new each month! The choices are yours – and they’re endless.

Get ready to experience pure magic in your mailbox.

Start your experience with this collection of our current faves!



Cratejoy has a vast selection of inventory to choose from. They offer at least 12 categories to select from and multiple subcategories under each of those.


  • Items are Custom Picked for an Individual
  • Products are Delivered to Your Door
  • Less Expensive as Opposed to Shopping in Retail Stores
  • Enhanced Personalization
  • Discover New Products
  • Always Something Different and New
  • The Gift That Gives Year-Round


  • May Take a While to Resolve Issues With Subscription

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