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A Real Review of the Colour Minicam Security Camera

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692 Reviews 92%
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9.2 / 10

The Colour Minicam is an incredibly small, yet incredibly powerful portable camera.  With Full HD quality recording, the Minicam can be used as a standard video camera or action camera.  Our reviewers really liked how small and light it was and how great its picture recordings were.  If you are in the market for a portable camera it doesn’t get much more portable than the Colour Minicam, and you can get 50% off and free shipping exclusively today.

Tim H.
Tim H.
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I bought this for recording meetings with customers; I don't hide the fact that I'm wearing it and explain its for both our interest to have a recording of what was agreed. So far, I've been impressed with the quality and ease of use and reset. Its battery life is very good and simple to recharge with a USB charger. Overall, I'm very pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend it.

Clocking in at an astoundingly small 25mm x 25mm, the Colour Minicam is an impressive portable camera with good technical specifications.  When you see the Colour Minicam for the first time it may be hard to believe just how small it is, and yet despite its small size it is packed with features.  From nightvision, to full hd recording, to motion detection, the broad array of technical features allows the Colour Minicam to be used for many purposes.  Everyone could use a device like this, and it is sure to turn heads once you let your friends and family know the tiny device is actually a video camera.

What Are the Tech Features of the Colour Minicam?

The Colour Minicam is one of the most advanced and versatile, portable, USB cameras, and it comes in different colors. Functions include Night Vision, fully submersible underwater functionality, 1080p maximum resolution lens, and extra-long battery life. It also comes with a MicroSD, 16GB memory card, which makes it very handy for recording any activity. Not only that, the storage space may be upgraded with a new SD card. It is prevalent for office use, especially when you need to assess the employees’ performance at work, as well as home security. The small profile of the Colour Minicam allows it to be completely concealed, which is perfect for any hidden camera usage such as a nanny cam. In the past, this kind of equipment was prohibitively expensive for home use, but thanks to advances in technology, the Colour Minicam has become an incredibly affordable option for any family to increase their security. Giving them an added sense of confidence when leaving their house unattended for periods. With great features, HD resolution, and an incredible price point, the Colour Minicam is an excellent package for both commercial and home use.

Glenn L.
Glenn L.
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I bought this mini camera to put in my children’s room when we hired our new babysitter and the quality of the video is just amazing and the battery lasts forever! Even in the dark, the image is excellent. Now I’m planning to buy another one to put in the living room.

The demand for a Colour Minicam has increased over the past five years, perhaps in part due to the more widespread practice of installing hidden surveillance cameras. Although in the past these devices were mostly reserved for use in offices and public areas, increased affordability and practicality have seen hidden cameras becoming very popular for private home use. This aligns with the current trend of smart home technology and increased monitoring capabilities. Experts believe that this trend toward high tech homes and home surveillance is likely to continue in the near future alongside design refinement and the addition of advanced features. The camera is not only a set of eyes to watch your house while away, but it also provides several high tech features built-in as well, such as audio recording and facial scanning. It is essential to keep in mind that there are laws regarding where a mini camera can be placed. The requirements vary, but they typically apply to areas where a reasonable expectation of privacy is expected, such as bathrooms, dressing rooms.

Cameras are everywhere these days. Whether they are used to monitor traffic, keep an eye on homes, or check employees at your business, their usefulness will never waiver. No one wants to worry about their most personal possessions going missing, and a simple at-home camera will give you the security that you crave without breaking the bank.  The Colour Minicam is an excellent entry-level surveillance/hidden camera with many great home uses such as keeping an eye on your pet, watching your children in another room, and obviously, alerting you to intruders.

Roberto C.
Roberto C.
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I decided to try out the Colour Minicam as a kind of substitute GoPro. I have been super pleased with the results so far. It's small and light so I don't have to worry about it getting in the way and it has been working well as an action camera allowing me to get the shots that I wanted while biking. All in all good stuff from the colour cam.

Colour Minicam Quick Facts

    • The Colour Minicam has excellent battery capacity and can operate for up to 100 minutes continuously
    • Powerful Night Vision mode which utilizing infrared light technology
    • Extremely wide angle viewing with a 140 degree arc to the camera’s viewing angle
    • Very small and very portable so the Colour Minicam can join you on any trip and for any occasion
    • Full High Definition video recording capabilities allowing you to record in 1080p quality
    • 25mm x 25mm dimensions make it remarkably small
    • Includes motion sensing technology allowing you to use Colour Minicam as  a security camera
    • Perfect to use as a webcam thanks to its small and portable nature

The Colour Minicam has a broad array of features available for many purposes.  You can conveniently save all your recordings to a micro SD card meaning that you will never have to worry about running out of storage space on your Colour Minicam.  Unlike other competitors, the expandable storage of the Colour Minicam offers more flexibility and ease of use than its competitors.

Most people want to be trustworthy and trust those around them.  In a perfect world, we could leave our doors unlocked, keys and important items laid out wherever they fall.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and although we want to be trustworthy, trust sometimes has to be earned.  Just think of the amount of people who have access to your home. Whether it be the babysitter, the cleaners, the plumber, the cable providers, or whomever else you may let in, these people now have access to anything in your home.  The same can be said for your office as well. Most people are trustworthy, but wouldn’t it be better to have the piece of mind knowing that your things are safe? The Colour Minicam is an easy and cost effective solution for your home and office monitoring needs.  

Tara H.
Tara H.
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Very reasonably priced and I get great pics and video. This is an excellent camera, easy to set up and easy to use. Great quality of pictures, small and light. Very pleased with my purchase. Great value for money. Highly recommended

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Colour Minicam

The Colour Minicam is one of the most advanced and versatile, portable, USB cameras, and it comes in different colors. Functions include Night Vision, fully submersible underwater functionality, 1080p maximum resolution lens, and extra-long battery life.


  • Compact Size
  • Advanced Features with More on the Way
  • More Affordable than Ever
  • Extra-Long Battery Life
  • 1080p Maximum Resolution Lens


  • No Panoramic Camera Options
  • High Demand Leads to Product Selling Out

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