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A Real Review of Sugarbook an Honest Dating Site

Money is sexy. Whether or not we want to admit it, there are certainly women out there who are looking for a financially free partner, someone who can provide them with all the beautiful things they feel they deserve. And why not? A beautiful young woman has every right to find the right man to pamper her if that’s what she wants to do. Vacations, jewelry, a beautiful home (or two) all these things are very attractive to the right kind of young lady. The term “Sugar Daddy” has long been associated with the older, rich gentleman who wants to take care of a deserving, sexy young lady. These arrangements are mutually beneficial, and who are we or anyone to judge? You know what they say, if someone is judging, they’re probably just jealous. Sugarbook aims to be your location to find your perfect “Sugar Daddy” or, conversely, your ideal “Sugar Baby” to shower with all the opulent things you can.

Modern dating can be complicated, and Sugarbook’s aim when being founded was to bring a sense of convenience and honesty to the dating world. Sugarbook states that their site is “Where the elite people meet and build honest and transparent relationships.” Affluent individuals from all over the world looking to spoil their potential partners now have a platform to meet. The “sugar babies” on the site can join %100 free, and come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some are college students, some single moms, some aspiring actors & actresses, and others want to live in the life of luxury. Sugarbook works on an easy to use app for iOS or Android. The site is free for anyone who signs up and remains free for all the Sugar Babies.

The site utilizes a simple three-step process on your way to your ideal relationship. First off, you fill out a profile about yourself, what kind of person you’d like to meet, and what your honest expectations are in a sugar relationship. Next, you can use their advanced search system, allowing you to discover the type of Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby to fit your needs. The search also allows you to look locally or around the world; it’s up to you. Finally, set up a time to meet, and the rest is up to you two. Sugarbook makes it as easy as that.

Unfortunately, people do still judge. Sugarbook states that their main concern is members’ privacy and to maintain a safe browsing and dating environment is paramount. They look to make relationships more open and honest. How many times have you paid for the movie, dinner, lovely gifts, flowers, etc., but still didn’t know if your efforts would be reciprocated? Or how many times did you meet who you thought was a “great guy” online only to find out he picked you up in his mom’s Hyundai and lives in her basement? Sugarbook is a modern idea for the more modern and honest daters looking for the things they want in a relationship.

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Modern dating can be complicated, and Sugarbook's aim when being founded was to bring a sense of convenience and honesty to the dating world. Sugarbook states that their site is "Where the elite people meet and build honest and transparent relationships."


  • Free to Sign Up
  • Sugar Babies From Around the World
  • Easy Mobile App
  • Discreet and Private
  • Industry Leader
  • Multiple Languages


  • Additional Cost for Sugar Daddies After Trial
  • Limited if Not a Full Member
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