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A Real Review of the Kamtron Home Security Camera

According to the US Department of Justice, approximately 11.5 people out of 10,000 fall victim to property crime every year, which means that a burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the United States. That equates to roughly 2.6 million robberies in a single year. There is no doubt that this can be an alarming statistic, so having a home camera system like KAMTRON is becoming a necessity in today’s culture.

Why Choose KAMTRON Home Camera System

The KAMTRON security camera is loaded with features that place it head and shoulders above others in the industry. For starters, it provides 24/7 video surveillance stored within a 128GB cloud-based system so you won’t miss a beat. The 360 HD 1080 pixel panoramic crystal clear view ensures you see from every angle, so blind spots do not exist. The camera also offers a pan/tilt/zoom option so you can adjust the camera to your liking. 

Because it comes equipped with motion detection and super IR LED night vision, the KAMTRON can be used as a baby monitor. You’ll also be able to hear them crying because of it comes with a two-way audio so you can easily communicate with them to your baby to soothe their cries through the camera. 

If you are looking to use KAMTRON to watch over your pets, the non-delayed camera stream is always up to date, unlike other security cameras that have a 10 sec. Delay, some are even longer. 

Getting started is simple. Start by scanning the QR code to download the MIPC view app, or simply go to the app store or Google Play store to download it. KAMTRON acts as a security system, as well. The camera will take a snapshot and a live recording once motion is detected. Users then receive a notification through there phone to alert them of movement. Simply watch the live feed on your phone or computer to determine if further action is needed.

One of the single-greatest deterrents when it comes to keeping a home safe is the use of a home security system. Protecting your home with a camera system like KAMTRON is a vital step towards making sure your family is protected. It doesn’t really matter where you live; the fact remains that using an active camera system like KAMTRON will help keep your home safer when compared to those who don’t. The KAMTRON is by far the best home security camera on the market. With its reliability, unique versatility, and affordable price, this one of a kind home camera is at the top of our list. The KAMTRON does everything you want and more. 

Based on 716 Real Reviews
Two-Way Audio
716 Real Reviews 93%
WiFi Connection
716 Real Reviews 98%
716 Real Reviews 94%
Night Vision
716 Real Reviews 97%
Motion Detection and Notification
716 Real Reviews 99%


Overall, The KAMTRON is by far the best home security camera on the market. With its reliability, unique versatility, and affordable price, this one of a kind home camera that is loaded with features often seen in more expensive brands.


  • 1080P HD Panoramic View
  • Two-Way Audio for Clear Communication
  • Cloud Service for Storage and Sharing
  • Control Straight From Your Phone Pan/Tilt/Digital Zoom
  • Day & Infrared Night Vision
  • 24/7 WiFi Connection
  • Motion Detection Alarm
  • Photo and Video with Audio Recording App Push Notifications


  • Requires an Internet Connection
  • Sells Quickly Do to Popularity

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