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Summary of Review: is a great alternative to popular travel sites.  They offer exclusive deals and quick and easy booking.  Our reviewers like using for the great prices on their exclusive deals, great customer service, and reliability.  We recommend for your next Plane trip.

Anita P.
Anita P.
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My dad has been using to book his trips for a couple of years now. I was very skeptical because I had not heard of the site before, but he insisted I take a look when I was planning a vacation last summer. I was surprised to see that they really do have excellent deals, and they seem to be much cheaper than their competitor websites. If you are looking for the absolute best deal on flights you should definitely look at before making your final decision.

Let Travel Site make your life easier. In the year 2017, an estimated 1,036 billion dollars was spent on travel. Going on vacation can definitely be expensive, so when planning a trip it is important to try to get the best deal. For people that need to travel for work or business, it is even more important that they get the right price for their flights. And at the end of the day, most people want to know the easiest way and cheapest way to purchase tickets and hotels without spending. Using Travel Site takes the stress out of booking your vacation and makes it easy to find great deals on flights.  is a member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and provides domestic and international deals for flights and hotels. The company has branches in the US and Canada. Since 2016, has been helping passengers find the best airfares worldwide, as well as offering a vast database of thousands of hotels and a unique travel planning service, so their consumers have a complete and unique experience. 

One of the things that separate Travel Site from others in the industry is its incredibly detailed categories. This alone makes searching for deals straightforward and easy. Some of the categories included on their deal page are first-class travel, which is available for both domestic and international flights, business class for people who want to travel within the US, and family or group vacations. Another nice feature of the site is that they currently offer all sorts of discounts for the military, honeymoon travel, solo, and seniors, to name a few. is pet-friendly, as well.

Clay H.
Clay H.
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I was all set to book my flight through another website, but I thought on a whim to try FlightsChannel when I saw their ad. I couldn't believe how much cheaper it was to get practically the same itinerary from for a couple hundred dollars less. I tell all my friends to check before they make their final booking from now on.

The website has a user-friendly interface and intuitive design that helps you navigate through the site to find whatever you are looking for and permits visitors to use it on modern smartphones with complete ease. Also, if you are not comfortable with booking air tickets online, they offer you the option to call one of their experienced agents who will help you find the best airfares for your trip. When traveling during holidays, is a great place to look for flight tickets and save some money. provides excellent deals for various holidays such as Easter, Red Eye, Boxing Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Discounts are also offered for multi-city trips and various flight destinations. At you will find 24-hour booking and customer service, and the best price guarantee.

While other companies are raising prices during the holidays, generally offers discounts and add ons the make your travel a pleasure. When we compared the rates of to other popular travel sites on the internet, we found that their prices either matched or were lower. If it wasn’t, they were able to adjust the price to beat it. (They also guarantee the lowest price if you find a competitor who is offering a better deal.) It is challenging to decide which travel site to use, but with their ASTA membership and built-in guarantees, is a great place to know you’re getting a good deal on travel.

Sherrie T.
Sherrie T.
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I'm writing this from my hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia! I'm so lucky I can even say that. My flight had issues from the "other" travel site I was using, and I couldn't get here! I thought the trip was a total loss. I went on the from the urging of a friend and low and behold, here I am. The ticket was a great price, and the hotel is amazing. Thank you!

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FlightsChannel has a plethora of great options and very reasonable prices. Compared to other rates for the same hotels on other popular travel sites, every price I looked at was either lower or at least the same.


  • 24-hour Customer Service
  • International and Domestic Travel
  • Hotel Deals
  • Tailored Searches
  • ASTA Member


  • Not All Flights Available
  • Extra Cost for Additional Insurance

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