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Rootine Reviews

Rootine Vitamin Reviews

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1,002 Reviews 95%

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9.5 / 10

Summary of Review: Rootine’s revolutionary DNA matching system makes it easy to get customized vitamins which perfectly fill your natural weak spots vitamin-wise.  Our reviewers were quick to note how much better these custom vitamins made them feel overall than taking a generic “one-size-fits-all” multivitamin.  If you are looking for the best vitamins for your body, we believe Rootine is your best bet at this time.

Flora R.
Flora R.
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Rootine Vitamins are so cool! It's awesome being able to take a multi vitamin that has been custom made for my body. Since I've started with Rootine I can already feel that I have more energy. The little beads that they come in are fun to take too. Rootine is the best vitamin because it is made for ME!

What is Rootine?

review of rootine multi-vitamin

Rootine Vitamins is a company that has exploded onto the health scene with an undeniably unique and revolutionary approach to vitamins.  Using information about your body including a health quiz and DNA analysis, Rootine creates custom vitamin solutions designed just for you and your body!

How Does It Work?

There are three parts to the Rootine process. The first step is to take a short health quiz that will help identify which vitamins you might need. After a few simple questions and only a couple minutes of your time, Rootine will start putting together the right vitamins and supplements for you. Sample questions include: How old are you? What’s your level of physical activity? Do you smoke? What’s your height and weight? How are your energy levels?

Rootine then looks to use your genetics through a simple DNA test further to find the vitamin combination right for you. If you are a user of Ancestry of 23andMe, all you have to do is upload that data into your Rootine dashboard. Otherwise, Rootine will send you a at-home, easy to use, DNA test. Your DNA can influence how minerals and vitamins metabolize in your body. The  DNA test offered by Rootine anaylzes 52 gene variants that are proven to impact nutrient needs, which can reveal if you have any absorption issues and the optimal dosage for your body.  From there Rootine  gives you a rundown of the vitamins that are in your pills and why they would be most effective for you.  

After the initial test, you want to take semi-frequent testing to see whether the given dosage of a nutrient is working. These semi-frequent tests can be helpful in diagnosing absorption issues. For instance, if someone were receiving a high dose of a specific nutrient for months, but their blood levels did not change over time, this could signal a problem with absorption or other health concerns.

Jenn D.
Jenn D.
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The quiz took me a whole 2 minutes to complete. I already had my Ancestry results, which I uploaded, then my bloodwork. That was it. Now instead of buying multiple bottles and not knowing if I'm getting what's right, I get the precise amount of the vitamins I need every month.

How DNA Can Influence Your Nutrient Needs

Not all vitamins are the same, and they just don’t work for everyone. Everybody processes nutrients differently and has different needs, some people need more iron, and some people need more potassium. Because DNA can affect the metabolism of vitamins and minerals in your body, Rootine wants to help you determine your genetic makeup to best benefit your nutrient requirements. Your DNA makeup can show which nutrients your body has difficulty processing, needs more of or needs less of. Did you know that Vitamin B2, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B6, and even Vitamin E are all known to be processed in humans differently based on over 50 genetic variations? That means, those common drug store vitamins just might not because they are not custom-tailored to your body and meant to be mass marketed for general deficiencies.

The Science of Nutrigenetics

Nutrigenetics is the study of the relationship between genes, health, and diet. Rootine uses nutrigenetics to personalize dietary recommendations based on genetic predispositions to nutrient deficiencies and symptoms caused by them.

Most people don’t know they can get their DNA analyzed to see what nutrients they lack in, and Rootine hopes to step up to that plate by making their microbead delivery system and extensive DNA analysis afforadable.

Compared to other personalized supplements, Rootine uses what they call the Evergreen Algorithm. The Evergreen Algorithm was developed over 4+ years and combined the data of users lifestyle, genetic, and blood/urine, to create the perfect personalized nutrient profile. The algorithm continually adapts to changes in a users weight, age, diet, and lifestyle.

Rootine Microbeads Formula

Add your Rootine multi-vitamin to your cereal, yogurt, or just enjoy right out the package. 

Rootine uses microbeads pills that can be absorbed optimally and also release slowly in your system.  The microbead delivery system was developed over three years. They help provide exact dosing, as well as optimal bioavailability. Despite their small size, they are slow-releasing (12 hours), which means you’ll get your nutrients throughout the day, rather than all-at-once and crash during your 3 P.M. workday. The microbeads are easy to swallow and act almost like eating food rather than the traditional pill form.  The microbeads have a fun, crispy texture that makes them delicious when combined with your favorite breakfast foods like cereal or yogurt.

