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A Real Review of the 8″ Selfie Ring Light

The Only Selfie Ring Light You'll Ever Need

537 Reviews
Quality of Light
537 Reviews 92%
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537 Reviews 92%
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537 Reviews 93%
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9.4 / 10

The 8 inch selfie ring light is great product for enhancing your selfie photos.  Our reviewers enjoyed the incredibly bright light and numerous settings to achieve the perfect glow.  If you are looking for a lighting system to enhance your photos this selfie ring light is a great choice.

Jenny K.
Jenny K.
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Oh my gosh! I was so excited the first time that I turned on my selfie light. It really feels like you are in your very own photo shoot when you turn on the ring light and start taking photos!

Do you ever have trouble finding that perfect lighting for that perfect photo? Does your arm get tired of holding your phone while taking those selfies? Well, say goodbye to bad lighting and sore arms and hello to the 8″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder. The selfie ring light by UBeesize will quickly become your new best friend! Included with this ring light are three different color lighting rings. There is a warm light ring, a cool white ring, and a daylight ring. The extra shine is ideal for taking pictures, making videos, reading books, and live streaming. Each ring is also equipped with 11 brightness levels, giving you 33 total lighting options. This provides users with plenty of dimmable lighting options making sure that those unflattering shadows don’t appear in your photos. With no shortage of lighting options, your pictures and videos are sure to look like a cover from Vogue magazine.

The Selfie Ring also comes with an adjustable tripod head designed to give you 180-degrees of rotation. The adjustable head allows you to get the angle you desire, making your photograph or live streaming so much easier. With the press of a button, you will be able to capture any memorable photos or videos. The phone holder is easily adjustable as well, making it easy to find the desired angle. Choose from a variety of adjustable angles like horizontal, vertical, high-angle, low-angle, and more, the options are endless, and you are in control. The 8″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder also comes with a built-in USB port, and it conveniently works with most devices like laptops, PC’s, power bank, USB charger, AC adapter, and more. 

The lightweight design of the Selfie Ring allows you to bring it wherever you go. When you use the tripod or the selfie stick while out and about, you can be sure the 8″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder will give you the best lighting setup you can get! The Selfie Ring provides you with endless opportunities when it comes to photos and live streaming, along with plenty of brightness to do make-up in the dark as well. It takes away all the unflattering shadows and lets you look like a professional make-up artist on the scene. 

Tia M.
Tia M.
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There really is no comparison between my old selfies taken without the help of my ring light and my new pictures with perfect lighting. The selfie ring light makes such a huge difference, and I feel like I must look 10 years younger in my photos thanks to the great lighting. There are so many different settings and ways to tweak the brightness, so I can take a photo that fits any mood any time. Super easy to use and it helps me take great pictures!

Selfie Ring Light Features At a Glance

  • Features three different lighting modes for different colored light including Warm Light, Cool Light, and Day Light settings.
  • 11 Brightness settings for each lighting mode allows for 33 different lighting options.
  • Stable tripod base with weighted locks, so you will not have to worry about the base losing its stability.
  • Phone holder with great range of rotation and movement so you can always find the perfect angle for your selfies.
  • Easy and convenient USB charging able to plug in to outlets or your computer without hassle.

Selfie ring lights are a great way for you to enhance your photographs and guarantee that you are looking your best every time you take a photo.  You don’t have to worry about taking that new profile picture or getting good lighting for a quick video because with selfie ring light you will have full control of your lighting at your fingertips.

The selfie ring is the quick and easy solution to perfect lighting every time.  The difference is almost night and day, and once you begin using a personal ring light it will be impossible to take photos without it. 

Any photographer can tell you that the key component to a great picture is having the best lighting.  With the selfie ring light you will never have to worry about taking a picture with bad lighting ever again.  The ring light is an absolute necessity for anyone that needs to look their best in every photo they take.

Tia M.
Tia M.
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My pictures are amazing now that I started using my selfie light. The ring really gives off a very high quality light that makes my photos shine that much more. If you have been getting frustrated with the way your selfies look you have to try getting a ring light because this has made my photos go from drab to fantastic.

Whether you’re live streaming on Facebook live or making videos for your Youtube channel, the 8″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder will make sure those dark, grainy, and poor quality pictures are a thing of the past. Hands down the Selfie Ring Light is our top pick when it comes to photography and live streaming; when compared to the competition, it surpasses them with flying colors. With all the available features, you should have no problem finding a use for the 8″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder. Get one today for your home!

Brenda T.
Brenda T.
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This selfie ring light works really well. It is bright, and all 3 light colors are as equally bright and the dimming works perfectly. I purchased mine for YouTube videos and its perfect. it works properly and effectively and honestly speaking the tripod stand is versatile for desk top or to stand from floor I’m almost 6 feet and the light works great. This works better than I thought I’m even thinking about ordering a second one due to how well it works and how affordable the pricing is. The part that holds the cellphone is also really strong and durable and i loved the fact when you turn off the ring light the control buttons on the wire has a blue light so even in the dark you can find exactly where the button is to turn on your ring light.

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8" Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder

8" Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder gives you the best lighting setup you can get! The ring provides you with endless opportunities to adjust the lighting and angle to meet your needs when taking photos and live streaming, along with plenty of brightness to do make-up in the dark as well.


  • Multiple Lighting Options
  • Multiple Brightness Levels
  • Adjustable Tripod Head and Phone Holder
  • Built In USB Port
  • Works With Most Devices Including a PC
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Light Weight


  • Light Controller Tends to Heat Up
  • Ring Light Could Be Considered Small
  • Needs Some Assembly

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