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A Real Review of The Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks

The Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks on Amazon

Voted # 1
Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock
3,131 Real Reviews 97%
  • Light Therapy
    Helps regulate a good sleep schedule, energy, and well being
  • Personalized Light Settings
    The 10 light intensities of the Wake-up Light can be personalized and even be set up to 200 lux
  • Sunrise Simulation
    within 30 minutes the light goes from dim yellow to a bright yellow light
  • Convientent Features
    plays a choice of 5 wake-up sounds, or FM radio with tap to snooze
HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock
1,671 Real Reviews 96%
  • Colored Sunrise Simulation
    starts with a more soothing Red-tinted light that gradually grows into white light
  • 7 Alarm Sounds & FM Radio
    Choose from Birdsong, Hawaii Wave, Streams, Wind bells, Chord, Piano and more with 20 volume levels for your preset FM radio
  • Adjustable Display Brightness
    Choose from 20 adjustable brightness of the sunrise light and 7 colors of LED Time display brightness
  • Bedside Lamp/Night Light
    Use it as a bedside lamp, just press the ☀ button on the upper left to switch it on
hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock
2,326 Real Reviews 94%
  • Sunrise Light
    LED light that gradually brightens 30 mins before the alarm time to gently wake you up
  • Modern Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers
    Features an easy to hit snooze button to pause the alarm and turn off the light and sound for 5 mins
  • Decorative LED Color Options
    8 colorful light options, this bedroom clock can double as table or bedside lamp during non-sleeping hours
  • 12-Hour and 24-Hour Digital Alarm Clock
    Wide LED clock face touchscreen shows either a 12 or 24 hr time display and features 3 brightness settings
TITIROBA Sunrise Simulation Dual Alarms Clock
721 Real Reviews 96%
  • USB Port
    USB charging port included so your phone can charge while you are sleeping
  • Dual Alarm Clock Feature
    You can set one of the alarms for weekdays and another for weekends, or one for you and another for your spouse
  • Lighting Options
    8 different colors light to choose from, use the light alarm clock for different occasions such as night light, reading light or atmosphere light
  • FM Radio Clock & 7 Nature Sounds
    Choose how you want to wake up from either natural sounds of the earth to your favorite radio station

Voted # 1 By Real Reviewers:

The Philips Wake-Up Light gives off a pleasant, natural way to start your day. This sunrise alarm clock offers the option of waking up to one of five different nature sounds or your favorite FM station of your choice. This sunrise alarm clock consists of a colored sunrise light simulation that has been designed with 20 brightness settings. The convenient Philips Wake-Up Light‘s Smart Snooze is simple and straightforward; tap anywhere on the light following the sound of your alarm, giving you an extra 9 minutes of sleep. The wake-up light is designed with a non-slip rubber bottom, keeping it securely on your nightstand. The light gradually rises between 20 to 40 minutes before your alarm goes off.

Research shows that this UV-free Philips Wake-Up Light is proven to wake you up with an enhanced mood and energy level versus when woken up by a regular phone alarm. More than half of the users agree that it is easier to get out of bed in the morning when using this sunrise alarm clock. A light-responsive dimming feature leads you to natural, refreshing sleep. Not only is it an alarm, but you can also use it as a bedside lamp with dimming light at night that offers a relaxing dimming, sunset-simulating light that helps guide you toward restful sleep. When your bedroom is dark, the display will automatically adjust it’s brightness levels to a pleasant, soft shine. With 20 brightness settings, the Philips Wake-Up Light is also a convenient bedside lamp for reading or relaxing at night. This alarm is scientifically proven to work. Clinical researches by independent science facilities reported over 90% of users admit that it helps them wake up more naturally, feeling less tired. When using this wake-up light not only will you wake up more naturally but you will also see an improvement in your energy and your overall mood in the morning.

Will Jannison
Will Jannison@WilliamJ334
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I can't believe I ever woke up with a normal alarm clock. The sunrise alarms are great and they help me get up even when I don't have a chance to sleep well. Philips is a brand I can trust, and I am loving the clock so far.
Based on 3,131 Real Reviews
Lock Feature
3,131 Real Reviews 98%
3,131 Real Reviews 94%
Sleep Mode
3,131 Real Reviews 93%
Easy To Use
3,131 Real Reviews 94%
Alarm Clock
3,131 Real Reviews 96%

Editor's Choice:

Rise with the sun with the smart home HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock. This is not just any ordinary alarm clock; it is ideal for the whole family with the number of features of this sunrise alarm clock; you will not be disappointed. Once you’ve received your sunrise alarm clock, you can download the Smart Life add the wake-up light to your device connect to the built-in WiFi on the sunrise alarm clock, and from there, you can control the wake-up light alarms through your smartphone even with Alexa. Instead of bright white lights that other sunrise alarm clocks use to wake you up in the morning, the HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock starts with a comforting red-tinted light that gradually grows into white light. This method is to give off more of a natural awakening and may even help you feel less tired when you wake up. HeimVision Sunrise light has created a unique combination of light and sound, making mornings enjoyable and more relaxing.

The HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock lets you program a default time and target light strength for progressive sunrise simulation. Choose from 8 soothing sounds or an FM radio station of your choice with 20 volume levels to pick from to wake you up in the morning. There are 20 adjustable brightness settings of the sunrise light, and 7 excellent colors of LED time display brightness. Furthermore, you can set quadruple alarms separately for a different schedule for your spouse, children, and other events. The convenient snooze button was designed for those who need that extra 15 minutes to prepare yourself for the day ahead, press the big top snooze button to enjoy a comfortable and extended sweet wake-up. It may also be used as a bedside lamp, desk lamp, night light, or even a charger. The convenience of The HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock is endless. It comes with a built-in USB charger so your device can charge while you are sleeping or doing other activities.

