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A Real Review of the New iPhone 11 Series

Which iPhone Is Right For You?

It’s that time of year again. The new iPhones are out! The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are here! But before you take out your credit card, are these phones really worth the fuss? You could watch the Apple sponsored video releases of these phones, but they’ve promised the world to consumers for years, and sometimes not delivering. Let’s face it, our phones are one of the most important things that we own these days, and with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, you want to know you are getting the right phone for you. Here, we will take a look at all three of the new iPhones, what they do great, what they don’t, and which one is right for you.

Can you remember a time when iPhone came out with its newest model, and it was not only better but cheaper? Neither can I. But Apple outdid themselves with the new iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 comes in at an incredibly reasonable $699, which is fifty dollars less than the iPhone XRs’ original price. If there is a consistent theme in the new iPhone line, they attempt to leap forward in the cellular photography world. The dual-camera iPhone 11 has a new ultra-wide lens, which allows for much better pictures than the XR. It also introduces a new “Night Mode” that allows for far better performance in low-lighting. The video recording quality has also been significantly improved. Although Apple had seemed to have fallen behind Samsung and Google in the production of great cameras in their phones, the entire iPhone 11 line is a drastic improvement and step forward to the top of the pack!

Along with the dual cameras on the iPhone 11, the phone comes with Apple’s A13 Bionic processor, which makes it incredibly fast. The LCD screen is 6.1-inches and very bright and certainly would suffice for most hardcore cell phone users (but if you want better keep reading.) The product also has improved water resistance and is designed to be built far tougher than previous models of the iPhone (come on who hasn’t busted the screen on their iPhone.) There are six different colors to choose from (long gone are the days of only white and black iPhones.) Perhaps most importantly, in a web-surfing battery test, the phone lasted around 11 hours, vastly improved from older models battery life.

With all these improvements and a fantastic price point, It is hard to find a better phone for the money out there than the iPhone 11. But if you want more and are willing to shell out the extra cash, iPhone has two more models in the 11 series you might be interested in.

So you love everything that the 11 has to offer, but you want to see what else is out there. The iPhone 11 Pro is the “upgraded” version of the 11 for those willing to pay. Kudos to Apple for keeping the phone relatively the same size as the iPhone 11 (it is slightly heavier, but the screen is slightly smaller.) I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of having to carry a “tablet-sized” phone around with me so that I can have the newest technology. With a 5.8 inch screen, The iPhone Pro still packs an incredible punch.

So again, the iPhone 11 series spent a tremendous amount of effort trying to improve their cameras. If you want even more than the two cameras that the iPhone 11 offers, the 11 Pro has three cameras for you! The third camera offers additional optical zoom which, believe it or not, improves upon the two camera systems in the 11. The three-camera “Night Mode” that the 11 Pro offers have to boast some of the best low-light abilities that have ever been produced in a camera. It is stunning to see the levels of detail that the 3-camera system can pick up in even the most unlikely lighting situations. If taking photos is one of the first things you look for in buying a phone, it might be worth the extra money to get the 11 Pro.

The OLED screen is incredibly clear and, compared to the 11, even brighter. When putting it up against the Galaxy 10, it is obvious to see that the new screen is not only more colorful but more vivid. Another benefit of the three cameras is how great and clear the Pro’s video looks. The Pro video shot on the phone was at a level I’ve never seen before in an iPhone, not to mention the incredible amount of apps and tools that come with the iPhone for editing. With the ability to catch 4K-resolution video at 60 frames per second from all of its rear lenses, iPhone 11 Pro is a revelation in the cellular video arena.

With the toughest glass that iPhone has ever released, a fast charger that comes with (not included with the 11,) and all these incredible features, the iPhone 11 Pro is another home run from the folks at Apple. The price is undoubtedly higher, though. At $999 for the 64gig version, the iPhone 11 Pro is 300 dollars more than it’s little brother the 11. Also, the 11 Pro has a slightly worse battery life than the 11 (10.5 hours compared to 11 in a web browsing test.) Both models are great products and a welcome improvement from some of the lackluster releases of the past. But do you still want more? Do you want all the goodies and arguably the best phone money can buy? Well, Apple has released one more version of the 11 series that might be what you’re looking for.

The worst things I can say about this phone are these quips, It is expensive, and I wish the base model came with more than 64 gigs. Beyond that, this baby is impressive! iPhone 11 Pro Max has taken all of the incredible advancements from the rest of the 11 series and added a couple more gems. With a bigger screen and a longer battery life, the new iPhone 11 Pro Max is arguably the best phone you can buy in the world.

For only $100 more than it’s “Pro” version and $400 more than the 11, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is everything anyone could want in a phone. There is nothing flashy about it that separates it from the “regular” Pro, but it’s two differences are big ones. First off, it has a larger 6.5-inch display. The OLED 6.5-inch display is stunning and is astonishingly clear and bright, even in direct sunlight. With that fantastic ability to see everything you are doing on your phone so clearly, especially those incredible new photos and videos you are taking, the Pro Max screen difference is noticeable. Finally, the other difference in the Max is simple but crucial. The iPhone Pro Max offers the longest battery life of any Apple phone ever made. The web-surfing test yielded a result over 12 hours! And with the fast charging capabilities, you can be at 50% charged in 30 minutes.

The iPhone Pro Max is the class of the bunch, taking all of the improvements that Apple has made and put into one powerhouse of a phone. If money isn’t an option, this is pound for pound one of the best phones you could ever buy.

Which One Should You Get?

All of the iPhone 11 series products are some of the best that Apple has ever come out with. The only real knock on these phones that I can say is that with only 64gigs offered at their lowest price points, you may want to upgrade to larger storage capacity. With these three new iPhones all getting rave reviews, it comes down to a few simple things that depend on the purchaser to help you decide. At its incredible price point, the iPhone 11 could argue it is the best bang for your buck. The camera system is incredible, and it offers all of the great things you can do with the new IOS 13. If you are willing to shell out the money, the iPhone 11 Pro is pretty much the best experience you can get with a phone at its size. Although it’s battery life is the lowest in the bunch, it’s still solid and nominal in the grand scheme of things. But if you want the big screen and ALL the bells and whistles, the iPhone 11 Pro Max can easily say it might be the best phone on the market today. The 11 series of iPhones are all excellent phones and will stand up to all their competitors on the market. For more information on today’s hottest products go to Real Reviews.org.

New iPhone 11 Series

All of the iPhone 11 series products are some of the best that Apple has ever come out with. The only real knock on these phones that I can say is that with only 64gigs offered at their lowest price points, you may want to upgrade to larger storage capacity. With these three new iPhones all getting rave reviews, it comes down to a few simple things that depend on the purchaser to help you decide.

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