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A Real Review of The OnePlus 7T CellPhone

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9.3 / 10

The Oneplus 7t is a great flagship phone from Oneplus that can compete with the offerings from the bigger names like Samsung and Apple.  Our reviewers loved its fast speeds and crystal clear display.  If you are looking for a new handset at a good price without sacrificing the bells and whistles, then the OnePlus 7t is the phone for you.

Ben K.
Ben K.
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This phone by Oneplus has exceeded my expectations. I didn't think you could get such a great display and nice camera at such a low price. It costs about half of what my last Samsung cost me and I think I like it better!

The OnePlus 7T is finally here. But if you are upgrading your smartphone, is this the direction you want to go? OnePlus unveiled the 7T in September, and it is just being released in the United States this week. For those of you who don’t know, OnePlus is a Chinese based company that has made high-end, affordable smartphones since 2013. All OnePlus phones are Android-based and run on their version of the platform called Oxygen 10 OS. So it is worth you upgrading to the new OnePlus 7T? Or is it worth the switch to this new smartphone from another device? Here is a little bit more information on what makes this new phone great and how it might compare to your other choices to help you make your next cell phone purchase.

Nothing can be said about the OnePlus 7T without first mentioning its most impressive and ambitious feature; it’s price. The OnePlus 7T comes in at an astonishing $599. For such a high-level smartphone that can compete with the likes of Samsung Galaxy, HTC, and iPhone, this is a tremendously formidable price point that has to make any savvy buyer take a look. The single configuration of this phone comes with 8GB of UFS 3 RAM and 128GB of storage (no microSD slot.) The people at OnePlus look to give the user all the things they desire, without the bells and whistles that add unnecessary cost. This allows them to make this highly affordable phone. We will get back into the price at the end, but it needed to be mentioned.

John C.
John C.
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I had never heard of OnePlus before my wife got me this phone as a gift. I can tell you that I was very impressed with everything they've done for the 7T phone. I will be remembering the name OnePlus in the future they make great cell phones.

The OnePlus 7T looks and feels great. With 3D Corning Gorilla Glass, it is clean and smooth, and the matte-effect glass on the back makes for a great experience holding the phone. OnePlus also remains one of the only companies that I’m aware of to ship your phone along with a quality clear TPU case in the box as well as a pre-applied screen protector. With its minimalist and modern design, this phone is great to look at. Currently, they only offer two colors, but both the grey and the bluish color’s look great. I’ve read some other reviews where people have had a problem with the bumped out camera circle in the back, but I found it unique. It makes the phone have a distinct and classy feature that isn’t lost on this user.

On to the screen, the OnePlus 7T is a big phone. At a 6.55 inch display, it is almost as large as the iPhone 7 Pro. This could be a problem if you are switching from Galaxy S9/S10, Pixel3, or the iPhone XS. It may take time to get used to the larger phone, especially if you have become accustomed to what you have. One of my biggest issues with OnePlus is they don’t come out with a smaller option of their phones. But when you look at the screen in action on the 7T, it’s easy to see why they would want to show it off as large as possible.

The 90Hz, full-HD+ panel, is beyond impressive. Even putting it up against the likes of the iPhone 11 Pro Super Retina XDR, it stands up, not because of brightness but due to the incredible refresh rate. The 90Hz panel immerses you in the visual of the phone by utilizing the natural way our eyes “fill in the gaps” and process images. It’s not that the OnePlus 7T is any “faster” than other phone screens, it is just the 90Hz allows it to look and feel that way due to our perception. The phone does suffer in comparison to top smartphones with brightness, but it is certainly manageable and barely noticeable.

Ben K.
Ben K.
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The Oneplus 7t is a very nice phone. It handles all of my apps very well, and everything loads very fast. I haven't had any issues with this phone unlike my last android. I would give it 2 thumbs up.

The photography system boasts three cameras (which seems like the new standard these days.) With the Ultra Wide-angle perspective, you can capture 117 degrees of field view. This feature makes it easy to capture full landscape photos or even a large group of people from up close. You can sway lenses between 48Mp, 16MP ultra-wide, and 8MP 2X telephoto camera. OnePlus 7T also continually updates their software to allow for the best processing of your shots. The front-facing camera has 16MP along with EIS stabilization that keeps your image clean when taking a selfie or video chatting. The OnePlus 7T’s nightscape is admirable as well but doesn’t hold a candle to the iPhone 11 Pro’s new system. That being said, It does take some tremendous photos under low-light scenarios (and again, consider the price.)

The new OnePlus 7T Warp Charge has improved by 23%. Now what that means is you can take your OnePlus 7T from 0% charge to 70% charge in just 30 minutes, utilizing the Warp Charge 30T. That’s over twice the charge that you would get on the Samsung S10+ in the same amount of time. The Warp Charge displaces heat, so your phone doesn’t burn up while charging (or while charging and gaming.) The battery life itself is nothing to write home about, but at above eight and a half hours of web-browsing, and such a quick charge, it’s certainly proficient enough.

Kenneth D.
Kenneth D.
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When I had to get an unlocked cell phone for work I did a bit of research on my options. I was looking for something a bit more affordable than an iphone or galaxy, but I didn't want to sacrifice too much of the performance. I ended up going with the OnePlus 7T thanks to its great specs and good price point. I've been very happy with it so far and I would recommend it to anyone that hasn't heard of OnePlus and their cellphones before.

OnePlus 7T has employed the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus for its processor. This baby is fast! Using the phone is seamless and smooth, from gaming to videos, to whatever you would need to do. The phone also employs a large vibration motor that produces advanced haptic natural and satisfying feedback. Along with the speed, the Dolby Atmos 3D sound is impressive, allowing for very balanced and crisp output. For the gamer, OnePlus, along with eSports Pro Team, has developed what they call Fnatic Mode. Fnatic mode, when enabled, can black calls and notifications along with streamlining your network data and enhancing performance so you can play the way you want and not have to worry about interruptions or lag times.

OnePlus has also improved its OxygenOS 10.0, its version of the Android 10 system. Oxygen runs very smoothly and has a wide variety of excellent little features like “Zen Mode” which allows the user to, pretty much, lock their phone for up to an hour, only allowing calls and camera access. Oxygen OS is also robustly customizable, allowing you to express your style and personal preferences throughout the system. The new Oxygen 10 has a reported 370 tweaks and optimizations. With its constant updates and commitment to improvement, Oxygen certainly helps with the OnePlus 7T’s overall experience.

This phone is only $599. It is impressive how OnePlus is continuously able to make great smartphones that are comparable to the “big boys” for hundreds of dollars cheaper. To put it into perspective, the iPhone 11 Pro is nearly twice as expensive as the OnePlus 7T for the 128GB version. The iPhone 11 Pro might be one of the best smartphones we’ve had a chance to review, but is it worth twice as much as the OnePlus 7T? I would have to say not. The OnePlus 7T impresses from price to function to design and back again. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better dollar for dollar value for a phone on the market. If you are interested in upgrading your phone but don’t want to break the bank, OnePlus 7T is a wildly inexpensive phone that will outperform most phones on the market.

Melissa Q.
Melissa Q.
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My OnePlus phone has been very nice so far. It's fast and it has a great display, so I can watch youtube videos without any dip in quality. My OnePlus 7T might be my favorite phone I've ever owned!

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OnePlus 7T

Nothing can be said about the OnePlus 7T without first mentioning its most impressive and ambitious feature; it's price. The OnePlus 7T comes in at an astonishing $599


  • Price
  • Function
  • Picture Taking
  • Comforatable in Your Hand
  • Processor Speed


  • Some Might Not like the Big Size

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