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A Real Review of Airline Service TAP Air Portugal

Fly Tap Air Portugal

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1,798 Reviews 89%
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1,798 Reviews 90%

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With very high customer satisfaction, TAP Air of Portugal should be one of your top options for your next trip to Europe.  Featuring great customer service and spacious seating, TAP Air is a top choice for our users and a must fly if you’ve ever wanted to visit South America or Portugal.

Sandra R.
Sandra R.
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Choosing TAP Air Portugal is one of the best decisions i have ever made. TAP Air Portugal flights and services will ensure you are flying with a safe and reliable company. TAP Air Portugal is recognized as one of the safest airlines in the entire world. TAP Air Portugal is a privileged platform between Europe, America, and Africa and can provide you with a unique experience. I have recommend it to many of my friends and family members and they were not disappointed either!

TAP Air Portugal is an airline carrier partially owned by the Portuguese Government, operating on a privileged access platform in Europe at the crossroads with Africa, North, Central, and South America.  The airline oversees an average of around 2800 flights per week, covering 92 destinations in 36 countries worldwide. In the US, they operate from Boston, Chicago, Miami, and New York with routes including flights to the Americas (including Brazil), and to Europe.

They have been in operation since 1945, and are headquartered at the Lisbon Airport – which also serves as its main hub. In 2005, TAP Air Portugal became a member of Star Alliance and turned to one of the world’s top aviation companies and is now in the seventh position among the ten safest companies in the world.

On-board Services:

  • Meals: complimentary snacks, meals, and drinks, even on short-haul flights. 
  • OnAir Wi-fi: available on flights between Europe and North and South America.
  • Entertainment: a selection of more than 100 award-winning movies and tv shows, including the latest Hollywood releases, animations, classics, and the best of independent cinema as well as music, games, digital newspapers, and magazines
  • Electronic Devices: Allows its passengers to use their smartphone, tablet, or laptop during the flights with certain conditions.
  • Seats on board: you can choose from several fares to select the best and most comfortable seat for you.
  • Specials needs: medical Assistance on board and specialized services for visually, hearing impaired, and wheel-chair passengers, and they also allow service and emotional support dogs in their flights.
Sandra R.
Sandra R.
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I was 16 years old and traveling abroad as an unaccompanied minor for the first time for a Student Exchange Program in Poland. I’m from Brazil, so my travel plan included a stop in Lisbon and another in London. Then I’d get to Warsaw the next day, and my host family would be waiting for me. My flight to London was delayed, so when I got there, I realized I had missed my connection to Warsaw, and the next available flight was in the following morning. I was desperate and ran straight to TAP Air Portugal counter looking for help. This happened back in 2003, so I didn’t have a mobile phone to call my parents to look for help. I was crying so much! The moment I explained the situation, they took responsibility and provided an employee to be responsible for me. She was so amazing and caring! They booked two hotel rooms (one for me and one for her), allowed me to call my family in Brazil and my host family in Poland. They paid for our food and transportation to the hotel and the airport the next day and made it their goal that I had the best experience possible. After my break-down, and mind you, all accompanied by a responsible and loving person who calmed me down when I had a break-down. Fast forward ten months, I landed in London Airport again on my way back to Brazil. I stopped by Tap Air Portugal counter, the same employee was there, and she remembered me right away! It was so nice!

Additional Services Offered :

  • TAP Miles&Go: The reward program partnered with hundreds of companies to provide their associates access to exclusive products and services travel related. Miles, discounts, and benefits all over the world.
  • TAP Airport Lounges: as a premium passenger, you have exclusive access to the lounges where you can rest while waiting and take advantage with comfort
  • Personalized Assistance: you can request special service to be assisted during check-in, transport of checked baggage, and Boarding and disembarkation in exclusive vehicles. 
  • Special meals: if you have a special diet you can request special meals free of charge to meet your needs. Rules are applied.
  • Sports equipment: you can bring your equipment to be transported in the hold. Prices depend on the type of equipment. 
  • Extra checked baggage: additional baggage purchase is allowed 
  • FastTrack: faster and easier access to the boarding gate and priority at the security and X-ray check;
  • Stopover: TAP Air Portugal offers stopovers for free or discounted hotel rooms, meals, and attractions admission to passengers who want to spend some time in places they are connecting through.

Some Things to Be Aware of When Traveling With Tap Air Portugal:

  • TAP Air Portugal requires proper medical declaration for medical conditions to assist you in special requests.
  •  Most of the extra services are charged and non-refundable if not used or do not apply to your flight.

TAP Air Portugal has its own website where you can search for flights by date, destination, categories, and also book hotel rooms, transfers, and rent cars with partnered companies. Furthermore, learn about flight information, manage your upcoming flights, check-ins, and learn all the details about how TAP Air Portugal operates worldwide.

Sandra R.
Sandra R.
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One of the greatest decisions my boyfriend and I made was to fly with TAP Air Portugal. We did some research on airlines for our trip to Europe, and we felt comfortable with the reviews and everything we learned about Tap air. From their awesome customer service, comfortable seats, and flying experience, we have recommended them to all of our friends and families.

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TAP Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal provides excellent service for a good value. They make sure everyone who travels with them feels as comfortable and as safe as possible. Always Welcoming with a warm smile and a friendly tone of voice,


  • Price
  • On Time Flights
  • Comfort
  • Accommodations
  • Customer Service
  • Excellent Website
  • On Air WiFi


  • Limited Flight Destinations
  • Extra Services Non-Refundable

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