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The Neck Knife by American Gunner is a stylish and discrete tool for self defense, and its small size and portability makes it a perfect choice as an every day carry! With its super lightweight design and its 4″ in length, it can be used as a discreet neck chain knife for every day use.

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This expertly crafted self-defense tool is designed with tactical performance in mind, and it puts confidence and security around your neck. You can feel safer knowing that you can deploy your Neck Knife in a matter of seconds.

If you are looking for an every day carry for your defense tools, the Neck Knife needs to be part of your equipment.

Currently, the folks at American Gunner are giving away a FREE Neck Knife to customers, but apparently stock is limited and this offer may soon expire. Be sure to click here if you would like to claim your free Neck Knife.

It’s a dangerous world out there, turn on the nightly news, and you’ll know that. You have to protect yourself and protect your family. Beyond only protection, isn’t it just always handy to have a blade on you? Think about all the times you wished you brought your pocket knife, only to reach in your jeans and see it isn’t there. Having a good knife on you keeps you safer, and also allows you a tremendous amount of flexibility that having a blade handy allows. No one can be prepared for all of the things that can happen in life, but having The Neck Knife on you is certainly a good start. More people are turning to blades for self-defense lately, somewhat due to increased gun control laws and changing social attitudes. But instead of clipping something to your belt which everyone will see or having a pocket knife stuck in your pants (challenging to reach if need be) The people at American Gunner has created a product that might interest you.

More Reasons to Claim Your FREE Neck Knife

  • The Blade is Razor Sharp and able to work as a self defense tool or handy utility knife
  • Blade is partially serrated for maximum tactical performance.
  • Blade measures at only 4 inches in length making for an extremely discrete self-defense option.
  • Its small size and portability make The Neck Knife is perfect as an Every Day Carry Defense Tool
  • The Neck Knife is made from Stainless and Rust Proof Alloy for durability.
  • The Neck Knife is normally a $39.95 value, but for a limited time is being offered for Free by American Gunner to their customers.

The Neck Knife is an everyday carry tool for all occasions. Its design is discreet yet remains stylish. The lightweight design is very “unassuming” and hangs around the neck with the convenient neck chain that comes with the product. This allows the product to be used as a self-defense tool whenever the situation could arise. The safety and security of having such a device around your neck at all times can’t be understated. This item is shipped out of Denver, Colorado, which means it will get to your door quickly. The blade has partial serration to allow it to work in a variety of scenarios. The blade cover is also included with the item. The knife is rustproof and stainless as well, so you can be comfortable using it in all sorts of weather and tactical situations.

It is difficult to feel safe these days. Crime is a real thing, and people need to be prepared to handle all of the potential situations that can arise when they are living their lives. Having the peace of mind knowing that you have an everyday carry item such as The Neck Knife on you can allow you to not always be looking over your shoulder. If you need to defend yourself or the people around you, you will have the ability to do so. The Neck Knife comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. The company states that if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, contact them, and you will be refunded no questions asked.

Whether you are interested in getting a practical and discrete self-defense tool for an every day carry option, or you are a hobbyist or enthusiast looking to add a new piece of equipment to your collection, this item made by American Gunner is a great, high-quality knife that can make everyone happy.  In our hands-on trials we were very pleased with the strength of the blade and its cutting power.  You can feel the high quality construction in your hands when you use it.  The small design makes it extremely light and easy to wield, and the stylish cover with United States Marine Corps insignias looks very cool and allows you seem badass while representing your Patriotism or celebrating the your military experience or that of your loved ones.

When compared to similar options we have to say that the knife is made by American Gunner is in a class of its own.  The build quality of the Neck Knife far outclasses that of similar small, portable knives which we have tested.  In terms of looks, the Neck Knife by American Gunner is much more well designed and features a very cool color palette.  There are similar options, but when the Neck Knife is so much nicer and even available completely FREE for a limited time, it is hard to choose one of the other competitors.

The Knife crafted by American Gunner is a wonderful present for anyone interested in self-defense, tactical gear, armed forces memorabilia, or simply cool gadgets.  Considering you can get one totally FREE for a limited time, we have to recommend the Neck Knife very highly to anyone that is interested in purchasing it.

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