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Sugarbook Dating Site
Sugarbook Dating Site

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Sugarbook is an unconventional dating site that offers to help sugarbabies and sugar daddies get together. Unfortunately it did not rank high in our reviews as our users stated they were more likely to get scammed than go on a date.

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What is Sugarbook?

Sugarbook’s aim when being founded was to bring a sense of convenience and honesty to the dating world. Sugarbook states that their site is “Where the elite people meet and build honest and transparent relationships.” Affluent individuals from all over the world looking to spoil their potential partners now have a platform to meet. The “Sugar Babies” on the site can join 100% free, and come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some are college students, some single moms, some aspiring actors & actresses, and others just want to live a life of luxury. Sugarbook works on an easy to use app for iOS or Android. The site is free for anyone who signs up and remains free for all the Sugar Babies.

The site utilizes a simple three-step process on your way to your ideal relationship. First off, you fill out a profile about yourself, what kind of person you’d like to meet, and what your honest expectations are in a sugar relationship. Next, you can use their advanced search system, allowing you to discover the type of “Sugar Daddy” or “Sugar Baby” to fit your needs. The search also allows you to look locally or around the world; it’s up to you. Finally, set up a time to meet, and the rest is up to you two. Sugarbook makes it as easy as that.  Unfortunately, it’s the members of Sugarbook that make the experience unenjoyable.  Our users noted that they just couldn’t find themselves feeling safe while on dates, nor did they feel comfortable enough to go on any.

Should You Use Sugarbook?

Unfortunately our reviewer’s experience tell us that there are better sites for sugarbabies and daddies.  We suggest you check out our reviews for Seeking Arrangement.

While traditionally sugar babies are female, there are a ton of male sugar babies who shack up with sugar mommas as well.  SugarBook only allows for women to sign up as sugar babies and men as sugar daddies, much to the frustration of our reviewers.  If you are a male sugar baby or a sugar momma, we suggest you try the site Seeking Arrangement Click here to read a review of Seeking Arrangement

It seems that Sugarbook is failing the war against scammers.  Users mentioned that they would get bothered by potential dates for requests of hundreds of dollars before meeting someone, while female sugar babies stated that they received more uncouth messages than worthwhile offers.  Our sugarbaby reviewers stated that often men would not hold up their end of the bargain and wanted more than they arranged more.  Our sugar daddy mention that they’ve often been threatened with being exposed if they didn’t pay up first.  They also mentioned that they would often think they were meeting someone only to realize they have been catfished, with one user stating that it happened to him on 4 different dates.

SugarBook Pricing

Compared to other online dating sites, SugarBook is fairly more expensive than the rest.  One month alone is $49.95.

Our reviewers biggest complaint that the price was not worth the value.  They just found that the features they received for a premium membership should have been included in the free accounts.  They just didn’t have any features you couldn’t have found on a more established sugarbaby dating site such as Seeking Arrangement.

How to Stay Safe While Online Dating

You should always exercise caution when meeting someone online for the first time. We suggest you head these tips if you decide to check out SugarBook.

  • DON’T give our personal or identifiable information. Our reviews show that a few sugar daddies have gotten into online romance type scams by unscrupulous users.
  • Do your research. We suggest you do a simple google-reverse image search to see if you are being catfished as many reviewers noted SugarBook is filled with catfishers.
  • If your gut tells you to be careful, listen to it- often scammers will ask for money to get a plane ticket to come see you but then disappear the second they receive the payment. We suggest you exercise caution when using sugar baby sites.
  • Don’t accept Money Grams as they can be canceled anytime.  
  • Meet in a public setting and let someone know what you are doing.  We understand that typical users of niche dating sites want to exercise privacy, but it’s always recommended you protect yourself above all
  • Set an arrangement you can agree to before you meet and make sure your boundaries are respected.  If you feel uncomfortable at all, don’t think twice. Better safe than sorry as many users stated that they were made uncomfortable with dates they’ve been on while using the Sugarbook site.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Sugarbook may have been created to hook up people looking for sex with benefits, but the reviews show that the dating pool is filled with too many scammers. If you do decide to use this site, we suggest you do so with caution as many members stated feeling uncomfortable with the interactions they’ve had on the site.

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