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A Real Review of TokyoTreat: Japanese Snacks Subscription Box

Tokyo Treat, a Japanese Snack Subscription Box

Customer Service
364 Real Reviews 91%
364 Real Reviews 91%
Variety of Snacks
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9.6 / 10

Mandy C.
Mandy C.
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I got a subscription to TokyoTreat for my son while he was away in college. He loved it so much that he called me to thank me when the first one arrived. He tells me the candies are delicious and from the pictures he sent the boxes look very well put together and organized. All in all we have had a very good experience with TokyoTreat, and I think we will be renewing for at least 3 more months.

Japan is awesome!  The people, the culture, the movies, the art!  There are so many awesome things that come from the land of the rising sun, but one of the most fun has to be the food.  Food is something that brings a lot of people happiness. Everyone loves to experience new food from different cultures around the world. Can’t get to Japan? Bring Japan to you. What better way is there to enjoy these international treats than to have them shipped straight to your front door? TokyoTreat: Japanese Snacks Subscriptions ships the best authentic, Japanese treats and candies to your door monthly. Each month the care boxes they send follow a different theme relating to the season and events in Japan.

TokyoTreat: Japanese Snacks Subscriptions is a monthly subscription service filled candy and tasty snacks. Every Subscription box has its own unique designs and snacks. They offer various subscription options ranging from every three months, six months, or even yearly options. Prices will vary according to your monthly subscription choice. These boxes are a perfect mix of the snacks you choose. A lot of the snacks that are included in these boxes cannot be found anywhere else but from Japan. Each box comes with a booklet around the theme of the month and information about the products.

Terry R.
Terry R.
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I saw something like this on one of my favorite youtuber's channels, and I was so excited to find TokyoTreat which stocks all the same candies and snacks. The first box came promptly and it was filled with tons of cool foods. I shared it with all my friends and now they are asking me every day when I will get the next shipment. I can't wait for my next shipment I am hoping that I get some crazy specialty kit kats those are my favorite!

With treats like Apple Coca Cola, Cola Marshmallows, Wasabi potato chips, and so many more, you are able to get the wackiest snacks from Japan delivered to your door every month.  The box is constantly changing, and you are able to see what will be coming next month on the website, or just be presently surprised.  With a classic and a premium subscription to chose from, The TokyoTreat is sure to have the right amount of stuff for you.  

The TokyoTreat: Japanese Snacks Subscriptions are such a fun and exciting way to explore Japanese culture. The box is a perfect balance of sweet, savory, sour, and spicy candies. The greatest thing about Tokyo treat is that it is based in Tokyo, so you get the authentic treats without having to spend hundreds of dollars traveling to Japan.

Here are just a few examples of what might come in your TokyoTreats box:

  • Exclusive Pocky Flavors including limited edition and fan favorites.
  • Delicious Classic Japanese Snacks steeped in tradition
  • Savory Japanese Snacks so you can discover your new favorite munchies
  • Limited Edition Hi-Chew, a famous Japanese candy
  • Special Flavor Japanese Kit Kats with flavors ranging from green tea to blueberry cheesecake to all kinds of other tastes
  • Other Popular Japanese Brands such as Jagabee and Meiji

The boxes can be customized as well, so you can enjoy your favorite treats every month.

Travis B.
Travis B.
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I love Japanese kit kats they come in like 1000 flavors, and when I heard I could get them through TokyoTreat I knew I had to subscribe right away. I was not disappointed. The box came packed with all kinds of candies and treats including stuff I had never heard of. This box is perfect for people that are familiar with Japanese culture or that are big fans of anime as you can experience the same foods and brand names that the characters from your favorite shows eat.

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TokyoTreat: Japanese Snacks Subscription Box

TokyoTreat - Japanese Snacks Subscriptions is a monthly subscription service filled candy and tasty snacks. Every Subscription box has its own unique designs and snacks.


  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Full-Sized Japanese Candies
  • Free Shipping
  • Japanese Candy Guide Book
  • Pay with Paypal and All Major Debit/Credit Cards


  • Cannot Track the Package
  • Charged in Advance for Subscription
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