Rootine provides up to 18 essential vitamins and minerals.  The microbead formula can include different levels of Phytosterols, Vitamin B6, folic acid, Vitamin B12, riboflavin, magnesium hydroxide, Vitamin D3, calcium carbonate, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Manganese, copper sulphate, Iron, and others.

Linda W.
Linda W.
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Being able to customize the vitamins I consume personally is amazing. It’s so easy and simple to use. In a matter of minutes, I completed the quiz. I love that I now take the proper vitamins that are best for me, instead of me going out and buying random vitamins I think I need. Love it, thank you, Rootine Vitamin!

Should You Use Rootine?

Rootine is dedicated to building a nutrition platform on sound research.  Not only does Rootine require medical-grade scientific research for a nutrient to be included in the user’s formula, but it also looks at all gene variants to create your formula.

If you’re looking to achieve optimal health, Rootine can help you do just that with their DNA testing. By using Rootine, you can learn what nutrients you need more of, nutrients you need less of, nutrients you should avoid as well as nutrients that work the best for your DNA genetic make-up. For instance, most vitamins just provide one type of folate, but for individuals with a double MTHFR gene mutation, they need methyl folate rather than the more commonly available folic acid. Did you know 33% of the world’s population has a genetic variation on their copies of the GPX-gene, which means they require more selenium than those that don’t?

Not only can Rootine help you receive the most necessary nutrients and vitamins tailored specifically for you, but the DNA results could answer a magnitude of questions about your health and well-being. We’ve received reviews from users stating that they never knew they had certain conditions that caused symptoms such as fatigue, stomach issues, and even hair loss.

Like any big change to diet or lifestyle, the full health benefits of taking Rootine vitamins may not be apparent until you take them for an extended period of time.  We recommend giving your Rootine Vitamin regimen at least 90-days of use to start seeing the full effects of your personalized nutrition.

Trent Y.
Trent Y.
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I was born with iron deficiency anemia, so I've been taking vitamins and supplements since I was a kid. Lately, I was taking at least 6 different types of pills, big ones, and I’ve always had issues swallowing them, so it became a nightmare. That's when I came across Rootine Vitamins and was blown away by the technology behind it. A DNA test to check exactly what my body needs? That’s just amazing! So I quickly changed to Rootine and saved so much money! Their prices are super affordable and GREAT compared to what I used to spend every month. I’m a fan!

The Bottom Line

  • Rootine is the only vitamin brand on the market that can give you vitamins and minerals based on your specific lifestyle, habits, personality, and even your own DNA. By customizing vitamins to your body’s needs you will be able to get the nutrients your body needs most without overloading on the ones you don’t need.
  • Rootine’s custom nature guarantees that you will not receive harmful doses of vitamins and minerals that are unnecessary or unwanted for your body. By having your vitamin regimen tailored to your DNA results you can avoid any nutrients that may be harmful or cause imbalance in your body’s equilibrium.
  • Rootine Vitamins come in a convenient, easy to take microbead form. These beads do not have any unpleasant taste and are easily eaten with cereal or yogurt. You may even enjoy their crunchy, crispy texture that makes them almost like adding a healthy granola to your breakfast.
  • Rootine provides detailed profile information on their website about your body, genes, and specific vitamin blends. Only Rootine can give you the daily vitamins you need while providing helpful information as to why your body needs them.
  • Rootine’s DNA and blood analysis can help identify any chronic nutrition issues you may have been unaware of. By providing information about your lifestyle in conjunction with your DNA test results, Rootine can help you understand your body’s problems before they become out of hand.

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The Rootine Vitamin Program

Rootine's revolutionary DNA matching system makes it easy to get customized vitamins which perfectly fill your natural weak spots vitamin-wise.  Our reviewers were quick to note how much better these custom vitamins made them feel overall than taking a generic "one-size-fits-all" multivitamin.  If you are looking for the best vitamins for your body, we believe Rootine is your best bet at this time.


  • Easy to Order
  • Uses DNA and Blood Tests
  • Customizes What Your Body Needs
  • Small Bead "Pill" Delivery System
  • 100% Vegetarian


  • Not Vegan
  • Purchases Without DNA and Blood Not As Precise

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