Jane Tremmond
Jane Tremmond@Janeywaney
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I love the beautiful color of the heimvision alarm clock. it's so much nicer waking up with a sunrise clock than a regular alarm clock.
Based on 1,671 Real Reviews
1,671 Real Reviews 97%
Alarm Clock
1,671 Real Reviews 95%
Value For Money
1,671 Real Reviews 92%
Easy To Use
1,671 Real Reviews 96%
Sound Quality
1,671 Real Reviews 93%

No one likes to be scared awake. So why deal with the loud sounds of your phone alarm when you can stimulate a smooth awakening by the sun. The hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock with USB charger and backup battery by hOmelabs provides you to do just that. Wake up with a warm, white LED light that will turn on promptly 30 minutes before your alarm is scheduled to go off. It gradually brightens until it’s time for you to wake up. Featuring an AM/FM radio, and 7 soothing sounds to choose from that will go off as your alarm. For our 5 more minute fans, an easy hit to snooze button was created. Press the snooze button at the top of the clock, and it will pause the alarm and turn the light and sound off, giving you those few more minutes you need.

A highlight of The hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock is the sleep timer with sunset simulation to gently dim the room as you fall asleep but can also act as a night light. With 8 decorative colorful light options, this bedroom clock can double as a table or bedside lamp during non-sleeping hours. The vibrant color options like green, red, blue, purple, or yellow are also perfect for a child’s alarm clock. The wide face LED touchscreen clock face shows time in either a 12 or 24-hour display as well as 3 brightness settings depending on your preference. Waking up to sunlight is the most natural, beneficial, and positive way to start your day and regulate your body. Using The hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock will change the way you start your day.

Wendy Y.
Wendy Y.@thereddone24
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Such a stylish alarm clock to have at your bedside. This might be the nicest clock I've ever owned.

Wake up in the morning with the TITIROBA Sunrise Simulation radio & dual alarm Wake-up Clock that leaves you more energized and in a pleasant mood upon waking up and when laying your head on your pillow to go to sleep. From sunrise to sunset, this alarm does it all. The TITIROBA wood grain sunrise alarm supports sunrise simulation, safety, environmental, and is fashionable. The alarm clock part of the device comes equipped with dual alarm functionality. The two-alarm settings on the TITIROBA Sunrise Simulation Alarm are designed for couples that wake up at different times of the day or to separate your weekday and weekend wake-up. There is a 10-60 minute sunrise duration before the set wake-up time with personalized settings for 20-level adjustment of brightness, 7 sounds and FM radio, 16-level volume, and snooze. For its radio function, it can memorize up to 20 stations, and one station can even be set as the alarm if you choose not to use the standard sounds. The snooze button located at the top of the sunrise alarm clock allows you to get an extra 9 minutes of sleep up to 5 times.

The Sunset Simulation Sunrise alarm clock is designed with a vanishing sunset simulation that gives you the option of 10-120 minutes to accompany you into sleep with 3 natural included sounds or FM radio for easing your sleep issues and sleeplessness. You can adjust the display light from disrupting your sleep, choosing from, low, mid, high, or off. There are 7 light colors to choose from to use as a reading light, bedside lamp, or just atmosphere lighting. With a built-in USB charging port, your mobile phone can charge while you are sleeping at night. You can adjust the display dimmer to avoid interrupting your sleep, choosing from, low, mid, high, or off. Best of all, although AC power is required for all the functions to work. The built-in battery backup comes with memory function that can only ensure to maintain the clock time and alarm settings throughout a power outage.

Vikram B.
Vikram B.@newmorldorder
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wow i never knew that clocks could have so many features. you can change the color, play music, and set all kinds of special alarms. i would highly recommend to anyone looking for a special alarm clock.

Don’t you hate being woken up in a sudden panic? Confused and shaken up at the sound of your alarm clock going off in the dark? Well, you may find mornings more enjoyable with a sunrise alarm clock light instead. Do you find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning to start your day, or do you find it harder as the days get darker earlier during the time changes? A sunrise alarm can help you feel less tired as well as give you a sense of calmness to your mornings. Once we tried them out, there was no going back to that annoying cell phone alarm. The soothing light at dawn and dusk creates simulations and gentle wake-up sounds.

The gradual reveal of light makes these sunrise clocks more intriguing to people who don’t like the mornings, that can’t stand the shock of a traditional alarm clock, or who need help getting themselves out of bed during the time of the year when mornings are darker. Studies even show that these sunrise alarm clocks can also lower the risk of heart attacks and help overcome jet lag.

Another study group suggests that dawn simulation could be useful for reducing sleep inertia and getting your daytime on. Sunrise alarm clocks may be helpful for people with a seasonal affective disorder or who have been clinically diagnosed with a delayed sleep phase syndrome. However, the typical treatment for SAD is bright-light therapy, which needs a medical-grade device that shines 20 to 50 times brighter light than these sunrise alarms provide but they do help. A sunrise alarm clock might not be suitable if you sleep with someone who is on a different schedule unless they can sleep through anything. Whether it’s for you, your partner, or child, sunrise alarm clocks are the way to go, living a healthy, happier earlier lifestyle.

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