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Summary of Reviews:  BookVIP offers amazing vacation deals to luxurious destinations.  Many reviewers confirmed that they have had wonderful experiences.  If you are looking to get away somewhere without breaking the bank, BookVIP is definitely worth looking into.

Charles L
Charles L
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Fast, easy, and most of all - CHEAP! I loved the resort, and I loved how it was ALL INCLUSIVE! After staying at such a luxurious place I have become spoiled, and I'm not sure how I can travel without using from now on.

Is a Scam?

Based on our user reviews for we can safely say that this website and their vacation packages are legitimate. Their methods of discounting vacation packages sometimes require travelers to attend a short timeshare seminar or similar event for a few hours during your multi-day trip. This additional caveat for some vacation packages was the main source for negative reviews and comments. Most users still found that the seminar was easy and did not require any additional commitment. Overall reviewers found to be a source of excellent deals with an easy booking process and straightforward check-in.

Michael P.
Michael P.
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We are having a fantastic time here in Montego Bay for our one year anniversary. We booked through and they made everything so easy for us, including picking us up at the airport. The weather has been fantastic. The view is great!

A nice feature of working with this travel agency is that you don’t need the exact dates of travel. They allow you to purchase packages with only a minimal amount of money down. Each of the partnered resorts enables you to select your travel dates up to 12 months from the date of down payment. Plus, after purchasing your getaway vacation, additional nights are available at a discounted rate depending on your travel dates.

If you are okay with the simple terms of whatever package you pick, you will have an amazing vacation at an incredibly low price point.  The Resort Preview Presentations that are mandatory will only take place on a single day of the stay and typically do not last more than 2 hours.  In our opinion it is a small price to have to pay for such incredible vacation package deals.

Trish R.
Trish R.
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My husband and I ought that we can't afford glitzy vacations, but after booking a stay in a Cancun resort through BookVIP we realized that it is possible. BookVIP gave us an incredible price on our vacation, and we will be trying them again in the future.

The Difference

By partnering with the world’s best resorts and cruises, can provide clients with the absolute best prices on all things travel. Because they have direct and exclusive service contracts with each of the destinations they offer, it allows them to provide wholesale rates directly to consumers. They can offer up to 83% off of the regular price of a vacation because the resorts they partner with are also trying to sell time-shares, plain and simple.

Who Handles Orders for BookVIP?

Simply call the resort’s Reservation Department or Customer Service Department and they will handle your travel needs; including adding additional family members, more nights, a car rental, airport pickup, to discuss special needs, and other questions you may have.

Yancey R.
Yancey R.
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I wanted to treat my wife to a late honeymoon, but I was getting discouraged by the options I could afford within my budget. I found and at first I was not really trusting the prices that were offered because they seemed too cheap. After reading some reviews I decided to book an all inclusive vacation to Vegas, and everything went exactly as we hoped for. My wife loved the trip, and I think I will be checking for vacation ideas before checking anywhere else.

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BookVIP is a travel site with an interesting twist - many packages require attendance at a short timeshare sales seminar during the trip. Most first time users were very happy with their experience, and many said they've already begun booking their next trip.


  • Up to 80% Savings Over Regularly Priced Vacations
  • Only the Most Exquisite Resorts are Offered
  • Vacation Packages are All-Inclusive
  • Upfront pricing, No hidden fees
  • Personalized Service


  • Requires Attending a Timeshare Presentation
  • Must Book a Couple of Months in Advance
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