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A Real Review of The Rootine Vitamin Program

Long gone are the days of chalky, cartoon-shaped vitamins being stuffed down our throats as children. Vitamins are essential, and it’s our responsibility as adults to get the correct amount we need. But how are we supposed to figure out what vitamins are right for us? Staring at the seemingly endless vitamin aisle in your local drug store is enough to confuse anyone. So how are we supposed to know what kind of vitamins we need and how we are to get them? Is just any multivitamin supplement enough to get the correct levels that our body needs? Are all of the vitamin supplements created the same way? The people at Rootine Vitamin take the guesswork out of your vitamins, by providing consumers with personalized vitamins.

Rootine Vitamins is a company that tailors your vitamin supplements to your unique biology and needs. There are three parts to the Rootine process. First off, you take a short quiz that will help identify which vitamins you might need. The questions were quite basic when I took the quiz. How old are you? What’s your level of physical activity? Do you smoke? What’s your height and weight? How are your energy levels? Etc. All in all, it only took a matter of minutes to complete the entire quiz.  After that, they give you a list of vitamins that they would suggest to put in your final mix. But that is only the first step in getting your full tailored vitamins. Rootine then looks to use your genetics further to find the vitamin combination right for you. Using their own test, or a test from ancestry or 23andme, Rootine further analyzes your results to create your pills. Finally, you can send the people at Rootine your blood levels. Using your blood-work data from your physician, you can upload the information to finalize the process. After the process is finished, you can order your vitamins. The custom vitamin program, including the DNA test, costs $60 to order. Rootine also gives you a rundown of the vitamins that are in your pills and why they would be most effective for you.

Using the DNA test is very revolutionary in the world of vitamins and supplements.  People have an average of 2,000 genetic variations that can impact their health. Some of these variations are harmful and some are not. Some of the variations may make nutrients that would generally benefit others be completely useless to you and your health. Everyone has unique nutrient requirements that are based upon their genetic disposition and makeup.  The correct nutrients and proper dosages can create a positive impact, and assist in getting rid of negative symptoms that may have arisen due to improper levels of certain vitamins and minerals. Not to mention that the wrong nutrients can have negative effects on our overall health.

Rootine provides for you up to 18 essential vitamins and minerals.  The microbead formula can include different levels of Phytosterols, Vitamin B6, folic acid, Vitamin B12, riboflavin, magnesium hydroxide, Vitamin D3, calcium carbonate, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Manganese, copper sulphate, Iron, and others.  With the right levels to help specifically impact your bodies genetics appropriately. No more guessing game or having to go to the bathroom constantly from having too many vitamins and minerals in you that you don’t need. Eliminating the need for the “one-size-fits-all” approach in supplements, Rootine is there to get you performing at your best.  Using the highest industry standards in production, you know you are getting the highest quality supplements. With their unique bead approach, you can take your vitamins as food, stir into a smoothie, mix into your breakfast, or just swallow with water. 

Rootinetook 3 years of research and development in order to develop their patented delivery system.  It was developed in one of Europe’s leading medical genetics and nutrients laboratories. Their microbeads system is considered one of the industry’s premier vitamin and nutrient delivery systems. Rootine uses microbeads to allow the pills to be absorbed optimally and also release slowly in your system. The microbeads are easy to swallow and act almost like eating food rather than the traditional pill form. Research completed by Rootine shows that taking different vitamins and minerals more than what you should, can potentially make them harmful, they will have no effect, and the rest will be incorrectly dosed (based on 20 vitamins.) The one-size-fits-all approach to vitamin intake appears to have been a failure. Without knowing what your body needs, how can you get it the proper levels of intake it desires. Using modern technologies and simple philosophy, Rootine looks to be your one-stop-shop for all your vitamin needs.

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The Rootine Vitamin Program

The Rootine Vitamin Program uses microbeads to allow the pills to be absorbed optimally and also release slowly in your system. The microbeads are easy to swallow and act almost like eating food rather than the traditional pill form allowing to be more effective than your average vitamin.


  • Easy to Order
  • Uses DNA and Blood Tests
  • Customizes What Your Body Needs
  • Small Bead "Pill" Delivery System
  • 100% Vegetarian


  • Not Vegan
  • Purchases Without DNA and Blood Not As Precise

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