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A Real Review of The Best Streaming Platforms

Remember the good old days where you needed to have a cable subscription to watch all the newest TV shows and movies? Well, the world is changing, and you no longer need a cable subscription. Customers have always hated the programming combos offered by cable TVs. Having to pay a high price for a subscription to watch a single channel or having to hire different combos to gain access to what matters is not exactly pleasurable, mainly because much of the content bundled in the combos doesn’t interest the consumer. And that is precisely the great thing about cable TV; it is by selling this terrible content that they guarantee a steady inflow of money.

According to the Nielsen Total Audience Report, 58.7 percent of U.S. homes, or 69.5 million households in all, now own at least one internet-enabled device capable of streaming to a TV. Streaming platforms have several benefits. The most obvious of these at the moment is being able to save money by cutting the cable subscription. Even live TV options are cheaper, and you can even share the cost of subscribing with friends and family, as well as cancel it at any time. Streaming services also allow you to watch old shows and movies, which are no longer available on other platforms. Below, we will look at the four most popular streaming devices on the market today.

Roku TV is one of the many popular and oldest streaming boxes out there. Roku devices are very easy to set up and easy to use. They come with a simple remote and powerful feature called “Roku Search,” which allows you to find whatever you want to watch. Roku devices give you access to over 500,000 TV shows and movies with free and paid channels so that you can basically stream anything you want. You can watch live news, sports, videos, and TV shows for free on The Roku channel. The Roku box is very easy to set up. It connects to your TV with HDMI. Roku Express+ adds the option to connect via a composite cable which works with older TVs.

Roku streaming players need internet access so that you can stream any content. It uses wireless to connect to your home network, or you can choose a model that offers a wired Ethernet connector. All you have to do is create your Roku account so that your device can access entertainment with thousands of streaming channels. There are no monthly rental fees with Roku. You can simply add the payment method so that you can easily rent/buy movies-on-demand or subscribe to popular services like Netflix and Hulu.

Amazon Fire Stick is a streaming media player, which means you can listen to music, watch videos, play games, and use any other apps from the internet on your TV. It comes with a remote control and batteries, USB cable and power adapter, a quick start guide, and short HDMI extender cable so that you can mount the stick behind your TV much easier. The Fire Stick, just like Roku, requires an internet connection so that you can connect to WiFi. Every Fire Stick comes with a Bluetooth remote so that you’ll always be able to control your TV even if you are not in the same room. It comes with a built-in Alexa voice so that you can launch any content you want by saying, “play The Walking Dead.” The cost of this device is only $39.99. The basic model serves up 1080p HD streaming, and it’s the size of the standard USB drive flash drive. The Amazon Fire Stick is slightly less expensive than Roku’s $49.99 streaming stick and comes with Alexa voice remote. Currently, Roku offers more streaming channels than Amazon, 30,000 to Amazon’s 15,000.

If you already live in Apple’s world, then Apple TV is a must. The Apple TV comes in two versions, 32GB and 64GB. The Apple TV can obtain your WiFi password and Apple account information from your portable device via Bluetooth, saving you from the usual tortuous process of using an on-screen keyboard to type in all your details. Apple TV offers a speedy A10X processor, which means you’ll be able to navigate the interface and load apps a little faster than before. It handles all your 4k resolution content. The Apple TV 4K isn’t a flawless system. If you’re looking for a 4K streamer with a few future-facing technologies, a deep-rooted connection to all of your iDevices, and a decent app selection, it might just be the perfect streamer for you. It’s priced at $169.

Google Chromecast is a shiny wireless disc of wonder. It comes with a long HDMI cable to make it easier when plugging into your TV. The whole idea of Chormecast was to bring smart functionality to your “dumb” TV. It streams videos and movies from your mobile phone or tablet on to your TV. However, Chromecast does not come with a remote control. You can only access it from your smartphone. Google Chromecast’s starting price is $59. The Chromecast’s calling card is the ability to sync with your mobile phone, tablet, and PC. Few devices work as seamlessly with your electronics as Chromecast does and any that do require you to buy into a particular family of products.

So if you are one of the many people out there that do not want to keep spending money on their cable TV, or are just simply tired of commercials, I’d highly recommend investing in streaming boxes. You have the ability to pick and choose which shows and movies you want to watch commercial-free. With more and more Americans “cutting the cord” from their cable companies, these devices continue to improve and update with the changing market. Depending on what your particular needs and wants are, you will surely be able to use one of these devices to, once and for all, leave the cable company behind. For more reviews on today’s latest technology go to Real

The Best Streaming Boxes

Streaming platforms have several benefits. The most obvious of these at the moment is being able to save money by cutting the cable subscription. Even live TV options are cheaper, and you can even share the cost of subscribing with friends and family, as well as cancel it at any time.

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